Monday, April 6, 2015

Abhimanamu lethemi

Abhimanamu lethemi
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  AAndhali
Thalam Chapu
Abhimanamu lethemi nee-
Vabhinaya vachanamuladethemi.
Do you not have any liking to me,
Possibly you would be only talking words for acting.
1.Maliminchukaina   ledhaa , thannu,
Malina  dharmamu  galadha  vana-,
Mali naa pai   Dhaya raadhaa  , palu-
Malina   gunamikanaina   bodhaa.
1.Dont you have even very little patience?
Do you do charity that you cannot afford?,
Oh Lord who wears  forest garland  ,
Do you not  get mercy towards me?
Would your laziness  get destroyed at least now?
2.Kalimiyunte  bettukora  krupa,
Kalugu  nanusu   vedi naaraa naa,
Kaluvaramulu   vini raras po-,
Kalu   neeku   galadhani   ne norungaleraa.
2.If you hve wealth , keep it with you, I only ,
Requested you   for  your  grace, Please
Come  after  hearing my confusion  ,
Would I know about your various  behaviours?
3.Raju neevani  namminaanu  , Gaja-,
Rajunna  vidhamu  vinnanu  , rathi,
Raja dasula  vedalenu  ,THyaga-,
Raju   nee vadani   perukonnanu.
3.I believed you are my king,  and I have,
Heard   the story of the  king of elephants ,
I would not beg from those who are   slaves of passion,
And Thyagaraja has earned a name that  he is your man.

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