Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rama, rama, rama Sita Ramana

Rama, rama, rama Sita Ramana
Saint Thyagraja
Translated by
Ragam Huseni
Thalam Roopakam
Rama, rama, rama Sita Ramana, papa Harana
Oh Rama, Rama, Rama, consort of Sita, destroyer of sins.
1.Chentharaga yundudevari  chelimo  , nindu  kalimo
1.Is your not coming near me  , problem of your company   or pride of being wealthy.
2.Manamesemanasu , intha  madhamaa  kamadhama
2.Oh fulfiller of desires , is it due to pride that  you can make  others sorrow.
3.Nanu vinaa  gathi yevvaranusu   nagavo   leka  biguvo.
3.Is it  due to laugh due to feeling , “without me   who,
Else  can support  “ or is it due to  your being stiff
4. Karuna joothunuanusu   palauku karavaa  brova baruvaa
4.Is there famine for words, “I will show you mercy” or 
Is it difficult    to protect me.
5.Ila rakshana   seyaleni  kulama , vyakulama
5.Or is it that  you belongto a clan that never protects,
Or  is there    some sorrow in you.
6.Ramayani moralida  madhi  rayaa Deva rayaa
6.When I beseech you calling you Rama  ,
Is your mind made of stone  , Oh king  of devas.
7.Inni vinnappamulaku   nadhi  inumaa   mada vinumaa.
7.In spite of so many requests is your mind made  or iron,
Please hear    what I have to say.
8.SAsi muka   nannechedhi  yachamaa  nadhu vasamaa
8.Oh moon faced one , does giving me sorrow bring you fame  ,
Woulsd I be able to tolerate this.
9.Bali Bali thana  karma menthe  balamo   leka chalamo
9.Oh great ,  Is my fate   that big and strong or is it   that you are angry with me.
10,Valachi padi   intha  balkavalena   thalagalanaa
!0 .Would I be able to sing and talk so much,
After liking you?  Can  I tolerate this?
11. Lemi  delpa  peddhalevaru   lero needhu poro
11.Are there no elders to tell you about my poverty,
Or is there   a fight with me
12,. Undinanu   ninnu boliyundhure yyaadu  kondhure
12.Are   they are also people like you or are  they playing with me
13.Vasamu gadhu  , Thyagaraja varada,  kundha   suradha. is not possible for me , Oh Lord   who blesses Thyagaraja,
Who has  teeth like   jasmine buds.

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