Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bhaja Ramam satatam Manasa

Bhaja Ramam satatam Manasa
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  HUseni
Thalam Aadhi
Bhaja Ramam satatam Manasa
Oh mind , always    sing about Rama
1,Amitha Shubhakaram  , papa thimira vibhakaram
1.He who does greatly auspicious acts. 
 Who is a sun who removes  the darkness of sin,
2.SAtha mukha nutha  greetham  , sakalasritha  parijatham
2,He is the Parijatha flower praised by him who is sung  by hundred headed one.
3.Palitha loka ganam  , parama kapali vinutha sugunam
3.He  is the one who protects the world  ,
And is the  one having good qualities and praised  by Lord Shiva,
4.SAroja   vara nabham  , yama purarathi labham
4.He is the one having lotus on his belly ,
And is one who is the lucjk to Shiva who killed Yama ,
And destroyed the  three  cities.
5.Varananda kandham   natha suradhi   muni brundam,
5.He is the one who gives divine joy   and one,
Praised by crowds   of Devas  and sages.
6.Kamaneeya  sareeram  , dheeram  , mama jeevaadharam
6.He is one with pretty body,  a courageous one  ,
And the   support to my life.
7.Kara drutha sara chapam   Ramam baritha guna kalapam.
7.He is Rama who holds bow and arrow in his hands,
And is one who is filled with good qualities.
8.Bhava  jala nidhi   potham  sarasa bhava mukha   nija thatham.
8.He is the boat helping us to cross ocean of Samsara,
And is the father   of Brahma    and others.
9.Vadathmaja   sulabham  , vara sita vallabham.
9. is one easily approachable by son ofwind God  ,
And is the auspicious consort of Sita.
10. Raja ravi   nethram  , Thyagaraja vara  mithram.
10.He is one having  moon and sun as his eyes,
 And close   friend   of Thyagaraja.

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