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Prahladha Bhakthi Vijayam -act4

Prahladha  Bhakthi vijayam(contd)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by

                 Act 4. Lord Hari offers boons and Prahladha wants only devotion to his feet.
  (  Lord Hari who had    come before Prahladha is greatly pleased. He   blessed Prahladha and requested him to ask for any boons. Prahladha replied to him that when Lord who was    like the wish giving tree    was himself present before him, Where was the need to have another    twig of grass. He  asked only being able to serve the feet of Lord Hari  ,.. Lord Hari in turns blessed Prahladha    becoming    greatly pleased with him.)
    Prahladha on   seeing Hari started praying to him   and the Lord wanted to show the world the greatness   of his devotee  .Lord Hari felt that  it was   interesting to converse   with those  who appreciate  . He wanted to give salvation to Prahladha   but he wanted the other  pious people    to understand the greatness of the soul of Prahladha and he spoke the following words to Prahladha .
“I am the God who is above all and has all. I would like to fulfill all    your desires and so ask any number   of boons that  you want from me  .” Prahladha  then replied”Oh Lord I was enjoying thegreat sight of yours. Are you trying to distract me  , by putting a twig in the   sweet drink which I am drinking now.Suppose I started asking   for you useless thinks  , my mind would  never get satisfied. So please do not grant me    any boons but please do protect me  . “ saying this  Prahladha sang the     following Krithi.
 18.Nannu brovakanu  vidavanuraa   Rama
(Prahladha says   that he will compel Lord Hari to protect him.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sankarabharanam
Thalam TRiputa
Nannu brovakanu  vidavanuraa   Rama
Unless   you protect me , I would not leave you , Rama
1.Kasunu  vedhukaga  ganna   rathnamu reethi,
Dosamu   dolagimba   dorikidhivi   Gaani
1.Just like getting a gem when searching for a coin,
I have got you for getting all my defects removed.
2.Ambali   thinu vela  amrutha   mabbina reethi,
Dumburu   sannutha   dorikidhivi gani
2.Just like  while drinking gruel  , getting nectar ,
Oh Lord   who was praised by Dumburu , I have got you.
3.Cheyyalasina vela  theppa   dorikina reethi ,
Ayya  napaliti   kamarithivi gaani
3.Oh Lord   like a getting a boat when hands have lost their strength,
 You have come    and sat near me.
4.Aada poyina   theertha   meduraina  reethi,
Needu  jodu leni   ishtudavaithivi 
4.Just like the sacred water  to which I was going to take bath,
Coming before me   you who are matchless  have become my friend.
5.Sikku bove vela   cheeralabbinna   reethi  ,
Okkimaa   intiki   vachithivi gaani
5.Just like getting a Sari when my self respect was  about to go,
You yourself have come out  and have come to my house.
6.  Aagama nigama   chayartha  mu neevani  ,
Thyagaraja nutha   dalasi yunnanu   Rama
6.I have decided that   you are the meaning of Vedas and Sastras,
Oh Rama who is worshipped   by Thyagaraja.
   Lord Hari  was greatly pleased     and wanted     to test him further  and told him, “Oh Prahladha , devotees like you are   very rare and that   is why , I love you     too much. If later people ask you , what did you get by seeing me and  suppose you reply , nothing, would not those  people    start laughing at me, This    would affect   my fame   as the boon giver. So you have to ask for some boons and accept them.” Prahladha was    greatly confused   and Lord   Hari  sings the following Krithi.
19.Adugu varamula nichedhanu
(God replies to Prahladha)
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  AArabhi
Thalam  CHapu
Adugu varamula nichedhanu
I would give you all the boons that   you ask.
Adugadugu  nine  dalachusunaanu ,
Adbuthamaina  bhkthiki   sokkinaanu
For every second I have been only thinking about you,
And I have become  completely  attracted by your devotion.
1.Dhana  kanakamulu  yennaina neeku,
Dara puthrulu  saogasaina   indla,
Chanuvuna   nosagudhu  samsayamela,
Thanuvu   chikkaganela   , Dhanava  bala.
1.However much you ask wealth and Gold , I would give you,
However much you want wife and children I would give you,
Do not have any doubt in that, Oh son of a Rakshasa,
Do not become thin    sorrowing    for   these.
2.Akrama danujula  gotti  nee,
Yapadalanu   dala metti,,
Vikramamuna  bahu vigyadhigaa , vidhi-,
Chakradhula  battamula   nosakedhanu.
2,After destroying the    Rakshasas who do evil deeds  ,
I would remove all the dangers  which are   coming to you  ,
And make your valour and fame   spread everywhere,
And also give you the  position of Undra   or Brahma
3.Vaaji  gajandho  likamulu   neeku,
Varamaina   mani bhooshanamulu  ,
Rajika   nosagaka  rava   thalalenu   vara,
 Thyagarajapthuda  nenu.
3.I who am the friend of Thyagaraja ,
Would not waste   even in a minute  ,
For giving you with joy horses, elephants  ,
Palanquins  ,  auspicious gems  and ornaments.
     When the lord was singing like this the sages  like SAnaka      say that   attachment to pleasures   arise because   of illusion. Prhladhe could not bear the    worlds of cheating and  illusion   of the Lord Hari. And he tells the lord that  , he was one who never forgets the devotion to the sacred    feet of  Lord Hari and says that Lord Hari himself is the  ornament    to his mind and sings the  following Krithi.
20.Varija nayana   nee vadanu nenu
(Prahladha says he does not want material things)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Kedaragaula
Thalam Aadhi
Varija nayana   nee vadanu nenu,
Varija nayana brovu
Oh Lotus eyed one  , I am yours  m
And so lotus eyed one protect me.
 SAreku maayaa   sagarmandhu ,
Neraka  munikedu   nemamu  lethu
I do  not have any intention of ,
Getting drowned   in the ocean of illusion.
1.Dhana kanakamulanu   Dhara  puthrulu   gai-
Koni  maravanu   ravithanayuda gaanu
1,I am son of Sun God to   take wealth   , gold ,
 Wife and sons  and then forget you.
2.Vaji radhamulanu   varamu Gaikoni  ,
Rajula   nadasu  partha  Raju nayb Gathu.
2.I am not Arjuna to take from you  , horses,
Chariots and others and use them to fight with  other kings.
3.Nee japamulu  nava nidhulow  Thyaga-
Raja vinitha   durasala  dagalathu.
3.Oh Lord who is being saluted by Thyagaraja  ,
Since chanting your name is equal to nine   types of wealth  ,
I would not get involved    in evil desires.
   Prahladha then asks the lord, “what is the    use of the pleasures of the world to me and I am not interested   in asking any boons  .Please   protect me . “ Then Prahladha described to the Lord his extreme detachment to pleasures  and says that   he  understood that the  God was    tempting him and wants to   keep his firm decision not     to  ask for any boons . He then sings    the following Krithi, whixh details his wants     from the Lord.
21.Thanalone  Dhyaninchi
(Prahladha   then prays  the  lord  and tells him what  he wants.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Deva Gandhari
Thalam  Aadhi
Thanalone  Dhyaninchi,
Than mayame  gavaleraa
I want to meditate   on you ,
And become one   with you  .
Thana  guhalo  thaanudedu,
THavunu   theliyagavaleraa
I would like to know   the place  that you hide,
In the   cave called  my mind.
1.Nee marma ma  akshaname   nichayamai thelusunraa
1.Immediately at that time  I would definitely come to know
2.Yenanu  mayaavela   nevanko   theliyadhuraa
2.  At that time I would not  know the illusion where the “I”  has gone.
3.Tholi karmame  balamu  thoya koodadhu  vidhiki
3. The past Karma is very strong  and we  cannot find fault  with Brahma
4.Prakruthi swabhavamulu   prajwalinchusu nunda
4. The natural     tendencies     would be   shining greatly
5.Lakshyamu jeyaru   madhilo  lakshantharamulakaina
5 I  would not bother about it  in my  mind about,
One hundred thousand road blocks that may occur
6.Mringina kallaku   ruchula   melu  ghanevaarevaru
6.To the half closed  eyes who is there to see ,
The  richness of the    taste  objects .
7.Bhoothamulaidhunu   neevu   poraa   jeyugannavu
7.You would be  engaged in rolling the    five elements,
8.Niravadhi  chayyapai   neevu nithyananda  mununnavu
8. You  would you  be in the state of eternal bliss   on the bed  of serpent
9.Sri Thyagarajuni   chapatti  rakhinchedhavu
9.You are holding the   hand of Thyagaraja and are  protecting him.
        The Lord replies, “I would give what is desired by you as t you are  one who is detached from the senses. I would not even appear before those devotees who call me with a view to ask    for pleasures    in this world as well as  in heaven. But I do want  you to rule     your kingdom  . So go and live peacefully     and live in your city. I want  you to ask me further boons. “Prahladha feels   upset  and sad  and  sad and  asked the lord, “Oh Lord , please do not chat me by promising more  and more boons  “ Lord Hari   once again smiled in a deceitful manner    at his  devotee who was crying   and spoke.”Ypu are one who has complete control over   your five senses and have a mind which is not agitated and so I have    to  give you more boons.. I have a long way to go and I want to give any special boon which no body has got  . So please ask.” The upset Prahladha      sings the   following Krithi   and asks yhe Lord “Why this decirt towards  me?”
22.Oh Rama, Rama   Sarvonnatha 
(Prahladha    feels sad of the deceit  of lord   Rama)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Naga Gandhari
Thalam Chapu
Oh Rama, Rama   Sarvonnatha   nee kipu-
Do ravanchana  yelaraa  karunakara
Oh Ram,a , top most of all. Oh merciful one.
Why   this partiality   now?
1.Veda siramulella  nadaranatho  nee-
Vai   daivamani   nammaga   nammithi.
1.The Upanishads  with support believed,
That you are  the God and I also believed in it.
2.Peddalaina  vari  yoddhane sathyamu  .
Kaddhani  nammithini  sammathini
2.I believed that truth would shine among
Great elders with all   my heart.
3.Bandhu rathnaaa  dhayasindhu  neevani  sathya,
SAndhuda  vanu kontini  , rammantini
3.Oh best among relatives, ocean of mercy , Believing,
That you are  the guardian of truth , I wanted you to come.
4.Bharathu  charya  sahacharunitho nindaaraa,
Garagusu  balikithive  gasithive
4.Did you not talk in detail about   to your companion Lakshmana  ,
With a melting heart  about his conduct  and thus protected him.
5,SAthimatalu   sadhaa  gabijooche  vini  sam-
Mathini  gowgalinchina   Shubanana
5.Hearing  always about the news of your virtuous wife   ,
From Hanuman , OH lord who has an auspicious face ,
Did you not whole heartedly   embrace  him.
6,Munu  bhaktha kotulu  Goniyaada   neevu,
Varala   brochinathi  ledhaa  mariyaadhaa
6.In earlier days  when crores of your devotees  sang  your praises,
Did you  not protect all of them  ? Is it proper for you  not to do that now?
7. Yi  jagathini  THyagarajuni  Brochuda  ,
Kee jala  mika thalanu   nee velanu.
7.I cannot tolerate   the tricks you are playing,
Not to protect  Thyagaraja   in this world.
     Prahladha who heard the words of Hari    signaling   his intention to go  away  becomes agitated      and spoke    to Lord Hari like this, “Did I do great and difficult  penance  to get a wife or wealth or kingdom or power to subdue an enemy  ?  Oh Lord you are my only refuge. How can I bear to see you go away from  here.” He then prays  Lord Rama   further   and requests him to destroy all his   sorrow and prays him further   by singing this Krithi.
23,Sri Rama  , jayarama Srungara  Rama
(Prahladha   requests the God to destroy all his   sorrow)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Madhyamavathi
 Thalam Aadhi
Sri Rama  , jayarama Srungara  Rama,
Oh Rama  , Oh victorious Rama , Oh sensuous   Rama
1.Garavamuna   brovu  Karuna samudhra
!, Oh ocean of mercy which protects  with great concern
2.Naaloni   jail neekela  thosadhuraa
2.Why is it that  you are not understanding my sorrow
3.Manasichi   naathonu  Mattade  dhepudu
3.When are you going to talk with me heart to heart
4.Thala neevela  nika jalama Sri Rama
4.I cannot tolerate this, Is this your trick?
5. Balimini  valachithe   chalama  Oh Rama
5.Are you angry with me thinking this  is forced  devotion.
6.Yi soukhya   mee bhagya  mendhaina   galathaa
6.Can  this  pleasant life and luck  be obtained any where else
7.japamemo  thapamemo  aparadhamemo
7.I do not know what is chanting and what is penance. Is  this  an offence?
8.Pankaja nayana  , naa  kumkuma neeve
8.Oh lotus eyed one , My luck is yourself only
9.Avanijadhipa  naa sogasevaridhe   Rama
9.Oh Lord of Sita , who is responsible for my beauty?
10.Neevu nimishamu  leni bavuka mele
10.Without you for a minute, What is the need of this fortune?
11.Thoshimpa konnalu  dochune  Rama
11. Oh Rama when will you make up your mind to make me happy?
12.Yella saukhyamulu  manasolladhe Rama
12.Oh Rama my mind then will not search for all pleasures
13.Payagaa   menu  sakhamayeno   Rama
13.Without getting you , have I become half of myself?
14.Yiyantha   meechandha  mendhaina galadhaa
14. Is this beauty and greatness   found any where  else?
15.Koorchu vethalarchu  kadatherchuve   Rama
15, Please   pardon me , destroy my sorrows and   save me.
16.Mikkili mrokki  che  jikkithi Rama
16.Oh Rama by saluting you greatly  , I became yours
17.Rajillu   Thyagarajadhi vinutha
17.Oh Shining  Lord praised  by Thyagaraja
    After This Prahladha experienced the    divine joy  and felt peaceful    and courageous  and realizes that  when God himself  is there before him, where   was the need to sorrow  or worry further  . He  sings the following Krithi.
24.Saraseeruha nayana   nee Kadakshi me
(Prahladha says just a look from the lord is sufficient .)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Bilahari
Thalam   CHapu
Saraseeruha nayana   nee Kadakshi me,
Chalu sajjana jeevana
Oh Lotus eyed one  , your glance  is sufficient ,
For me , Oh Lord who is the support  of good people
1.Meenamarba kula  kaminchi  kannatlu  ,
Dhana  mee Lankanu   dhaya joochi natlu
1.Look at me like a fish seeing its babies  and  the cool way,
You looked at Lanka   before giving to Vibheeshana
2.SAdhu  sangathi   nenu salpinayatla ,
Madhurya bhojana  madu jesinatlu
2.Look at me ilike my getting the company of good people,
And as if I have   eaten sweet food.
3.Dhana kanakamulelladagiliniyatlu ,
Dhinamu   durasulu   jelaginayatlu
3.Look at me just like I god   gold and wealth,
And as if    I have left out  all my evil  desires .
4.Simhasanamuna   jelaginayatla  
Brahmendra pattanubhava  mandhinatla
4. Look at me just like I sat   in the throne  ,
And I have experienced the  position of Brahma and Indra.
5.Nalugokka  padhi  bhuvana  melinatla,
Kalugu  kulamulella  gata therinatla
5. Look at me just like I ruled all the fourteen worlds ,
And as if all my clan members   have got salvation
6.Rajeeva bhava nutha  , Ramaneeya charitha  ,
Rajillu   Sri Thyagarajaadhi vinutha
6.Oh Lord worshipped by Lord Brahma  who has a pretty story,
And one who is praised by the shining  Thyagaraja   and others.
     On hearing his sincere appeal   spoken with devotion and Bhakthi   , the Lord Harei was glad and spoke as    follows.”Oh pure one  , Suppose I am always with you  , what would you like to do  ?If you tell me  , I would grant all those boons  .” Prhaldha was moved by the offer of the lord and with a choked voice     told him, “ I would like to be always with you and   do service to you, adorn you with beautiful jwellary and offer you several   fragrant  scents” and sang the following Krithi.

25.Vaddha yundedhe bahu melu
(Prahladha says  that  It would be sufficient if the God   is near him.
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Varali
Thalam Chapu
Vaddha yundedhe bahu melu
Your being very near to me is great,
Oh Lotus eyed one
Addhambu  momugala  ranga ,
Anupama  mohananga
Oh lord like   a mirror like face ,Oh matchless handsome one
1,Bangara poola   boojinthu ,
Baagugaa   ninnu sevinthu  ,
SRungainchi   kelagalindhu  ,
Cheri  ninnaradinthu
1.I would  worship you with golden flowers,
And I would serve    you extremely well,
I would decorate you and hug you,
And I would move near and   worship you.
2.Mungalane  natiyinthu  ,
Mudhu matala   delinthu  ,
SAngeethamu  vinupinthu  ,
SAreney santhoshinthu.
2.I  would dance before you  ,
I would    speak dear words before you,
I would make you hear    songs,
And I would attain great joy.
3.SAthamathrama   neeyenthu  ,
JIthanmu gaani bodhendhu ,
THatharamu  deerchu kondhu,
Thyagaraja  sulabudanadhu.
3.Oh Lord who is the truth which lives in everything,
My mind would   no go any where else except near you,
I  would satiate   my hunger    for you  , and say,
You are   the one who was obtained easily by Thyagaraja.
     Lord Hari listened to Prahladha and understood his true devotion to him  and   spoke like this to him. “I have kept on my lap   and blessed you with all that you want   and removed all the   doubts in the mind of Devas  , In what other way should  I show my kindness   to you?” Prahladha told him that unless he does continuous service by worship, decoration and offer  , his mind   would not  be satisfied  “ and sings the following Krithi .
26.Theerunaa naloni  Dugdha
(Prahladha asks hari whether his anguish would come to an end)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  SAveri
Thalam  Jampa
THeerunaa naloni  Dugdha
Would the anxiety in my mind   ever end
SAramou  nee Pada saarasamu   nadhu hrudha-
Yara vinadhamuna betti kattukoka.
Unless   I keep  your lotus like feet  ,
On my heart and tie  it there/
1Kamma vilthuni kanna  kanthi  galigina hare,
Mummaru  palannamu   bujimba betti ,
Kammanividem bosagi kadu rathnamula  merayu,
THamma  padi kenu batti  thnibudu   niluvakanu.
1.Oh lustrous Hari who gave    birth to cupid,
 Unless I offer    you   three times milk rice,
Offer you sweet thamboola   and stand before  ,
You  holding  a spittoon  which is  studded with high quality gems.
2.Anudhinamu  needhu  [adabjamu;a   nothusunu  .
Kanakamayamou   surati  karamunidi   visari,
Ghanamains  phanithalpamuna   nunji  padusunu  ,
Ganulara   sevinchi  kalamula  gadabakanu.
2.Unless I daily massage   your divine feet ,
Fan you holding a fan  which is golden,
Make you li down on the high quality bed of serpent,
Sing before you   and see you to my eyes satisfaction  ,
And spent my time.
3.Rajathi Raja    sura raja vanditha pada ,
Sri Janaki Ramana   srungara  jaladhe  ,
Rajadharudagu  Thyagaraja  poojithudanusu  ,
RAjillu   nee keerthi   rajigaa  bogadakanu
3.Oh king of kings  , whose feet is worshipped by  Indra  ,
Consort of Janaki , ocean of charm  ,
Till I  praise you,  who is  shining  ,being   worshipped  ,
By Thyagaraja wearing a crescent   to my heart’s content
      Then Prahladha addressed   the Lord Again   requested him never to leave him  and Lord Hari spoke    to him as follows.”I have blessed you as  one of my great devotees and there is no devotee of mine who is as great as you.” Hearing this  Prahladha thinking it was the proper time    made   the following request “Please bless  me with true devotion to you like the  king of elephants and the blessed Garuda,” Lord Hari who could understand the mind  of Prahladha    spoke as follows., “When I want to make you as my equal , why this  boon of making you my slave . Ask me any other boon except that  .”
    The sanaka and other sages then told ,  “Prahladha has become a Guru to his own master  ..”And Prahladha   replied   Lord Hari as   follows , “ Is is it not true that   all four  types of wealth   were attained by my penance?  Please   grant me   pure devotion to you, because  I will only serve you. Oh Lord   I do not  have any attachment to Dharma  and I do not want any wealth, Let things happen   due to my past Karma , The only   boon that I need is great devotion to your feet  .  Oh Lord Who carried the Mandhara mountain on your back why are you chiding me . Are you trying to test me further ?Is  It fair on your part?. Please  raise me up to be your devotee”. After    this with a heavy heart     Prahladha   again asked God why he is angry with him, by using this Kriti,
27. Ramabhi Rama  Raghurama , Oh Rama
(Prahladha again asks god,  why he is  angry  with him)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Saveri
Thalam   Jampa
Ramabhi Rama  Raghurama , Oh Rama
Oh Rama, Oh mind stealing Rama  , Oh Raghu Rama , Oh Rama
Thamasamulela  Sita mano Ramana
Why this anger , Oh Lord who steals the mind of Sita
1Pagajeyutela naa pala   neethu,
Vagalela   vida jalavu  , Gajebdra pala
1.Why are you showing all your enmity on me?
Would you  not leave your cheating nature,
 Oh Lord who saved  the king of elephants .
2. Nee sommu  nenaduga  ledhu  nindu ,
MOsamou  parapanchamandasa lethu
2.Iam not asking for your property  and I do not ,
Like   this worls which only gives disappointment
3.AAsa neeyeda thanaku  podhu  nija,
Dhasa  rakshaka  ninu vinaa   gathiledhu
3.I would never lose my  love towards you ,
Oh lord who protects his true devotees  ,
I do not have any  protection except   you .
4.Nee sari samana   mevarilalo   Rama,
Neeraja dalaksha  chikkithiraa nee vala lo
4.Oh Rama , there  is no one who is equal to you,
Oh Lord with eyes like lotus petal, I have been caught   in your net.
5.Kallalaadani theliyaleraane,
Vallaneramugani   nay neeku veraa
5.I do not know that you are a cheater, You are ,
Though  you think  that I am a wrong one,
Am I  in any way   different from you  ?
6.Sripathe nanu  maruvadagunaa , idhi ,
Papame gaani  yedabhaya manasagunaa
6.Oh consort of Lakshmi  , Is it just for you to forget me,
Though this is my old Karma , would my mind  allow me to forget you?
7.Aajanubahu karameeera, Sri thyaga-
Rajuni   bhavabdhi   datinchi  parameera
7.Oh Lord whose hands touches his thight  , please give me your hand ,
And give me a boon that    this Thyagaraja  would cross the ocean of  Samsara
   Hearing these  Lord Hari wanted to know  about the  path of Bhakthi as enunciated   by Prahladha. Prahladha says that he would not    like to show devotion to any other God except  Hari. He further told that his mind  is  completely    immersed in you  . He then sang this Krithi  welcoming kindness  on the part of Hari.
28.Dhaya rani  , Dhaya rani  , Dasaradhi   Rama
(Prahladha  is elated   that Rama is becoming kind .and expresses his happy  mind)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Mohana
Thalam    Aadhi
Dhaya rani  , Dhaya rani  , Dasaradhi   Rama
Let kindness come, let kindness come  ,
Oh son of Dasaratha  , Oh Rama
1.Vivarimpadaramaa  Raghu veera aanandamu?
1.Oh  hero of Raghu clan , is it possible   to describe , this  joy?
2.Dalachithe   menella  pulakarincheni  Rama
2.When I think about hairs stand erect all over  my body, Rama
3,Kanugonnanandamai  kanneru  nindedini
3.Due   to the happiness in seeing you  , the tears  are flowing.
4.AAsinchu vela  jagamantha   thrunamaiyeni
4.Due to my love towards you , this world has become a mere twig
5,Charana kelagili vela   chelaka  mai marecheni
5,When I  hug your divine feet, I  am forgetting myself completely
6.Chetha nundaga  naadhu  chinthalu   tholigeni
6.When you are  near  me , I forget all my worries
7,Marma heenula  gooda  karma Mana   naiyeni
7.i thing it is my Karma that  I am joining with people   ,
Who do not know your secret.
8.Thanakai   sri Ramavathara  mathithivo?
8.Have you taken  this incarnation of Rama    for my sake
9.Navanti Dasula   bri=ova   vedalithivo
9.Have you  started only   protect devotees like me
10.Moodu  moorthula   kadhi  moolamu   neeve Rama
10.Oh Rama , you are   basic root  of all the trinity of Gods
11.Sri Thyagarajuni   chelikadu neeve Rama
11. You are also   the closest friend of Sri Thyagaraja
  Lord Hari then wanted    to know the mind of  Prahladha , He told   him that he is  not responsible for his  mental   sufferings   and he asks him whether   he knew    that heart of God melts on sufferings of the   devotee. He requests    Prahladha to explain his mind fully in such a way that   all people   can understand it  . Then Prahladha realizing that    there is no other option explains his  inner most thoughts  to Hari. Then Prahladha praises  Lord Hari in various ways and   sings the following song:-
29,Dhaya  seyavatyya   sadaya   Ramachandra
(Prahladha   requests him to bless    him with joy).
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Yadhu kula kambhoji
Thalam Aadhi
Dhaya  seyavayya   sadaya   Ramachandra
Oh Ramachandra, immediately show me your mercy
Dhayanu konchamaina  naadu  ,
DAlasuchunna   Sita sukhamu
Grant me  a little of that kindness,
Which is a small portion of kindness ,
Shown by    you to Lady Sita.
1,Kshithi nadhula   rakayu  , sam-
mAthi leka  Sri Saketha ,
Pathi radeyana vacchunanina ,
SAthiki   galgina yanandamu
1.Give me that   happiness  Of Sita , which she got
When she Got the answer  “He would come”,
When she became sad  and asked, “Why has the king,
Of Saketha  not come so far?”
2.Cheliyaro   navale  nathi, naku,
Galaremo   raledhani  jail,
Thelisi  mrokku koni vela ,
Balimini  nedhuraina   Sukamu
2. Give me that  pleasure  when you appeared there suddenly,
When Sita was asking her girl  friends, “Oh friends , To my lord,
How many ladies are there like me?And still he has not come”
Making  her friend pitying  on  her after    understanding her sorrow.
3.KOnchemi  rioopamaa  villu,
Vancha  koodaka   pono  yani  ,
Yenchi jail   jandhamenu,
Banji  kanipincha katla.
3,Please show  your grace to me ,
Like when you showed your  Viswa roopa(mega form),
To Sita  when she was worrying  thinking that  you who were ,
Looking  like a boy would not be    able to bend that  Bow.
4.Yettivarikaina   dorachu,
Natti janakaqjanu   bottu
Katti  karamu battu vela,
Kanthaku nna  sukhamu thanaku
4.Grant me that pleasure    that   you gave ,
To Sita    when you held her   hands  tightly  ,
When you got married    to her  ,,
Though it was extremely difficult ,
For  any one    to get married   to her.
 5.KOrina varalanu  nay nee-
Reethi brothunani sapha-,
Varalaku  deliya   jeyu  ,
Dhari   Thyagarajanuku.
5.Please make  the people of world ,
Understand   how you   would protect  ,
All those who surrendered to you  ,
And shower your grace on this Thyagaraja
  Prahladha requests Hari   with  the same type of devotion that   Sita had  on him  . He says that  if what Sage Narada    has taught him properly   he should not deceive   him. Then Prahladha fell at the feet of Lord Hari and felt as if   a son is saluting his mother . Then the sages blessed Prahladha   and that    he had become similar to one who has crossed    the ocean if Samsara  . Lord Hari also realized that  Prahladha   was totally immersed in devotion to him. Then the Lord lifted Prahladha and kept  him on his  lap  and then hugged him.Then Lord Hari told him that he argued    with him only to know his mind.   And then the Lord blessed him in all ways. Prahladha then worshipped him

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