Friday, April 3, 2015

Sita Nayaka, Sritha jana Poshaka

Sita Nayaka, Sritha jana Poshaka
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Reethi gaula
Thalam Chapu
Sita Nayaka, Sritha jana Poshaka,
Sri Raghu kula thilaka   Oh Rama
Oh Rama who is the lord of Sita ,
Who protects those who surrender  to him ,
And who is the greatest  of clan of Raghu.
1.Nirypedha  Bhkthula  karikotha  badaleka,
Kiriyai   nekku kondivo
1.Did you climb on the mountain to stay there,
Unable to tolerate the troubles given by poor devotees.
2.Angalaarppu   joochi  Rangapura muna  che-,
Langaga pandidivo
2.Did you go and   sleep in Sri Ranga,
Unable   to tolerate    their request to solve their problems.
3.Kasina Bhakthula  joochi  yabaline ,
Yachinchi  vedalidhivo
3.Seeing those  devotees  waiting  for you,
Did you go back to Mahabali to beg again?
4.AAsaminchi  ninnasu  jerarani,,
Keesula cheridhivo
4.Did you think that  desire exceeding too  much,
They would follow you   and went and joined the monkeys.
5.Jalitho vachu Kucheluni gani  gopi,
Chelamu  lethithiyo
5.Doid you to expection of coming of Kuchela,
Steal the apparels of Gopis.
6.Ingitha merigi  yupongusu broche  ,
Bangaru  doravaidhiyo
6.You have become the golden god due to your,
Understanding the mental wishes of devotees  and protecting them,
7. Nee gunmula guttu   baguga   delisenu ,
Thyagaraja vinutha,
7.Oh Lord praised    by Thyagaraja  , now ,
I have well understood the secret of your behavior.

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