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Prahladha Bhakthi Vijayam Act 3

Prahladha  Bhakthi vijayam (contd)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by

    Act 3.   The fainting of Prahladha   due   to sorrow    and a coming of Lord Hari
When   there was no sign of coming   of Lord Hari thinking   that he does not have    the luck to see   the God   Prahladha feels that   his  hands are useless   since they could not worship the Lord  and there is no use of his toungue which does not have luck to sing about Lord Hari in his presence  . He faints due   to extreme sorrow. Lord Hari appears before him , lifts him up and hugs him. Prahladha    experiences the throes  of divine joy.)
     After hearing the description of Vaikuntam, Praladha became elated and looked at all the four directions , for any sign of the arrival of Lord Hari Prahladha feels that    after hearing about lord Hari  and his  world from Narada , his sorrow had only increased  ,He feels that his existence is useless   without seeing Lord   Hari personally    and sings the  following Krithi.
14.Ennaga manasuku raani
    (Prahladha feels that  eacjh of his organs which are not able to do service to the  Lord are useless.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam   Neelambari
Thalam Aadhi
Ennaga manasuku raani,
Pannaga  Sayi sogassu  ,
Pannuga  ganugonani  kannu lele,
Kannu lele   gandi  minnu lele.
The eyes  which are not able see  even after  great thought  ,
That great scene of lord Hari sleeping   on  a serpent,
Are indeed   useless , what  is the need   of light   in  those   eyes?
1.Mohamutho  Neela vari-
Vahanakanthiki  gerina  ,
Sri Harini   gattu  konni  dehamele,
Deha mele   yi geha mele.
1.What is the need of that body,
That does   not hug with passion 
That Hari who has the  luster  of the blue cloud,
What is the   need of this house also?
2.SArasija  malle   thulasee  ,
Viravaji paarijatha ,
Virulache  boojinchani karamulele,
KaramuleleYoi kaapuramu lele
2. What is the need  those   hands  ,
Which do not worship   Lord Hari,
Using  lotus , jasmine  , THulasi  ,
Iruvakshi and  Parijatha  flowers?
What is the use of this residence ?
3.Malimitho Thyagaraju  ,
Nelina Rama murthini  ,
Lalinchi  pogadani nalikele  ,
Nalikele   suthra malikele,
3.What is the use  of this toungue that ,
Does not praise     that Lord Rama  who took care of
With love  that Thygaraja,
What is the use   of that Rosary.
     Again Prahladha   calls Lord Hari   and tells him that his feet   were only his refuge  ., He also tells him that  he   had prostrated before him and sung    about him    and requests Lord Hari   to come before him and the agitated  Prahladha feels that   his  birth itself   is absolutely useless and sings  this  Krithi.
15.Yeti  janma midhi  , Ha Oh Rama
(Prahladha   feels sad about the birth he has taken and not able to achieve what he waqnted)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated   by
Ragam  Varali
Thalam   Chapu
Yeti  janma midhi  , Ha Oh Rama
What type  of  birth I have taken, Oh Rama
Yeti janmamidhi   yendhugu   galige no,
Yenthani   sairinthu  , Ha  oh  Rama
What type of birth is this? Why did I got born?
How much can I tolerate  Oh Rama
1.SAtileni mara koti   lavanyuni  ,
Mati matiki  joochi mataladani thana
1.Without being able to see   and again and again talk,
With that Lord who  has incomparable beauty of one crore  Cupids.
2.SAreku  muthyala hara   muramu  palu-
Garu   momunu   gannulara   joodani thana
2.Without being able to see with eyes his chest,
Where pearl necklaces move about and his face ,
From which milk    appears   to flow.
3.Ingitha meragina sangeetha  loluni ,
Pongusu  dhanivara  gaugalinchani thana
3.Without being able to hug  till my ebbing desire  is  satiated,
Of that  great connoisseur  of music who   is greatly wise
4.Sagara sayanuni  Thyagaraja  nuthuni  ,
Vegame  joodaga   vegeni  hrudayamu
4.My heart is suffering   due to my not being able to see ,
The Lord who sleeps on ocean of milk and one prayed by Thyagaraja.
        When Lord Hari does not appear before him in spite of several entreaties  , Prahladha   feels greatly miserable   and gets worried. His eyes  get filled  with tears  . He wondered whether Lord Hari who saved the king of elephants    was present   there or not  . Then he thinks that Lord that   even Lord Indra and Lord Brahma could not see him   and how is it possible for him to see   the Lord. He faints    with these   thoughts. Lord Hari who is everywhere  immediately realized the state  of affairs of Prahladha and rushed   to his side    and lifted him  up and    then hugged   him and placed him on his divine lap. Lord Hari  looked  like the Moon God who made the Kumuda flower like Mahalakshmi   blossom. He had the luster   of one crores of cupids. Prahladha who   woke up and saw the Lord felt , how jhe would be able    to describe the Lord and sings this Krithi.
16.Endhanusu  varninthune  yi
(Prahladha wonders how he will describe  the God)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  SAurashtram
Thalam  Chapu
Endhanusu  varninthune  yi,
Yindhiraa ramananu   nay
Saying what would  I describe  ,
The consort  of Goddess  Lakshmi
SAnthathamu  namamu sajjanula  yaa-
Santha  dheerchu   vasantha   sukumaruni
That beautiful spring like God who fulfills all the desires,
Of the   good people    who believe   in him.
1.Merugu  bangaru   chela  miravontha   mariyu  noo-
Puramulu   gallanaga   Bhakthula   gani  ,
Karunamruthamu   challaga  yogula  dha-
Haramulu   jallannaga   venchesina
1.With the lustrous   yellow silk dress  moving prettily,
With the anklets making the sound “gal”  and with,
Showering nectar  of mercy   on seeing the devotees ,
Making the heart of Yogis cool
2.Thilakamu   chelgaga   jalajakshu  dilanu  ga-,
Dhalu teevi  vinipimpaka   dumburu   nara-
Dhulu   gani  nuthiyimbaga   suralu   suma-
Mul  vana guri  yimpaga   venchesina
2.With thilaka shining on the forehead  ,
With Dumburu and Narada  looking at ,
The stylish walk  of that lotus    eyed one ,
And praising him  and devas ,
Raining    flowers   on him.
3.Ghana neelamunu   geru  thanuvu pai   bunugu   cha-
Danamu   parimalimbaka   bagu   yura-
Muna  muktha manuladaga   Thyagaraju  ,
Ghani  chelagiyya  venchesina
3.With musk and   sandal   applied on  his cloud like,
Blue body  giving out  good scent , With pearls,
And gems   waving on his divine chest,
Him  coming to give  hand support to Thyagaraja
   Then the Lord Hari spoke to Prahladha with great kindness    and love , Hearing that Prahladha  is thrown in to great rapture    and   sings this   Krithi .
17. Enati nomu   phalamo
(Prahladha  is happy seeing that his requests are met.)
Saint Thyagaaja
Translated by
Raga  Bhairavi
Thalam Aadhi
Enati nomu   phalamo,
Ye dhana Phalamo
Result  of which penance I did earlier,
Result  of Which charity that I have given
Sri natha  brahmaikananu   needhu  ,
Seva   dorakunaa  thanaku  galuguda
Oh consort of Lakshmi, would Brahma get  your service,
To get that   what penance I did
1.Nenu  gorina  korkkulellanu  ,
Nedu thanaku  neravarenu,
BHanu vamsa thilaka   naapali,
BHagyamaa   sajjana yogyamaa
1.All my requests   were  have  been,
Fulfilled completely today,
Oh luck of the clan of the    Sun,
Oh Luck who is protecting me.
2,Needhu   dhapu needhu  prapu  dorikenu  ,
Nijamugaane   ne sommaithini  ,
Aadhi deva , prana nadha m,naa
THangamuna   nunchi poojincha thana
2.I have received your nearness   and support,
And truly  I have become your wealth  ,
Oh primeval God  , Oh darling, I got the  chance ,
Of keeping you on my lap and worshipping you.
3.Sundaresa  , Suguna brunda   Dasaratha  ,
Nandana aravindha   nayana pavana  ,
Andhagaada    Thyagaraja nutha   sukha ,
Manubhavimpa   dorige  raa  bhali thana
3.Oh king of the  pretty ones  , who is surrounded by good people,
Son of Dasaratha , lotus eyed one   oh pure one,
Oh Lord with pretty body   who is worshipped by Thyagaraja ,
I have got the chance of enjoying    the divine  joy.
       Prahladha then spoke  to the Lord  and forgot himself  in the highest form of devotion.

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