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Rama pahi, megha shyama pahi

Rama pahi, megha  shyama pahi
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Kapi
Thalam Chapu
Rama pahi, megha  shyama pahi, guna ,
DHama  maam pahi  , Oh Rama
Rama protect me, one who is black like colour protect me,
Oh treasure house of good qualities  protect me, Oh Rama.
1.Moodu logamulalo   eedu ledhani   ninnu,
Vedu kondini  , nenu oh Rama
1.Thinking there  is no one equal to you  in three worlds,
I entreated    you  , Oh Rama.
2.Lokula nera nammukokane neeke,
LOkuvanenaithini   Oh Rama.
2.Not able to believe  other people  ,
Oh Rama  I started believing  only in you.
3.Yevela naa pali  devadhi devudu,
Neeve yanukondini oh Rama
3.I always thought that   you are the god of gods,
Who  would be protecting me , Oh Rama.
4.Anni kallalani ninne  nijamanu ,
KOnnavadanaithini , Oh Rama.
4. Oh Rama I believed    that every thing is false  ,
And you are  the only truth.
5.THalachinandhane menu pulakarinchaga nee pai,
Valachi   nee vadanaithini  Oh Rama.
5. AS soon as I thought about it , I became one,
Whose al hair stands erect and so I fell in love with you, Oh Rama..
6.Durjana ganamula  varjinchudaku, Nama,
Garjana gathiyantini , Oh Rama.
6. I understood that  roaring of your name is the only way ,
To get rid   of the  company of bad people.
7.Manasuna  nithyanoothanamaina chakkani  ,
DhanamunuGanugiondini  , Oh Rama.
7,. Oh Rama   I found in my mind   the wealth,
Of   feelings which are   good and of great variety,
8.Avabi suthaa thava  bhavamuna yevvari,
Kevaru   ledhannu  kondini  , Oh Rama
8.Oh Husband of the daughter of earth  , in this ocean of SAmsara  ,
I found out that    no one has any one to helphim, Oh Rama.
9.Manchi kruthyamulu   nee kanchu  ichithinaa ,
Pancha bhoodhamu sakshikaa, Oh Rama
9. With the five elements as wintness  , Oh Rama  ,
I  offered all that   good  I did to you.
10.Vanajanayana   naa  vachanamulella sathya,
Manusu  yalakinchumee oh Rama
10.Oh Lord with lotus like eyes , You should  head,
All   the words  that I  utter thinking   that they are the truth,
11.Ikanaina  sankarasakha brahmananda ,
Sukha sagara   brovumee  , oh Rama.
11.Oh friend of Lord Shiva who is   the ocean,
Of pleasures  of divine joy, at least you protect me now.
12.AAjanubaha  m, saroja aanana  , THyaga-
Raja   sannutha charitha , Oh Rama
12.Oh Rama who has hands touch the thigh, who has,

Face like lotus flower  , whose history is praised by  Thyagaraja.

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