Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sri Rama Sri Rama jitha Rama gatha kama

Sri  Rama  Sri Rama   jitha Rama  gatha kama
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Varali
Thalam Aadhi
Sri  Rama  Sri Rama   jitha Rama  gatha kama
Oh Rama, Oh Rama who won over Parasurama ,
And   destroyed  passion.
1.Deva  yemi  dova   nannu  brova   vega Rava
1.Oh  God what  are  the alternatives     for me,
Please   come speedily  to protect me.
2.Bala bhaktha pala , suguna sheela, thala jala.
2.Oh young boy who protects  his devotees,
Who has good conduct  , I can’t tolerate  .
3.DHeera  susareera  nirvikara  yelu kora
3. Oh brave one  who has a  good body ,
Who is not touched by  emotions , accept  me.
4.AAdaraincha radhaa  nammaledhaa   mariyaadha
4.Died you not encourage me  , did you not believe me,
Is it  respectable  ?
5.AAru ripula   poru  deerchuvaaru  yevarunnaru
5.Who is going to put end of this war with  six enemies?
6. Raya mansu raya   muni geya   thaladhaya
6.Oh Lord who is being praised  by sages
 is your mind stone, I cannot tolerate this ?
 7.Vadhukaradhu   ikameedhu   gathi ledhu
7.You should not come to compete with me now ,
I do not   have any  other go?
8.Chintha  deerchuda  kentha   sevincha SRikantha
8.Oh Lord of Lakshmi , to get    rid of al my worries,
How much   should I serve you.
9.Sri natha vani lona  itlu  gana nijamena
9.Oh Consort of  Lakshmi   , I have not seen this state ,
Any where  in earth , is this true?
10.Paddhu  thappavaddhu  yebrodhu  maravavaddhu
10.Do not go against your oath  ,
Never forget   me  ,
11.Vinna brovu nannu  brovakunna   vida nanna
11. hear my request  and  do not leave ,
Other wise I  would  not  leave  you.
12,Sri  Janakiraja  Thyagaraja krutha pooja
12.Oh king of Janaki ,  whom,
Thyagaraja    does  worship.

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