Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pahi Rema Ramana maam

Pahi Rema Ramana  maam
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Varali
Thalam Aadhi
Pahi rema RAmana   maam,
Pahi sadguna  gana  hare Rama
Protect me oh Lord who entertains Lakshmi ,
Protect me  oh Rama  who has crowd of good qualities , Oh Hari
1.Chinthamana   needhu  isu-
Mantha  karuna radhu  hare Rama
1.Oh Hare Rama though  your thought never,
Goes away from mind , even little of your mercy is not coming.
2,Yenthani  sairinthu ne
Nenathani  veginthu   hare  Rama
2.Oh Hare Rama, how long should I  tolerate ,
And how long should  I suffer?
3.Ahaha   chiluka koona   brah-,
Masthramunaku   daguna Hare Rama
3.Oh Hare Rama  , Ha , Ha   should  you shoot  ,
A Brahmastra   on a little sparrow.
4,Chehthi  mallepoovu   gunda  ,
Rathi   korvabodhu  hare   Rama.
4.Oh Hare Rama  , if a  granite stone ,
Is used to crush a jasmine flower , can it tolerate it?
5,Dosabandu  kettu  Rama,
Dochu   ninupa  kattu   Hare  Rama.
5.If cucumber fruit s tied by iron Rama  ,
Would it be   all right , Oh Hare Rama
6.Deva deva venna  kathi  ,
Dheppa  korchukonna  , Hare Rama
6.Oh Hare Rama  , Oh God of Gods,
Can butter  be cut with a sword?
7.THalli thandri   brova kunte  ,
THanayuni  kedhrola   Hare Rama
7.Oh Hare Rama if father   and mother ,
Does not protect , what option is there  for the son?
8.Rajavarya   charana  THyaga –
Raja  vinutha   Charana hare  Rama.
8.Oh Hare Rama  , whose refuge is sought by great jkings,

And whose feet is worshipped  by Thyagaraja.

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