Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sarva loka Dhayanidhe

Sarva loka   Dhayanidhe
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam   Huseni
 Thalam trisiralaghu
Sarva loka   Dhayanidhe, sarva bhouma dasarathe 
Oh treasure of mercy to all worlds , Oh son of Dasaratha ,
Who does  not bend  before any  one.
1.Pancha bhoothamulaku nathudanchu  ne delisi kondi
1.I understood that   you are  the lord  of the five elements.
2.Bhoo suthaa karamunu   batti   bhoomi  velayuvadu   neevu.
2.You are the one who held the hands of daughter of earth and lives on earth.
3.Neeradhipai  Bhagayoga   nidhra seyuvaadu neevu
3.You are the one who does  great yogic sleep on the   ocean.
4.Kamalabandhu  kulajavarula  gadaderchinavadu 
4.You are   the one who  gave salvation to the kings of dynasty of Sun.
5.Pavamana  kumarundu  bandainavaadu  neevu
5.You are the one who got the son of wind god as your servant.
6.Santhareeksha  kesanuthaa  nanthaa  nama  roopa rahitha
6.You are the lord who is praised by Shiva  who has atmosphere   as hair  ,
You are endless   and do not have  name  or form.
7.Jnana  vairagya   Bhakthi   dhanamosagu vada neevu
7.HE is the one  who gives his devotees devotion , being desire less  and devotion.
8.AAgama  nigamadheetha  THyagraja   vinutha charitha.
8.He is beond Vedas  and has a story praised by Thyagaraja.

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