Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Rama , Oh Rama Onkara Dhama

Oh Rama , Oh Rama Onkara Dhama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Aarabhi
Thalam  Aadhi
Oh Rama , Oh Rama Onkara Dhama,
Oh Rama Oh Rama   onarichu Prema
Oh Rama, Oh Rama   who lived in the sound “Om”,
Oh Rama , Oh Rama, shower   your love on me.
1.Naamelu  nandaru , navvuda kaayaa,
Yemani thaludhu nika  devaraya
1.All people    are laughing at me and,
How can I tolerate it, Oh Lord of Devas.
2.Nannesi  nanduku  nayamemi  galige  ,
Ninne   nera nammithi   neevu  naa salige
2.By  making me sad  , what fame   would you get,
I have great faith in you, and so you are my only protection.
3.Neeke  thagiyunnanu  nijamu  naamata ,
SAketha Rama   rakshana seya   poota.
3.I am made suitable to you, my words the truth,
Oh Rama of Ayodhya, You are the one who is going to protect me.
4.Daralona  Raksha karthalu   leru deva,
Marachithe   verachithe   makemi dhova.
4.Oh God , in this world I do not have any guardian,
Even If you forget or even scared of me , I do not have  any other go.
5.Yi jenma mendhuku , yevaryu thana kelaa,
Rajeeva nethra  Dhayaraanidhi   melaa.
5.What is use of this life to me?What is the use of others to me?
Oh Lord with lotus eyes, Is it great not to receive your mercy.
6.Hrudayamu  chaluvaithe   mudhamu nee palu,
Sudhayalo  vedaithe   sukhamu  nee velu.
6.If my  heart  becomes light  , I would give a part  of my happiness  to  you,
Oh greatly merciful one, if my mind boils , you have to accept that  also.
7.Athmakai  yokataina   aasinchalethu   para-
Mathma  neekani  balka  manasela   raadhu.
7.For myself  , I do not desire  for anything , Oh divine lord,
Why are you not prepared  to tell me   anything.
8.Neeraina,  paaina  neeke  yanukondi  ,
THeeraina  chakkani  deva  kanukondi .
8.Whether  there is water  or milk , it is offered to you,
And I have   seen  my  very pretty  God.
9.Neeku aasinchithi  gaani   nimishamu  maana,
Yekamai   nannelu   kokunte   yaanaa,
9.I am desiring for you and would not leave you even for a minute,
Unless you become  one with me, it is an oath on me
10.Neekande  dorakunaa nirupama   gathra pa-
Rakela  , nee  Thyagarajuni   mithra.
10.Oh lord with  matchless   body  , why this neglect?
Of Friend   of  Thyagaraja .

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