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Yennalu nee dhova juthu Rama

Yennalu  nee dhova juthu  Rama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Kapi
Thalam Chapu
Yennalu  nee dhova juthu  Rama,
Yemani  ney brothu tharothu.
For how long should I see  your path , Rama ,
Thinking what would I spend my time.
1.Neeke manasichi   nenu Rama  ,
Nee menani  penchinaanu
1.Oh Rama after giving my mind to you,
I nurtured  this body which is yours.
2.Dharanu karmamulanu   gori yunti  ,
DAlachu konnadhi   vere dhari.
2. Though I was following the Katmas of this world,
My mind was  desiring to go by another path.
3,Andharivale  ne nee bhuvilo  bomma-
Lata   ladudgu   kani madhilo
3.Though I am playing puppetry in this world,
But my mind  is occupied by only you.
4,Ramayya  nalugurilona  naa-
Lo  marmamulu  delupavlenaa
4.Oh Lord Rama   should you make  four people ,
Understand   about my secret?
5.Rasikulake   saribonu  vatti  ,
Thasukulake   hasyamelanu.
5.  I am not similar to  those who  are proud that,
They are connoisseurs   and they who are ,
Full of  play acting     would laugh , when they see me.
6.THoli bhakthulu vaddha  koluvo   ravu,
Kaluku   dhanamulaku selavo
6.Are you  sitting with great devotees  of youre?
If  you come to me would my   wealth be spent.
7.Yenthuku  intha  paraku  Rama,
Ikanu dappulu   petta bogu.
7.Oh Rama why this attitude  of neglect?
And please do not ascribe  faults  to me.
8.Vanaja nayana  naa vasanamulellaa  sathya,
Manusu   yalakinchumee , Oh Rama.
8.Yenthani  ralthu kanneru  jail  ,
Yevaritho   deliyithe   theeru.
8.How much tears   shall I shed,
And by telling whom would this sorrow end?
9.THanake puttinayillu  neevu  ,
THappaka  nee krupa chellu.
9. You are the  home   of my birth,
And without fail, I would get   your mercy.
10, AAsinchinadhe  thappa nee,
Kaa  buddhai   vaddhu mayappa.
10 Is my   desiring you   wrong?
And oh my lord, let this thought  be not with you.
11.Kali marmamu  theliyaleni  naa-,
Vale dheenudi lalonu  galata.
11.Are there   people in this earth , who do not,
Know the secret  of Kali age  like me.
12,Palumaru ninu  dhoorukondi aa-,
Phalmu  nanu bhavichu kondi.
12. I have several times berated you,
And am suffering its after  effects.
13.THoli karmamu  raka bona Bhakthi,
Veluguche deeraga bonaa.
13.Would not my earlier karma   cause trouble,
And would they not go away in the light of devotion.
14.Poo lammi brathikinavaru  Rama,
Pullalamma bilvararu
14. Oh Rama  would those   who work selling  flowers,
Come  if called   to sell firewood.
15.Aa chulakana neeku gadhaa  Rama ,
Yesu budhi vida radha
15.Would this not reduce your fame,
Can you not leave your habit of troubling me.
16.Oh Jagadhesa ,karare Thyaga-,
Raju   neevadani pere.
16.Oh Lord of the universe who is  enemy of Khara,
THyagaraju being your person, is it only just for name.

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