Monday, April 13, 2015

Rara Raghu veera venta rara thodu

Rara Raghu veera  venta  rara   thodu
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam   Atana
Thalam Aadhi
Rara Raghu veera  venta  rara   thodu
Come , come , oh hero of Raghu clan, Come ,come  along with me
1.Anuthi namunu   ninu manasuna   ganu  goni,
Aananda maye   , Dhayalo
1.Oh  merciful one  , seeing you daily  in my mind,
 I attained   divine  joy.
2.SAkala   sujanulu  goluchu   sannidhi  gani  ,
Challanaye  , Dhayalo
2.Oh merciful one , my mind became very cool ,
After seeing your temple  where  all good people worship.
3.  Paluvidha  chdu  durvishaya  chayamu  leda,
Bayanaaye   , Dhayalo
3.Oh merciful  one ,  several types of evil  thoughts,
Went away frommy mind by themselves.
4,Thodarui yadu  gadugu   kithi  buddhayani  san-
Tho samaaye  , Dhayalo.
4.Oh merciful one,   great joy was   attained  when,
It was realized   that this is good knowledge   every minute.
5.Sumukha  munanu   thilakamu   chelagaga  gani,
Sokkanaye  Dhayalo
5.Oh merciful one  , My mind is bewitched  by seeing ,
The thilaka  on  your face.
6.Kava goni  bhavamuna   boralaka   needhe,
Karyamaye  Dhayalo
6.Oh merciful one  , By doing your job  without getting  ,
Rolled in the ocean of Samsara  , great enthusiasm occurs.
7.Dasaratha thanaya   shubha charitha  palitha,
Thyagaraja   Dhayalo.
7.Oh merciful one  , Oh son of Dasaratha  , Who has great history,

Who protects  Thyagaraja.

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