Monday, April 13, 2015

Palka vemi pathitha pavana

Palka vemi pathitha  pavana
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Aarabhi
Thalam Trisra lakuvu
Palka vemi pathitha  pavana, karuna ,
JIlkavemi sujana  jeevana.
Oh protect of suffering   who gives good life to good  people  ,
Would you not talk to me and would not you   spray your mercy on me.
1.Orchina thapamarchina  , anga-
Larchina  , yentha nerchina
1.I tried waiting , I stifled my sorrow.
I went on muttering and learnt  a  lot.
2.THalachina ninnu  golichina  yentha ,
Valasina   , baga  pilisina.
2. Whether  I am engaged  in worshipping you ,
Or  loving, I would  be calling your  well.
3.THelipina manasu  nilipina pooja ,
SAlipina mathamu   kalipina.
3.Whether I talk to you or control my mind ,
I do worship to you  and follow your  opinion.
4. Kanchina  ninu bajinchina madhamu  ,
Vanchina    yura muka  nunchina.
4.I   saw you   sang  about you  , deceived,
My pride and made you stand  in my mind.
5.Pattina yentha   thittina ninnu,
Jootina padamu   battina.
5. I caught    hold of you  and scolded you,
I went round you and caught  hold of  your feet.
6.AAdina ninnu  padina yentha,
Vedina  koni yadina.
6.I danced before you, I sang before you  ,
And requested you a lot and praised  you.
7.KOrina marugu   jerina ninnu  ,
Dhoorina   yentha porina.
7.I requested you hid from you   and joined with you,
And  later I scolded   you   and fought  war with you.
8, THelisina budhi , galasina joochi  ,
Solasina   peru   delisina.
8.Understanding   and concentrating my mind on you,
I realized   the true greatness  of your name.
9.Mrokkina neeke  jikkina  yentho,
Sokkina neeke   dakkina  .
9,I saluted you and was caught  by you,
And forgetting myself  I submitted myself to you.
10.Nagaraja sayana  vegaraa  Sri,
Thyagaraja nutha   Karuna sagara.
10.Oh Lord who sleeps on king of snakes, come quickly  ,
Oh Lord praised   by Thyagaraja  , Oh  ocean of mercy.

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