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Yetta irundhu pesum Kanna

Yetta irundhu pesum Kanna

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Raga Malikai
Thalam Aadhi

Pallavi (Lathangi)
Yetta irundhu pesum kanna,
Yetti kani pazhuthu yarukkenna  tholaivil

Anupallavi (Lathangi)
Yetta irundhu pesum, kitti varaamale un,
Chutti thnamellam   thoora katti vaithu

1.(Kunthala varali)
Kallam kapadariyaa naane  andru un,
Kalinil vizhunthene,
Ullam  ariyathirunthene, indru,
Unmayellam kandarinthene.

Vetkam vittu ingu vandheere  , naanum,
Vendum yenbathai marantheere ,
Ishtam unnidathil yendreere, athai,
IthanaI naal iruntheere, Kanna.

Kalinganai vendraal yenna , kalangi  viduveno,
Kamsanai kondral yenna  , kadhal uruveno,
Malikkum un pugazhukku  mayanggi viduveno,
Varaatheer, yennai paaratheer, kanna.

4. Simhendra Madhyamam
Kannathile kumkuma karai padinthirukkuthe,
Kankalil sivappu  kalakkamirukkuthe,
Vanna vanna meniyellam  vattam uthirikkuthe ,
Vambugal pesatheer  , varthaigal veesatheer.

English translation

Speak from a distance  , Krishna,
If a bitter fruit ripens, what is there for all at a distance

Talk from a distance without coming near,
After tying all your mischief  and keeping it far away

I was  who was an innocent girl,
Fell at your feet the other day,
I did not your mind then ,but today,
I have found out all the truth.

Without any shame   did you not come here ,
You forgot that  I am also necessary,
Did you not tell that you love me  and,
Did you not live like that all these days, Krishna.

If you have one over Kalinga, do you think I will get confused,
If you have killed  Kamsa, do you think I will fall in love with you,
Do you think I will get attracted  by your growing fame,
Do not come here, do not see  me, Krishna.

There are saffron marks  on your cheels,
Your eyes are red   and clouded,
IThere is tiresomeness in your very pretty body,
Do not talk gossip, do not throw words at me.

Yennathai cholladi podi

Yennathai cholladi podi

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Useni
Thalam Adhi

Yennathai cholladi podi-un,
yeNNAthai  cholladi podi,
Yengum niraivagina  oru yadhu kulathoru vaandu,
Ingu vanthu  nindru kondu  , yennayum purintha vambu.

Anname ithu cheivathu jalam,
Athattinaal  vanthidum pothatha kalam,
Chinna kuzhanthai yendru  yennina kalam,
Cheyyumadi  che che che maha alangolam.

Oru tharam  ithanoda  vishamathai kandaalo,
Ullamellam   kollai poguthe ,
Uthami maharasi  Yasodai mel yenakku ,
Unmayai poramai aaguthe-Ivan,
Thiruttu vizhiyai kandu vittalo,
Thenum palum  kasanthaguthe –naan,
Chinthai mayanginen  -yendru therinthalo,
Che che che  vishamangal  alavukku meeruthe.

English translation

Oh friend what shall I tell,
Oh friend , please tell me your thoughts,
The brat of Yadhu clan  who fills all places,
When he stood here and made mischief    with you.

Oh swan like girl, what he does is a magical trick,
If you chide him , we will go in to bad times,
If we think that   he is a little   baby,
What he does, bad, bads, bad , great dishevelment

Once we see  its mischief ,
We loose all our hearts to him,
I become truly jealous on,
The good lady    Yasoda,
But if I see his  stealking glances,
Honey and milk becomes bitter , but once,
I know that I have lost my mind ,
Bad, bad, bad  his mischief  goes beyond limit.

Yenna thaan chonnen

Yenna thaan chonnen

OOthukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Thalam   Aadhi

Yenna thaan cvhonnen  -ival,
Ippadi mayangi   vizha thappondrum illai-kannan,
Vanthaan   yendru than chonnen , illai illai,
Varuvan yendru thaan chonnen.

Thannalamariyatha  Kannan peril-ival,
Yenna sukham kandalo , ariyene  ,
Punnagai madhavarukkum innavalukkum   thoothu cholli,
Pothum pothum yendru  aachuthe yenakku.

Thedi thedi oru chethi chonnal   , muzhu,
Chethiyum ketkka vendaamo,
Odi odi  kandrukalai   othai mandayaka thekki,
Oor varavu,  neramakla vendamo  ,
Indirarkkum  nanmukarkkum ullapadi arul cheythu,
Nallapadi oor  thirumba vendamo.
Kodi kodi ullangalai kollai kollayaga thekkum,
Kothavan  vandhan yendru chonnathai thavirthu.

English translation

What did I tell her-so that,
She has   fainted and fallen,
I did not tell anything wrong,
I only told that Krishna has come-no, no,
I did tell her   that Krishna will come.

I do not know what please she found,
In Lord Krishna  who is completely selfless,
For me   it has become  sufficient and sufficient,
By  becoming the emissary of the laughing Krishna   and her.

When I search and search her and tell the news,
Should she not hear   it completely,
After running and running and making the calves in to a single herd,
To come back  to the village , would it not take time,
After telling    the correct blessings to Indra and Brahma,
Should he not return home    safely,
Except telling her   that the king  who attracts,
Billions   of hearts has come, What else did I Tell.

Yenna thaan cholladi

Yenna thaan  cholladi

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Yathu kula Khambodhi
Thalam Aadhi

Yenna thaan choladi Kannan piditha ,
Pidikku yethir undo  Cholladi,
Yennnai theythidavum  , ingu vaa yenavumj,
Iru iru varuven  yendru piragu odi,
Kandru ondrai  kayirodu inaithu ,
Ilam kannai kkatti, itharkku ennai thei yendraal

Anname ondru cholven kelaai , ivan,
Adam cheyvathu yellam neraaga paarai,
Mannavan invan vanthu pirantha naalai , vishamam,
Vara vara meeri pochu, oru naalai polai,
Vanthavar ponavar yarai kettalum ,
Vambugal cheythaar yendru cholluvar ,
Vambugal cheytrhaar yendru cholli  innum,
Vaiyathe   , yendru kooda cholluvaar.

Andraikkum , ippadi thaan unna vaa , yendren,
Aagattum   yendru cholli vandhaan,
Annai, kan moodi kayil thara vendum,
Appothu thaan unnuven  yendraan,
Indraikku ninanthalum nanam varuthu,
Yengal Kannan   indha vidham cheythaan,
Yennai ariyaathu  pin nindra thanthayai,
Yenthu karamakki  yengo chendraan,
Ila  malar  vayinil kollathena  potta,
Yen budhiyai  yenna chollavo,
Yetho kannai thirakka  , yengalavar  kai neeti,
Yediuthu  unvathai chollavo.

English translation

Whatever you tell   for the actions  of Krishna,
Is there  any possibility of opposing,
For applying oil to him , I told , “come here”,
Saying “wait , wait , I will come”, he ran away,
And came with a calf along with its rope,
And pointing to that told, “apply oil to it.”
Lady  , please hear what I say  and ,
Please see all his mischief personally,
From the time this king  came over here ,
His mischief kept has reached   the boundary,
When I ask all people who come or go from here,
 They would say that he did lot of mischief,
After saying that he did mischief  they would,
Also request me not to chide   him.

That day also, I told him to come to eat,
He  came saying “yes”,
He saind mother should close her eyes and give,
Then only   I will  eat the   food,
When I think of it, even today I  feel shy,
To think that , Our Krishna    did like this,
Without my knowing   he made his father ,
Who was standing behind to extend his hands and went away,
What shall I tell my6 intelligence,
When I put small quantity thinking it will be too much for his flower like mouth,
When I accidentally opened   my eyes , I saw my husband ,
Extending his hand   and  eating the food.

Yengum illathoru pillai

Yengum illathoru pillai

OOthukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by
P.R. Ramachander

Ragam Atana
Thalam aathi

Yengumilla  pillai pethaal Yasodai,
Ini mel avalukkenna kurai?

Yeduthu  chonnallathu oru apacharam,
Yendi  namakkul  indha  Vivakaaram,
KOduthu vauthavan Nanda Gopa Rajan,
KUlamenganum  nirai mangala udhavum padi Padamankaja

SAngayillathu indha  pillai  pethu  kolla,
Thavangal iyathiya   thethanai,
Thangu thadayindri  aasai niraivera,
Dhana dharumangal yethanai,
Gangayum  kasiyum Rameswaravumai,
Kanda kshethrangal yethanai?
Kai mel balanaaka-uri vennai  thayir paalum,
Kalavadum  neela chamathanai

English translation

Yasoda gave birth to a boy , who exists no where,
From now on what   problem does she have?

If we tell her explaining things, it would be a mistake,
Hey friend , Why should we get unnecessarily involved?
Nandagopa   is one who is blessed,
For helping  the full auspiciousness  of his clan Yasoda…

For  getting this  boy , without any doubt,
How many penances    she did,
For  fulfillment of her desires without any problems,
How many charities and gifts has she given?
How many temples   including,
Kasi , Ganges  and Rameswaram has she seen?
As  an immediate   result, She gave birth ,
To this clever blue boy who steals  curd and milk  from rope storage.

Yenge , yengeyadi Anname

Yenge , yengeyadi Anname

OOthukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Madhyamavathi
Thalam aadhi

Yenge , yengeyadi anname,
Innamuthu marakatha thirumeni  ilavarasu  Nanda Rajagopalan.

Manga pugazh udaya   bridavanathalan,
Chengoil piditha  thirukayyan –antha,
Chengolayim  kuzhalai  -,Sangeetham pada vaithu,
Nangayar  manam kavantha kalvan,
Chengolayum kuzhalai  -punganu pungamena,
Sangeethgam pada vaith kayyan-ila,
Mangayar  manam kavarntha meyyan –thirudi-
Ilai yendru  kai virikkum poyyan-nenjathu,
Irundhu nadamadum   ayyan,

Ilam kamalam   virinthathenna  , thalam kulirum  kannayyan.

English translation

Where , where  my swan like friend,
Is the prince  with nectar like emerald coloured body,
Who is The Rajagopala of  king Nanda.

The one of Brindavan who has never diminishing fame ,
The one who holds the king’s staff and one,
Whose  made even that staff sing,
And attracted the mind   of lasses,
Who made the staff  in to a flute  and,
Made it sing music  and
The one who stole  the mind of young maids,
The liar who tells that he has not stolen it,
And the Lord who dances  in our heart,
The Lord Krishna who makes us pleases like the opening of a young lotus flower.

Yellayilla vishama karandi

Yellayilla vishama karandi
Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Atana
Thalam AAdhi

Yellayilla vishama karanadi,
Yethanayadi  ivanaukku bakshanangal thinna,
Yeralamum nana vagai vaithirundhum yenna,
Vithagamulla  otha vayathu thozharodum munna,
Vennai kalavaduraane “yennadi naan panna?”

Polla thanamulla cheygayinai kandaal , ponguthadi kopam,
Punnagai pootha mugathinai kandalo manguthadi thaapam,
Yellathukkum mele ondru cholvenadi , yarukkumilatha labham,
Yengal  kulathukku vanthaale  indha  eerezhu bhuvanangalukkum prathapam.

Punniyanukku  paaloota  yenninalo ,
POnguthadi  oor acham, antha ,
Poothanaikku  vantha  gathiyakumo  , yendra,
Yennam thanakuthu micham,
Pannina  dhana  dharumangal yaavume ,
Palanaachedi podi ucham ,
{akkiyam yenninaal  yenakku  indha  ,
EErezhu pathinalu  lokavum thucham.

English translation

He is a boy with limitless mischief,
How many eatables are there  for him to eat,
What if  every item is kept in large  numbers,
He along with his   mischievous   friends is stealing butter,
“What   can  I do now?

When  I see his  very mischievous acts , my anger rises,
But when I see  his smiling face , my pain gets   reduced,
Above all that I shall tell something  which is not profit for any one,
By his coming to our clan , the fame is for all the fourteen worlds.

If we think of feeding him milk , a great fear rises in my mind,
Would I end up with the same fate  that happened to Poothana,
Only that  thought remains   with me   after that,
All the charities and gifts that I gave  have all become  useless,
And When I think  of  my great  luck,
I feel  that  all  the fourteen worlds   are of no consequence.

Virunthondru aakuthu paarum

Virunthondru aakuthu paarum

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Raga Gowri manohari
Thalam AAdhi

Virundhu ondru aaguthu paarum-ulle ,
Vena  idam  kidakku vaarum

Arunthavamana suka muni  eenthaan,
Aanandammai  oruvan undu magizhhndaan,
Thirumba  thirumba  kodi kodi per undaar,
Seekiram vaarum  , umakku nalla  yogam thaan.

1.Eeraru vidamana pakam –itharkku,
Eedo inayo nala paakam –ingu,
Varatha perkalellam kaakam,
Vandiruntha perkalakku nalla  yogam

2.Chathira  kuzhambu konjam podavo,
Sandekathukku konjam podavo,
Thaanai mathiram irandirandu podavo-indha,
Panthiyil innum yenna sangosamo

3.Kannan narum kadahye payasam –engum,
Kana  kidaikkathu ithuve  nijam,
Vanna vanna  rasa leelaye  rasam-Kaiyal,
Vangi vangi unnum  umakku ulagengum  kaivasam.

English translation

Please see  that a feast is ready and there is,
Lot of  space   for you inside  the hall.

This was prepared by sage Sukha of great penance,
And was  eaten and enjoyed  by one man,
Agai and again billions and billions ate  it,
Please come quickly , today is greatly lucky to you.

1.There  are twelve  types of dishes and would,
Nala’s  cooking  be similar or equal to it,
All  those who do not come here  are crows,
And it is great luck for  all those who came.

2.Should I serve little of the main dish of sastras,
Should  I put it little more  if you have  any need,
Should I put two by two of the  side dishes,
What is your hesitation in this group of guests who eat.

3.The  pretty story of Krishna  is the porridge(Kheer),
It is true  that you will not be able to find it anywhere,
The coloured  Rasa leela  is the soup(Rasam),
Take it in your hands and eat and then all the world  would be in your hand.

Varunikka thiranillaye

Varunikka thiranillaye

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Nayagi
Thalam   AAdhi

Varunikka   thiranillaye  ,
Mathavam ulla  Nanda gopa Maharajanum  , yasodai yenum  antha,
Madarasiyum  kadalodu  Kannanai vari anaithidum  chedhi anaithayum.

Darani mudhalana lokam,
‘Darani mudalana pathinalu lokam,
SAnkyam   thathuvam pala pala yogam,
Param porul   ithuvennum  pazhamurai Vedam,
Parthathum illai  , yengum kettathumillai , indha,
Paravasathil  veru ondrum ninavum illai.

Chalangai ondru noothanam  -kattiya neram,
Thalar nadai   nadantha pothu  olithana kalam,
Kalangi acham pol yenthai yena padum,
Kandraondru  thurathu thanna   katti anaithidum chithamanathayum.

English Translation

I do not capacity to describe, the news of,
That Nanda gopa with great penance and  the queen among women Yasoda,
Hugging with great love   that Krishna.

The world like the earth,
The fourteen worlds like the earth,
Several yogas    similar to the Sankhya,
The Old Vedas pointing out that “This  is the god”,
I have never seen all these nor have I heard,
In the joyful trance  I do not remember any other thing.

When the new anklets were newly worn,
It went on making sounds  when he walked   slowly,
And when a calf which lost its fear   started  chasing him,
He hugged  them with  all   his mind.

Therodum veethiyil

Therodum veethiyil

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Nattai
Thalam aadhi

Therodum veethiyil eethenna  kolam,
DEvaki kalyana vaibhogam –Vasu
Devanukkum ivalukkum  mana  kolam

Paarodu  vin  athirumbadi nadham ,
Pannarntha  muzhavam  kadal alai poale  modhum,
THerodu pin chillum anthanar  odhum,
Thiruvana  vedam chelum nooru kadham

Udan piranthalukku  oru kalyanam   yendru ,
Ulloora  kamasanakku aasayum thonum,
Thidam kondu therottiyai  thalliye thanum,
Cherthu pidithan   antha kudirayin chenam,.
Adutheri piditha  marukanam  thannil,
Asareeri kettathu , immana pennil ,
Yedutha  tyettam puravi kollume  unnai,
Yendrathum  Kamsan kudithane  mannil.

 English translation

What is this  fuss in the avenue of Chariots,
 It is the celebration of marriage of Devaki,
It is  the marriage between her  and Vasudeva.

The musical sound which makes earth  and heaven shake,
And the sea filled  by this music hits  with its tide,
And  the  divine Vedas chanted by Brahmins,
Who walk with  the chariot will go one  hundred miles.

Within his mind  Kamsa   has  the  great desire,
That his  sister  is getting married,
And with strength , he would push the chariot  driver,
And held  all the horses firmly  together with the rein,
‘And as soon as he  climbed and caught them,
A voice  from the sky was heard that ,
The eighth born of this  bride  will kill you,
And as soon as he heard  this Kamsa jumped on to the earth.

Thedariya selvame

Thedariya selvame

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Vaantha
Thalam aadhi

Thedariya selvame , vaa,
Thingal  chadaimudi gangai  aninthidum ,
Yengal irai    tharum ingithame .

Needoli Mahendra neela mani kooti,
Nerthi perum  magudam aarayum chooti
Kooda un nethiyidai  sindhooram theeti,
Kozhi neerum  kunkumum  theeti mukuram  katti,
Kothodu  manam  Kadamba malar maalayum,
Muthamidum vagayara ,
Kundamaravinda makarandhamodu   gandhamura,
Vindayani  munthuravaga,
Kurui nagai tharam polivura kanda ,
Kollayai pona manam kooda,
Athikamarai veethikal pala nithiyariyum padi  muyala,
Mathiyamukha ninathu kazhal pathiyavena yengum.

English translation

Oh wealth  which is difficult to search, please come,
Oh pleasant  one given by Our God  who wears the moon and  Ganges.

Wearing the extremely shining   blue sapphire ,
Wearing the very properly made six crowns,
Along  with saffron mark on your forehead,
Also wearing sacred ash  and kumkum , showing flower buds,
Wearing  the scented garland of Kadamba flowers  along with the bunch,

Thanakku nigarilla swami

Thanakku nigarilla swami

OOthukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Shuddha Saveri
Thalam Roopakam

THakku nigrailla swami –yengal,
Sarasa Rajagopala Sawmi,
Tharu vennayum podadendru, marupadi oru thotharavidum

Vanathin  maamalar  veesi vandhe nindralum,
Kanatha  chaya kondayil  thogai katti nindralum,
Manathin azhagellam mugathil kaanuthe ,
Vambu cheyya   yendru vandharpor thonuthe-un,
Gunathai yennavum   , yen manam naanuthe,
Kottavaa , yen manam kollayai  poguthe.

Yengal yasodaikku ippadi  oru pillai  yeno vandhu pirantheeo, oho,
Pongu paalkadal  poi thuyil thythathum , podhathu yendru ingu vandheeo-aanaal,
Angayil  thangidum theenkuzhal yeno-un,
Azhaginil  mayangathaar   yarukkum thano,
Pongum  uvagayum  punnagai yeno ,
Podakuraikku indha vambugal yeno.

English Translation

Our passionate   God Rajagopala ,
Is one   who does not have any one equal to him,
He is one who  troubles us gain,
Saying that  the butter we gave is not sufficient.

Though he comes and stands there  fanning the big flowers of the forest,
Though he   wears bird feathers in his  coloured bun like made up hair,
We are able to see all the prettiness of his mind on his face,
We feel as if he has  come  to tease us,
And when I think of your character , my mind becomes shy,
Oh king my mind is being stolen by you.

To our Yasoda  , why were you born as a son like this,
After doing a false sleep in the ebbing ocean of milk ,
Did you come thinking that  it was not sufficient enough,
Why is there   a  sweet flute   on your hips,
Is it meant for those people who do not fall for your beauty,
What for is the ebbing joy and the sweet smile,
And if that is not sufficient   why this teasing sport of yours.

Solli mudiyumo

Solli  mudiyumo

Oothukadu Venkata Subba  iyer

Translated by

Ragam churutti
Thalam  aadhi

Solli mudiyumo –yengal,
Thooya gurunathan  sondhamenna  , sondhamendru

Alli  kulathil malarnthaluim , vanathu,
Azhagu mathikkenna sondham? Athu pol,
Pullum, malarum , kamalam  thanakkum  antha ,
Pon kathiron thanakkum  yenna  sondham?
Purinthavar undo, athanilum pulamayaana  thuravakinum  manam kamazha,
Pothavizh malarthathudan thenalinthu muralum  padiyanathru  vandudan,
Mullai malkku   yethgu uravo-athu purinthum  mozhi varumo, athanilum ithu,
Chollum perathu  ullam iraathu –thellam padathu kallam irathu

1.Ayiram ayiram vedangal  cholvathai ,
Arul kadaikkan ondru c hollume-naan cheytha,
Ananda  thavam yellam vellume,
Poi ithai  yaridamum  chonnalum  puriyathu,
Purinthavar  yaar yendru chollume-antha,
Punniya  sangathil  yennai  thallume

2.Maayai yenum thirai moodi  marainthidum  aayinum  oru kanam  venumo,
Maravi -thanathan-amaran –anilan  avan ivan  yenpathum  manatharintha ,
AAyamudal  ulagellam  avanarula-ivanilathu thiruvarul  perumo ,
Aaruyir  thanakkum  , mai thanakkum  yethu uravo, athanilum  miguntha uravenin ithai

English  Translation

Would  it be possible to tell,
That my holy guru  is mine  and mine

Even if the moon opens up in the lily tank,
What is the relation of moon to the beauty of the sky, and like that,
What is the relation   of the golden sun,
To the grass as well as the opening of the lotus  flower,
Are there people who have understood this
Even for the  more poetic who has the scent of detachment,
The relation of   bee which searches and roams in search of honey with that of jasmine flower,
Even if they  understand, when they  tell it ,
The heart will not be there  , there won’t be clarity and no cheating.

1.The  grace and look of his  will tell what is told by thousands of Vedas,
And it would  win over all the joyful penance  that I did,
If I tell this no one  will understand,
Please  tell me who has  understood this,
And push me  in to that  holy company.

2.The screen of illusion  would cover it but is there a need for a second,
The sage , the lord of riches, the devas , the fire , and others, once the mind understands,
We would understand all the world if he showers his grace-without him would we get the blessing,
The relation between him and me  is more than the  relation of this  body to the soul.

Saptha Raga Malikai

Saptha Raga  Malikai

Oothukadu Venkata   Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Raga Maikai
Thalam Yeka thalam

1.Ananda  Bhairavi
Yengum iyarkkai  manam kamazha,
Yenthizhyaar   ullangalum niekizha,
POngum  makizhamalar  poothu kulungum vanathhil,
Pullanuzhal  ganam ithu kelai,
Punniyathai  kathu kondu meelai.

Yetti yeti  parkuumoru killai.
Innisayai  karkumoru kili pillai,
Thatti thatti  kuralaal  thalamittu   aadi oru,
Ththikinamthom   poduthoru  anipillai –indha,
Sangeethathil  lokamellam kollai.

Bhairavi  , Malavi  , Khamboji  , Sudha,
Panchamam  , kamasu  , danyasi  ,
Pallavi   ranjanam   rakthi , padangal  , thillana yendru,
Paka Vadhyam  kuyil kanam  paadum athai  ,
Parthirunthu   mayil kanam aadum.

Vazhai ilai  , thennai  olai , thanam,
Vana charam  , macham kothi  thanam
Ezhu vagai koodal oli   eerirandu vagai yennum,
Innisai vathi swarangalaalum ,
Ithanayum kuzhal kondu thaavum.

5.Deva Manohari
Chekka chivantha  malar kootam kanden  ,
Chirikkuthu vandu nadamattam,
Pakkathodu  valari samarangal veesuvathenna,
Pangu kondu veesuthadi, thokai  , antha,
Pankaja Kannan vethi vakai.

Naradarin veenai  sruthi konjum,
Nandiyin  madddalam kooda kenjum,
Aar athan  perumai cholli  aatha vallar  ingu yendru,
Aahaa  yendru Gandharwar  chollum  -antha ,
Anandathil   thondar kulam vellum.

Rukku , Yajur  , sama atharvanam,
Niroopikkuthu pullankuzhal ganam,
Chikkal ondrum illamal   upanishada kootamellam,
Chevikke   thavuthadi daralam –intha,
Chethikkul irukkuthu yeralam.

English translation
With all places having the scent of nature,
With heart of sweet maidens melting  ,
In the forest where ebbing scent of Spanish cherry  flowers waft,
Please hear   this music from the flute,
And come out of  it guarding good  deeds.

One parrot is  starching and stretching and seeing,
Another parrot   is learning sweet music,
One squirrel  stamping and stamping ,
Keeps the beat  with its voice,
And due to the music the entire world is being robbed.

Bhairavi,  Malavi , Khamboji , Sudha Panchamam swara ,
Kamas , dhanyasi  , Pallavi , getting united , Rakthi ragas ,
Lyrics  , thillana  , accompanying instruments  ,
Which is sung by a group of Koels,
And  seeing it  a group of peacocks dance .

4.Banana leaf,  Coconut leaflet , charity,
Cracker show, musical accompaniment
Seven types of  notes, the four types of sound of mixing  ,
And  swaras   of music would be  ,
Beaten   by the flute

I saw the crowd of very red flowers,
The bees are laughing and flying,
Along with sound the fans and chowrie  are moviong,
They are taking part and fanning , That peacock feather,
Which is sign of victory of the lotus like Krishna.

The veena of Narada will lisl,
The drum of Nandi   will beg ,
As to who can tell its greatness,
And Gandarwas will appreciate    and in ,
That happiness  the group of devotes will win.

The music of the flute proves ,
The Rik, Yajur, sama and Atharvana Vedas,
And all the Upanishads  without any problem,
And lot of it jumps to the ears  and within,
There  is lots and lots of news.

Pollatha pillai ondrai

Pollatha pillai ondrai

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Karahara Priya
Thalam AAdhi

Pollatha pillai  ondrai petha Yasodai,
Yellorkkum melaanaal-Nammai,
Yereduthum paaathanaal.

Pullankuzhal oothi  , kandrudan aadi,
Punnagai ondru konde , manathil idam thedi,
Nillatha  kaliyan  thalai mel aadi ,
Neelavanna kolahalan   yendra

Arangamillathu aravu  patameri  nadamaadum,
AAyiram kan paarkka   giriyai kudai naadum,
Karam kol  moongil ondraal  ganamisaithu aadum,
Karuthodu  uriyeri  vennai kalavadum.

English translation

The Yasoda who gave birth to that mischievous child,
Became greater than all –She
Has become who does not even see us.

Playing with the calf along with his flute,
Finding  a place in our mind , just by his smile,
Who without stopping danced on the head of Kalinga,
And who  was of blue colour and  noisy

He danced on the hood of a snake since he did not have a stage,
He used  the mountain as an umbrella with one thousand eyes seeing,
He was playing music   with a bamboo in his hand,
And he was stealing butter from the rope  shelf.

fu�g on�� �
That shines in the sky,
Is your face the full moon.

Showing your colours , playing music in the flute,
Oh God who shook us in to a state   of trance,
Oh God who came  to fill our mind, light  it up,
And   fill it with joy , Oh Godd who was in Brindavan,
Oh God who defeated  Kalinga,
Thitha jam , thajam thari thaam,
THithajam   thajam thari thaam   tha  thagida,
Kundari thari jaganamthari  thatheem kina thom,
Nidhaa padama makaari sa nee.

In the bank of the river, that day at this time,
Was he the newly opened scented flower , Is he petal of the flower ,
I would not forget  your grace along with a mind of mercy,
When I lost my mind to you when I heard about your moon like face,
I would not live even for a second, THittharikku,
Tharkutheem  thathari  theemitha  januna janutha   theem,
Thalathathingina thom  thathith thakana  janthari,
THithakanaka   janthari   thakanaka janthari   ,
I would not forget your  stain less face .

Neela vanam thanil

Neela vanam  thanil

Oothukadu  Venkata Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Punnaga Varali
Thalam Aadhi

Neela  Vanam thanil oil veesi,
Nirai mathiyo   un mugame  Kanna,
Nirai mathiyo  un mugame.

Kola vannam katti  kuzhal isayai  kooti,
Mona nilayil   yemmai aati vaitha  , yrngal iraiva,
Yen manamathile niraivagi   oli milira ,
Inbam thara vanthavane  , Brundavanam nindravane,
Kalinganai vendravane,
Thitha jam , thajam thari thaam,
THithajam   thajam thari thaam   tha  thagida,
Kundari thari jaganamthari  thatheem kina thom,
Nidhaa padama makaari sa nee.

Nadhi karai orathile  andru oru naal  inerathile   andru,
Alarntha  narumana malaro , malarithazho  un ,
Mathimukam yendrathum  mathi mayangi vasam izhandha ,
Yennidam manathu irangi  arul purinthu chendrathum,
Maravene kanam thariyene THittharikku,
Tharkutheem  thathari  theemitha  januna janutha   theem,
Thalathathingina thom  thathith thakana  janthari,
THithakanaka   janthari   thakanaka janthari   , Kalangamillatha

English translation

Oh Krishna is your face  the  full moon,
That shines in the sky,
Is your face the full moon.

Showing your colours , playing music in the flute,
Oh God who shook us in to a state   of trance,
Oh God who came  to fill our mind, light  it up,
And   fill it with joy , Oh Godd who was in Brindavan,
Oh God who defeated  Kalinga,
Thitha jam , thajam thari thaam,
THithajam   thajam thari thaam   tha  thagida,
Kundari thari jaganamthari  thatheem kina thom,
Nidhaa padama makaari sa nee.

In the bank of the river, that day at this time,
Was he the newly opened scented flower , Is he petal of the flower ,
I would not forget  your grace along with a mind of mercy,
When I lost my mind to you when I heard about your moon like face,
I would not live even for a second, THittharikku,
Tharkutheem  thathari  theemitha  januna janutha   theem,
Thalathathingina thom  thathith thakana  janthari,
THithakanaka   janthari   thakanaka janthari   ,
I would not forget your  stain less face .

Nandraaga , iru thaaye Yasoda

Nandraaga , iru thaaye  Yasoda
(Greetings by mother in law  of Yasoda)

Oothukadu Venkata   Subba iyer

Translated by

Raga  Sahana
Thala Aadhi

Nandraaga  iru thaaye-Yasodhe,
Nandakumaranum , Ramanum , neeyum , sondamodu , kulam vilannga  vilanga,
Pallandu vaazhvaaye , pala noorayiram kodi,
Pallandu vazhvaaye

Kundratha pugazhodu , kulavum, chelvabum,
Kurayatha  thozhuvamum , niraivana  pasuvum,
Thondrana thavamum thondrinatho yena,
Thoomalar kannanum, neeyum pala noorayiram kodi

1.Appanai pol pillai thappamal irukku,,
AAnalum nandanilum ivan nalla karuppu,
Thappamal  kannanai kaapathu un poruppu,
Sariyo,thappo pechil karuthukkal irukku

2.Kannanai theruvil alaya  vidathe ,
Kandavar varuvaarkal , kayyil kodathe ,
Mannayum  , kallayum thinna vidathe –undan,
Mami naan chonna  chollai  marandhu vidathe.

3.Nandanum kuzhandayai  irundha andha kalam sahana,
Ragathile  azhuvaan , cholvom innalum,
Mainthanum avvithame irukkan aanalum ,
Mamuni gargar cholum poikkathu oru nalum,

4.Moothathu mozhai , ilayathu kalai  yendru,
Munnor chol unmayai  irukkum  oru velai,
Vaythathendru kannanai  konjidum velai  atho,
Vandhu nindra  raman  manathil yetho  savalai

5.Pilai yendral  , matha pillai  pol ivan illai,
Pechilum  azhagilum ulagame  kollai ,
Ullathai chjollavo, yenakku uyir aasai yillai, naan,
Oru kodi vaazhndaalum baadakam illai

6.Un mamanukkum yenakkum undoru pechu,
Unmayai yenakku thaan tholviyai pochu,
Yen tholviyaal yendhan  nagayellam pochu,
Irundhaal yenna  yen peranakkachu.

7.Nam kula deivathukkum  poojayai podu,
Naazhi thavaraamal  kan chuthi podu,
Chemmayai  anthanarkku panthiyai podu, yen,
Chelva  marumagale  unakku  yaar thaan eedu.

English translation

Live  happily  and well-Oh yasoda,
Nandagopa, youself and balarama along with relations and the clan,
Live happily for several years, several hundreds of billion years,
Live  happily  and well.

With  non diminishing fame  with clan and  wealth,
With non diminishing cattle , with  very good cows,
As if the ancient  penance  has made   his appearance ,
With non diminishing cattle , with  very good cows,
As if the ancient  penance  has made   his appearance ,
You and  the  pure flower like khanai(Krishna) , several hundreds of  billions of years.

1.The child  without any doubt  is like  his father,
But he  is much more   darker than Nanda  Gopa,
Without any doubt protecting khanhai  is your responsibility,
Right or wrong  this   words  do have  good meaning.

2.Do not allow Khanhai to wander  in the streets,
Strangers would come, don’t give him in their hands,
Do not  allow him to eat mud and stones- do not forget,
The words of mine who is   your mother in law.

3.When Nandagopa   was   a little   baby, we  tell even now,
That  he used  to cry in the Sahana  raga,
His  son is also like that but,
The words of great saint Garga  will never  be wrong.

4. The elder one is dull  and the young active like a bull,
These words of the  ancient ones   may be true perhaps,
When the time comes  for fondling  your  khanhai,
See there  that Rama  who is jealous child  is standing there.
5.Though he is  a baby, he  is not like  other babies,
He steals the world in his   talk and beauty,
Shall I  tell the truth, I do not have  any attachment to this life,
But now I feel that even if I live  for a billion, it does not matter.

6.I had a  talk with  your father in law,
And truly  I was  defeated  by him,
And due to  my defeat , I lost all my ornaments,
And so what , they all belong to my grandson.

7.Please offer  worship to our   family  God,
Every hour do measures  to remove the  evil eye,
Feed in feast  the Brahmins   without  fail,
And darling daughter in law, who ever can be compared  to you.

Nada nada nada Krishna

Nada  nada nada Krishna

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Danyasi
Thalam Aadhi

Nada , nada, Nada  Krishna-ivvazhakkai  ,
Nalu peridam   chendru nyayam ketpom

1.Adam pidithu aayiram piravigal thanthai,
Athanayum thaghum yendru yethirundhene,
Kadamayil  karuthinil  kandalum kanden ,
Kalamum maarathe    , jalam nee cheivatho.

2.Karuthi mudiyatha  thava murai athuvum,
Ganithamariyatha  ara neri murayum,
Iruthi ariyatha marai mozhi palavum,
Yendrum  unakkaga poi sakshiyo.

1.Druvanai pol yenakku  china vayathillai,
THoonai udaikka   yendral  alavazhakku illai,
Drupadhan marumagan pol  sondhamum illai,
THondrina unnai  vida manam illai, illai.

2.THondru nee  cheytha  thanthiram kodi,
Sukhamuni  chonna Bhagawatham paadi,
Kandu konda  sukham  anantha kodi,
Kanakku vazhakku irukku   Nandan mania thedi.

English translation

Walk, walk, walk Krishna, we will seek justice,
From some people about this case.

1.Adamantly you gave me one thousand births ,
I though that they are all suitable and took them,
I saw  them all  in  duties and in my thoughts,
Time will not change, Is it the tricks that   you are playing.

2,The  saintly life that could not be imagined,
The dharmic way that could not be  calculated,
And the vedic sayings  which do not have an end,
Are they all false   witnesses   for you?

1.I am not young like   Druva,
I do not have practice to kick the pillars,
I am not related to you like son in law of Drupada,
And I am not , not willing to leave you , who has appeared.

2. The tricks that you have done earlier are in billions,
After singing the BHagavatham as told by sage Sukha,
The pleasure that I got is in endless  billions,
There are accounts   about the searching of home of Nanda.

Kuzhale nee Yenna

Kuzhale nee  Yenna

Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Aarabhi
Thalam Aadi

Kuzhale nee  yenna koduthu vaithanayo,
Govindan  unnai ootha –Yengal Gopalan unnai ootha ,
Konji unnai   chenthamarai malar anna  karam kondu anaithida,
Kuvi ithazh aadram  un thiru amuthinai  kollai kondavarai  parugida vena.

Kazhalo unakkena   thalangal poda , athai,
Kandavudan   amararkal maa malar thoova,
Mazhayo vanthathena , maa mayilgal aada , yengal,
Manamo lajjayai vittu  kajjai katti aada,

Madhu mananthu porathathu aagiya  karu vandinam kandu indalam paada ,
Maazhai marakatham   minnoli  inayena  vandhu vandhu pala munthuravumaada,
Kai ananithu , meyyananithu  kadhal  cheyvathendru  haritodum uravada.

English translation

Oh Flute  , what  great luck you have,
For Govinda to play  you , Our Gopala to play you,
After  endearing you  and hug you with his red lotus like hand,
And with his pouted lips  to drink  you as if to steal  the nectar in you

Are your anklets  meant to keep  beat for your music  ,
And do not the devas  shower flower  on seeing it,
And did the pretty peacocks seeing you start dancing  on seeing your cloud like form,
And Does not our mind leave it  shyness and dance to your tune,

Did not  my mind seeing the bees  which have married the honey start singing Indola,
And did not rain merging with the emerald like lightning come and become friendly,
And those listless  young maids  tell him about   the cost of curd,
And chaining their hands,. Bodies with you and start a relation with Lord  Hari.

Kannan piranthathai kondadinaar

Kannan piranthathai  kondadinaar

Oothukadu  Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Kedaram
Thalam AAdhi

Kannan piranthathai kondadinaar,
Karavayodu kandru inangalum  kalanthu  maamay yena  koova,
Kanniyaranavar  maamalar  choodi thannilayagavum  thulli vilayada.

Yennam  kozhitha iyalaalum  Nandan,
Yettina vayatho iympathu aanaalum,
Vannam  kozhithaan , irrupathu vayathu aanar polum,
Valaya valaya  vandhaan , anthapurathodum,

Madhyama  kalam
Vandhavar ponavar yarai  kandalum  vayodu muppathirandu  kaanum,
Vaazhai kamugu  thorangal aanavai varaisai thavarathu , manayengum thonum,
Sondhamaga peru moocherintha   viraja  sundarigalai kandaal , ondru thonum,
Thooyavana   piranthathu  innavarukka alla  yasodaikka yena sandhekam thonum.

Maakatha  sootha   vandhikal aanavar  , mangala varthaikal kjoora,
Maddala beriki kottu muzhakkangalum vaazhi, vaazhi  yendru  cholli, nal  varavu koora,
Gokulam yenganum kolangal, jalangal , kodikal , vithanangal kondattamaaga,
Kombodu  varnangalum malaikalum   choodi  kudithu kudhithu , yengum thalangal poda.

Madhyama kalam
Vilai azhintha ponnangi , magudamodu veguvanintha gopalarkal koodi,
Vidha vidhamana  porul athai chumanthu  virivil  nandanathu  manayinai naadi ,
Alai kuzhal vaari  muditha  chorukkiyar , anjana  kumkumamum   idam maari,’
Avasaramagavum   nagayum idam maari ayyanai kandathum moham thalaikkeri.

English translation

They celebrated  the birth of Khanai (Krishna),
With the  cattle  joining the cows  in shouting “maaMe”,
And with maids  decorating themselves  with flowers,
And with abandon jumping  and playing.

Nandagopa though tired  and filled  with thoughts,
And though  he has  attained  the age  of fifty,’
Appeared colorful  like   he was  only  twenty,
And rounded  and rounded his private  quarters.

Madhyama kalam
All the  thirty two teeth were visible for all who were  coming or going,
The decorations made  of plantain and betel nut leaves were seen in lines , everywhere,
And seeing those  pretty vruja maidens taking deep breath, we will think,
Whether  they gave  birth to the   child or  Yasoda  gave  birth.

With Magadhas, soothas  and Vandhis  reciting auspicious  words,
With  drums and big drums sounding “Long live, long live” and telling  welcome,
With gokula  filled  with rangoli, magic  , flags  and decorations and with celebration,
Horns  decorated with colours  and garlands  jumping and jumping and keeping the beats,

Madhyama kalam
With cowherds wearing costly golden coats  and crowns crowding,
Reaching speedily Nanda’s house  carrying  costly presents,
With ladies with made up hair , mixing up kajal  and saffron,
With speed wearing ornaments  wrongly , becoming ,
Sentimental and passionate  on seeing the lord.

Kandum kanathathu pol

Kandum kanathathu pol

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Thalam aadhi

Pallavi (Saveri)
Kandum kanathathu pol kadugi nadappathenna,
Kannan chendra vazhi ithuvallave

Anupallavi  (Saveri)
Undendral undendru  ullathai  Cholladi,
Uyir polum Kaadhal vazhiyegamane ,
Unnai naadi   naanum thunai aaguvene.

Thalai chumandhai  thayir kalam-aanaalum,
THalumbi  vazhi yengum  poduthe kolam –Thayir ,
Vilai yenna, yendraalo , vidai ondrom kaanom ,
Vindayilum vindhai , arivene naanum.

Manai konda  therivil andro , makkal iruppar-thayirai,
Manam vandhu  vaangiyum   , vilai unakku alippar,
Vanam konda ingellam  yaar iruppar, unnai,
Vaariyanaikkum  Kannan  thaan iruppar-penne.

Kunjathalam varai chellu-aanaal,
Kuzhal isai  ketkum varai nillu-Ulle,
Konjum kuralil  ketkum chollu-kettu,
Kopiyaathe mathe , athu Radhe yena kollu.

AAnimuthu maalayaadum  Kannan raasam,
AAdi ulagam  purakkum mannan kandu,
Naani odum  kaar mukhilin vannan thannai,
Naadi naadi  odum mathe , naan yaarendru paar ippothe .

English translation

Why having seen me you are walking as if you have not seen,
This is not the way that  Lord Krishna walked.

If it is there , tell the truth , that  it is there,
If you are  in love as if you  it is your soul,
I would come along and be of help to you.

1.Though you are carrying a pot of   curds ,
It ebbs and comes out and puts a rangoli  all along,
Suppose someone asks, “What is the cost of the curd?”,
There seems to be no answer   from you at all,
Magic of magic, I also know about it.

2.It is only in streets with houses  people would be there,
Who would like and buy the curd and give you its cost,
In these places which is a forest , who would be there,
Only your Kanna who would  hug and embrace you would be there-Oh girl.

3.Go till you reach the pergola in the garden,
But you please wait till you hear music of the flute,
Tell me that youi would hear endearing words inside,
Oh lady, do not get angry-Understand that it is Radha.

4.In the rasa dance of Krishna in which the garland of pure pearls swing,
And seeing  that  king whom the  world  does not like,
That boy with  the colour of black cloud becomes shy,
And Oh lady who runs to have him , see  who I am.

Ithuve yenakku oru laksham kodi

Ithuve  yenakku oru laksham kodi

Oothukadu  Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam   Aarabhi
Thalam AAdhi

Ithuve  yenakku  laksham kodi,
Yen uyir kanna  -ila mathi polum  muga nagayadi,
Yennetheril vanthu  oru mutham thanthayaanaal,
Athuve yenakku  oru laksham kodi ,  Kodi..kodi

Methuvai  mazhalai  mozhiyaadi,
Venumendru  kandrodu vilayadi,
Pothuvai  puzhuthi  alai  thirumeniyudan,
Poo pol anaya vanthoru  mutham thanthaayanal  ,
Athuve  yenakku  laksham kodi.

1.Vayengum  vennai manam manakkuthe-kooda,
Man vadai athanodu kalakkuthe,
Thoouyava , unnudal miga ganakkuthe, yeno,
Thonuvathillai , ninaikkavum inikkuthe.

2.Thuyar ozhi  chinthanayodu   uravakidum  thoomani marakatha maniye,
THullu vizhi   yengu chelvatho   yendru  thonumaru  chollayinaye,
Meya vantha pasuvodu   nindru   oru men kuzhal oothi   uganthanaye,
Meni nekkuruga   vinthai kondu  mutham tharuga yendru vanthanaye.

English translation

This would be for me one million billion,
Oh My life Krishna, Like a baby moon, after  smiling ,
If you give me a kiss  after  coming in front of me,
That is to me one million billion, one billion, one billion.
After doing the lisping baby talk,
After playing with a calves willfully,
Generally with a body  with mud which you picked up,
Like a flower if you come and give me a kiss,
That to me is a million billion.
1.Your mouth is smelling of butter   and 
It also   has  the scent of mud mixed with it,
Oh pure one , Your body is very heavy  ,
But I do not feel it , and the memory of that   is sweet.

2.Oh pure gem who is an emerald  who becomes my friend with thought removing sorrow,
Did you not become my word  which made me think where  your shifting glances went,
Did you not  become joyous by playing flute to the cow which came to graze,
And did you not come  magically with my body melting and told me “Give me a kiss.”