Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meluko Dhayanidhi , Meluko Dasaradhi

Meluko Dhayanidhi , Meluko Dasaradhi
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Saurashtram
Thalam  Roopakam
Meluko Dhayanidhi , Meluko Dasaradhi
Please wake up oh treasureof mercy , please wake up  oh son of Dasaradha
Meluko Dhayanidhi  , mithrodhayamou Vela
Oh Treasure of Mercy , please wake up, it is time of the sun rise.
1,Naradhadhu munulu , suralu  ,
Varijabhavudinthu  kalaa,
Darudu  , nee sannidhi   ney kori  ,
Koluvu kasinaaru
1.Narada  and other sages, Devas  ,
Brahma  born in lotus, Shic=va wearing the moon,
Have come   to your presence  ,
For the sake  of meeting you.
2,Venna palu  Bangaru  ,
Ginnela nay  nunchinaanu  ,
Thinna garaginji   theta  ,
Kannulatho   nannu  Jopoda.
2.I am holding butter   milk and others,
In a cup made  of Gold  ,Please   eat them,
All  and with clear   eyes  please see me.
3.Raja radhi  Dik-,
Rajulella  vachinaaru  ,
Raja  Neethi  theliya  Thyagaraja  ,
Vinutha nannu brova
3,The kings of kings and guardians,
Of all directions have come here  ,
To learn royal justice   from you ,
Oh Lord worshipped by Thyagaraja, please protect me.

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