Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sri Rama Rama jagadhathama Rama

Sri  Rama Rama jagadhathama  Rama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Poorna chandrika
Thalam Jampa
Sri  Rama Rama jagadhathama  Rama,
Sri Rama Raghu Rama   pahi parmathma
Oh Rama, Oh Rama, Oh soul of universe of Rama ,
Oh Rama , Oh Raghu Rama protect me oh divine God.
1,Jyothirma ya akhanda   roopa Rama ,
Bhoodesa  vinuthapa hrudha  bhaktha thapa.
1.Oh Rama  full of luster , who has unlimited  form,
Who is prayed to by Lord of Bhoothas,
Who removes the pain  in the heart of his devotees.
2.Sarva grahadhaara  bhotha Rama,
Geervana   muni vandhya  sujaneshtadatha,
2,Oh Rama who is the support  of all planets,
Who is saluted by devas  and sagesm,
And who fulfills   the desires  of  good people,
3.Yogijana  hrudrayaabja mithra Rama ,
Bogi saayi karuna rasa  poorna nethra.
3.Oh rama who is the friend of lotus like heart of Yogis,
Who sleeps on serpent  and has  eyes filled  with essence of mercy.
4.Sri dantha  santha nirvana  phaladha
Vedantha   vedhyavaneesura   thrana.
4.He who gives salvation to those   who control their senses ,
He who can be known by Vedantha and he who protects  the  Brahmins.
5,Thwaam vinaa  nanyathra   jane Rama ,
THwaam vinaa  ko gather  Janaki Jane
6.I do  not know     any  other thing except you,
Oh consort of Sita, What other solace  is there  except you.
7,Dheera  bhava sagarodharana  Rama  ,
Sara thara  sri Thyagaraja nutha  Charana
Oh Bold one , who makes us cross ocean of Samasara  .Oh Rama,
Who is full of meaning and whose feet are worshipped  by Thyagaraja.

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