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Prahladha Bhakthi Vijayam- Act 2

Prahladha  Bhakthi vijayam (contd)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by

                                              Act II-Prahladha  beseeches the Lord

   Prahladha then starts praying    to Lord Hari in various ways  . At that time sage Narada arrives there  and describes the great qualities   of Lord Hari. He tells about a dialog between  Lord Hari and  Goddess  Lakshmi   in which Lord Hari   expresses his desire to immediately    come to earth and see his great devotee    called Prahladha. Goddess   Lakshmi expresses   his reservations   but Lord Hari convinces   her    and starts   his journey to meet his great devotee Prahladha.
  The act    starts with prayers of Prahladha   addressed to Hari as he is convinced by the    words of the ocean king. He describes    the God Hari in great detail by several prose poems(Dandakams)  . He then sings    the following Krithi which is a prayer   addressed to Lord  Hari.
8.Vandanamu Raghu nandana  sethu
(Prahladha   prays  to Lord Vishnu)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sahana
Thalam Aadhi
Vandanamu Raghu nandana  sethu,
BHaktha chandana   Rama
Oh Lord who gave joy to Raghu clan, who built the bridge  in Sethu ,
Who gives coolness  like sandal   to his  devotees, I salute you.
Sri Dhamo nadho  Vadha maa  nay,
Bedhama   ithi MOdhamaa  Rama
Oh Lord who gives  wealth  , Is this an argument ,
Or are  we different   or does it give joy to you.
1.Sri Rema hrucharamaa   brova,
Barama  Raya bharama   Rama
1.Oh Lord who is in heart  of Lakshmi  , Is it,
Difficult to protect me , Shouls  I carry message to you, Rama.
2.Vindini  nammu kondini  chara-,
Nandini   rammandini   Rama
2.I have heard about you and believed in you ,
I have   surrendered to you  and asked you to come , Oh Rama
3,Odanu   Bhakthi   veedanu   orula ,
Vedanu   neevadanu   Rama
3.I would not run away  , I would leave devotion to you ,
I  Would not  request other Gods  as I am yours , Oh Rama
4.Kammani  videmi  mamani   varamu,
KOmmani   paluka rammani    Rama
4.Oh Rama please summon me so that  , I can offer you,
Sweet Thamboola  and get your boons
5.Nyayayama   Neekaadhayamaa   intha,
Heyama  muni geyama   Rama,
5.Is this just, do you get any profit due to this  ,
Ohr am I a hated one , Oh lord praised  by sages, Oh Rama
6.Chhodumi  ,kapadu mee mamu ,
Podi migaa   goodumee   Rama
6.Please look  at me  ,  save me ,
And please join with me properly  oh Rama
7.Kshemamu   divya dhamamu  , nithya,
Nemamu   Rama Namamu   Rama
7.Your diving place  is the safety    and daily,
Rule   is to chant your name  , Rama
8.Vegaraa  Karunaa sagaraa   sri,
Thyagarajuni   Hrudayakara   Rama.
8,Oh ocean of mercy come quickly ,
Oh Rama who has taken the   heart of Thyagaraja as his home.
    Prahladha then tells Lord Hari that    he has full faith that he would rush to see   him. When in spite of several  prayers    Lord Hari does not appear before him,  Prahladha   is greatly upset. He expresses his great sorrow    in several    slokas. IN those he tells  about himself about how he learnt    the  science of knowledge     and the art of war   .But in spite of all those his mind was always wedded   to Sri Hari , and he came to the conclusion that  Lord Hari pervaded   everywhere  , Due to his , Hiranya Kasipu tried to kill him in various ways   using elephants  , snakes and fire   , He felt sad that Lord Hari did not make his appearance at that   time  before him . He feels that he is an ordinary person and not a great one  and his trying to reach  the Lord was an impossible endevour  .Then he sings the following Krithi.
9.Yetla kanu konthuno sri hari  nine
(Prahladha   wants to know how   he would  he find God Hari)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Gantaa
Thalam Chapu
Yetla kanu konthuno sri hari  nine
How will ever find out Sri Hari
Chutlara   gadiya  vaku   naamadhiloni,
Jali   delipi  vibhunitho   delpuvari
How will I find in the surrounding half a  mile  ,
People who know about my sorrow  and tell it to Hari.
1.Daralo  galugu   sampdhala   rosi   thanuvunu  ,
Marachi  Harini   goodu Maharajulaku   gaka
1.How will those people who   sacrifice all the wealth of this earth  ,
Forget their body   and merje with Hari who are  great find out
2.Malayani madhamuna  deliyakuntini  gaani,
Yalanade   sadhayuni  nanusarinchaka  bodhine
2.I was ignorant of everything due  to never decreasing pride,
And even during that time   did not care   to follow Hari
3.Chinna prayamu  naade   sri Hari pai   naasa ,
Konna  jeevudaganu  Kodanda pani   ne
3.Oh Lord holding Kodanda . did not I   fall in love,
With you from my   very early age.
4.Yi  janma  bhagya  mee  sommulelaa pra-
Yojanamaa   Thyagaraja   vinuthuni ke
4.What  is the use of this birth , this wealth  ,
And this luck? How will I see  Hari,
Who is   being prayed  by Thyagaraja
    Prahladha continues to be sorrowful   due to his inability to see   Lord Hari .He wonders why Sage Narada   taught him about the principles   of God   and wonders  why the king of ocean saved him. He wonders why he has developed a   great love towards  Lord Hari.. He then sings the following Krithi.
10.Indhukaa yeethanoovanu  sakina
(Prahladha wonders why he has been  protected.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam   Punnaga varali
Thalam Chapu
Indhukaa yeethanoovanu  sakina
Was this   for this sake that   this  body was protected.
INdhu mugudu   raka  hrudhamu  pagulaga,
Nandarilo  jail  jemdhaneeyani   yandha.
Was it for others seeing that  when the moon faced ,
One  did not come , My heart   broke in to pieces.
1.Pamula  kemenu  balugattigaa   nunda,
Nemo  karanamani  penchusuntine.
1.I was thinking   why my body was not,
Losing  its strength  in spite  of being bitten by snakes.
2.  Manakela   nepamani  manninchiro  leka,
Thanuvu  bellamu   gadhu   thaladhu   daiva.
2.Did they pardon me thinking “what is our profit?”,
But this body is not jiggery and God cannot tolerate  it.
3.Naa jayamunu   joochi  nammare   devuni,
Rajillu  Sri Thyagaraja  vardhudu   thaa
3,. In spite of seeing my victory, people   did not,
Believe in God, Did   the God who blessed Thyagaraja ,
Protect   me for this?
   When Prahladha was wailing like this Sage Narada    arrived before sages like SAnaka and told them about Prahladha  .He told that Prahladha was a great devotee  who was sorrowing due to his inability   to see Lord Hari . He  told them    that Lord Hari was aware of this   and he was about to go to Bhooloka   to see  his devotee  . He requested them    to accompany    him to see   this great devotee   who was sorrowing. After telling this Sage Narada    singing in his great Veena     called Mahathi was going   to place of Lord Hari  . On his way he passed   very near to Prahladha   who was moaning about his fate  .Prahladha heard the  sound of Veena played   by  sage Narada  and spoke as   follows:-
“Oh Lord   Hari   of great qualities, I am hearing the sound of divine Veena and feel that a great sage is coming near to me .Let me able to see   that great soul.” And after  that he sung the following Krithi:-

11.Nijamaithe  mundhara niluvumee vela
(Prahladha  recollects   several events  and says that,
If  my  devotion is true , God  should appear before him..)
Sanit Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  BHairavi
Thalam CHapu
Nijamaithe  mundhara niluvumee vela
If it is true  , stand  before   me
Ajudaina  hari hayudaina  naa BHakthiyu,
Whether is is Brahma or Indra   with a golden horse ,
If  my    devotion
1.Ghasi  jendhuchu   nenu  Garbhamulonunda  ,
DEsiga varudu   upadesinchina   della
1.If the great sage     advised me  , when,
I was in the  womb of my mother   with sorrow is true
2.Unnatha  muna nundi  padadhrosina  vela,
Urvi devi   nannethi   brochina   dhella
2.When I was dropped    from very great heoights,
If Goddess   earth   caught me and protect me is true
3.Naga Nagamulu  nanu  Badhinchaga  ,
Thyagaraja nuthudu   nannu  gaasina   dhella
3.When serpents and serpents   were giving me trouble ,
If The  God praised by Thyagaraja   has protected me is true
AS son as he sang this Sage Narada    appeared before his devotee and disciple Prahladha. The next Krithi describes    about the arrival of this great sage   near Prahladha .

12.Narada muni   vedalina  sugunathisayamu  vinare
(Tells   about the great    arrival of sage Narada   and advices given by   sage Narada .)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Panthuvarali
Thalam  thisranadai(Chapu)
Narada muni   vedalina  sugu-,
Nathisayamu  vinare
Please hear   the   great    wonders ,
Of sage Narada   coming.
SAreku Sri Hari  pada  sarasamula    dhyaninchusu ,
Narayana  nama mulanu   parayana   monarichusu
Without stop  meditating on   the divine lotus  feet of Hari,
And  going on trpeating without break the names  of Hari ., comes  Narada
1.Bedha bedha  rahithamagu ,
Vedantha   rasa bharithudaa,
Haladhamu   meeraganu Prah-
Lathunaku  Subhamu delupanu
1,Narada immersed in the essence of Vedas,
Which   teaches to differentiate   and to unify,
With  very great joy  told Prahladha ,
The   news that   was good.
2.Kaduthella  dehamuna  ba-
Sidi   veene  meryaga   dha-
Neda  bayani  prematho ,
Nadu kadu guku  vayinchisu
2. With   the golden  veena ,
Shining when kept on his white body,
And playing it    for every step ,
Without stopping it even for little while
3.Rajillina   sri Thyaga-
Raja sakhuni   marmamulanu ,
Yi jagadhini vinna vari,
Ke jayamu  jayamu jayamani.
3. Saying , “Victory, victory, victory,
To those  of the world   who hear the  secret ,
About  the  shining   friend  of Thyagaraja “
Narada  came .
    AS soon as sage  Narada  arrived, Lord Prahladha   fell at the feet I of the sage   with great devotion  and he praises the sage for his greatness    and divine qualities. He prays sage to bless him so that  he would be able to see  Lord Hari.  Seeing his great devotion  sage Narada praised  the great qualities of   Prahladha,. He requests him to  forsake all his sorrows  and assures him that Lord Hari would appear  before Prahladha soon. Then sage Narada   describes The Sri Vaikunta , the place  of residence of  the God Hari. HE then praises    the God by recounting   his great qualities,. He also told Prahladha that he heard Lord Hari telling Goddess  Lakshmi about his intention to visit   Prahladha  Hearing these Prahladha became very happy and shed tears   of joy  . He then wants to   know whether Goddess  Lakshmi responded positively  . He also wanted   to know about   the decision taken by them.Then he addresses    the following Krithi     to  sage Narada.
13.Ippudaina   nanu  dalachinaaraa   Swami
(Prahladha feels happy at being given recognition and sad  to think about the past)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam AArabhi
Thalam Chapu
Ippudaina   nanu  dalachinaaraa   Swami
At least now did the God think about me?
Krupaku   bathrudananu  keerthinvhinaaraa
Did he praise me who  saying that I am fit to receive his grace.
1.Dhayachsi  naa mata lella   naa,
THallitho   balikina  kolla ,
Nayamgavinti  neevalla  nedu  ,
Naa manasuna   nenatho challanaye.
1.I am going to hear from your tougue ,
All the words that he  mercifully  told about me,
To my mother   Goddess  Lakshmi,
And due to that  My mind has  cooled down a lot.
2.Unnatha   dhaya  kasa konti nenu ,
Bhannamulaku  balayaundi  ,
Kannulaaraa  mimu  gandi nedu  ,
Karnamruthspu matta   vindi
2.Desiring  for his mercy  , I underwent ,
Many a  suffering and today  I have seen you,
To my eyes full  and heard words from you,
Which were  like   nectar to my ears.
3.Balu roopamulu   thanu  bhooni   nannu  ,
Bhadhinji vedka   joochina  ,
Palumaru   nannu  nechina   punya,
Papamu   Hari   chanthaghani   yemandhu.
3.He took very many forms  and troubled me,
And watched it as if it is fun , he deceived me  ,
Many a time and  the sin and blessing ,
I have to say , belonged to Hari only ,
What else can I tell?
4.Bhoomini  buttagalenu  bhooyo ,
Bhooyo   harini namminanu  ,
THamasamunu   thalalenu  vara,
Thyagarajapthudu  madhilonu.
4.I do not want to be   born on this earth,
Again and again  and I have only put my faith ,
In Hari and I would not be able to tolerate ,
Acts full of base actions, Does the friend of Thygaraja,
Remember    me at least now.
     Then Prahladha requests   Sage Narada to relate him the entire conversation between Lord Hari and Goddess   Lakshmi  . Sage Narada tells as follows  “Lord  Hari described  you and told the Goddess    about  his desire and intention to visit you  .Goddess Lakshmi became sorrowful  thinking about her impending parting with the Lord  . She told   her Lord  that though she  was his consort  and dressed herself to be with him  , he had  just  told her that he is going to earth to see   his devotee , She further asked him whether  he does not have any other job except protecting his devotees   all the time .She then told him   about the pangs of separation she suffers    every time he goes to earth to see his devotee. At lat Goddess  Lakshmi was convinced  about the need    for Lord Hari to remove the sorrow of  you . Oh child you are blessed   and soon Lord Hari himself would come and bless you.”

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