Friday, April 10, 2015

Sri Rama Sri Rama Sri Manoharamaa

Sri Rama Sri Rama   Sri Manoharamaa
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sahaanaa
Thalam Adhi
Sri Rama Sri Rama   Sri Manoharamaa
Oh Sri Rama, Oh Sri Rama , Oh Rama who steals the mind of Lakshmi,
1.Yelaraa   nee dhaya   inthaina radhayaa
1.Hey God would not your mercy come now.
2. SAladhaa  sadha   sami  thaladhaya
2.Oh God has  your mercy   became insufficient
3.Ippude   ledhata  ikanubrothuvada
3,You say that  ,  that you  would not protect me now
4.Inga yi karmamaa ithi neeku dharmama
4. Is this dharma for you to  do this action.
5,Yeppudo katakata   ika dhayaluvadaa
5.Alas I do not when you were called  as merciful
6.Pankaja vadanama  bagugaa   joodumaa
6.Oh Lotus faced  one look at me carefully
7,Ye janma papamo   , yevvari sapamo
7.I do not know  if this is due to  sin committed in which birth or the curse of whom.
8,Yenadi kopamo  neriya   naa papamo
8.I do not know  if this is due to the anger for how long, or  due to my Karma.
 9.Yennaleethintha  ithi neeku yogyantha,
9.From which day this  has been your greatness
10.Paliki  bongavata  parama santhudavata
10.You are greatly  peaceful  and never go against your word.
11.Bhaktha kanthudada, Padma nethrudada
11,You are the Lord of the devotees   and have   an eye like lotus.
12.SArvamum neeyadaa , sathyaroopudata
12,You are everything and personification of truth
13. Raga virahitha   THyagaraga nutha
13.You are bereft of emotion and are  praised by Thyagraja

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