Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oh Rama Ramana Rama Rama

Oh Rama  Ramana Rama Rama 
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Kedharam
Oh Rama  Ramana Rama Rama  ,e-
Norvajala  Ragurama.
Oh Rama , Oh Ramana, Oh Rama , Oh Rama,
I would not be   able to tolerate any more  oh Rama  .
1.Sarasaksha  manasara nammithini,
Cheraraani  yupachara maayeka
1.Though I am believing in you, oh lotus eyed one ,
You do not come near me and talk   sweet nothings.
2.Angalaarpugani   pongugaani  sri-,
Rangani  mahi  karaganga ledhugaa.
2.Hearing my uttering complaints, Oh Ranga ,
I do not know   know   whether your mind gets  filled up,
But I definitely    has not melted.
3.Chutti chutti naa guttu  nangadini  ,
Betta   jesi, cheyi   battakudithivi.
3.You made my  sell my self respect  in stores,
After   wandering and wandering but you did not hold my hands.
4.Metiyou paluku  bodipathiki  ney,
Nadi karodhamo  thodivaarilo .
4.I  do not know whether  it is due to anger of early days ,
Is there against me  among those   who are like me,
To Lord Brahma   the  consort of Goddess  of speech ,
So that   my fate    is like this.
5.Dheerudanusu ninu  gorukondha  ,nee,
Vara lee  vesana   vardhi  nediraa.
5.Should your devotees always swim ,
In the ocean of sorrow   of samsara
Wanting  only you who is courageous?
6. Ninnu nammi  ne khinnudai  theya,
Panna  narulake   manna  dhee tharini.
6.Suppose me who have great belief  in you  ,
Get drowned in sorrow, what other way is there,
To others who are 
 7.Mana Rakshaka   prana sajjana ni-
Dhanudanchu  ninu  dhanamatikithini
7.Oh protector of self respect , knowing that in earlierdays,
You were   with good people , I requested for the charity of your mercy.
8.  Gana   neeku   sari  Ghana lola   ika,
Ganararu  peddhana   bettudhunu.
8.Oh Lord interested in music, there is none equal  ,
To you, when you are not protecting should I request you on oath.
9. Yoga siddhulaku  ney  gatho   yanussu  ,
Vega   tochadhaa  Thyagaraja  nutha.
9.Did it not speedily occur to you as  to what ,
Result  will be got by those  greatly,
Accomplished  in Yoga and Sidhi, Oh Lord praised  by Thyagaraja

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