Monday, March 14, 2016

Aa ja giridhar (hindi)

Aa ja giridhar

Ambujam Krishna

Translated  by

Ragam Sindhu  bhairavi
Thalam   Chapu

Aa ja Giridhar, apna banake mujhe le ja

Oh Krishna  please come, make me yours and take me with you

Na jane   kaise  rahoon  thum binaa Nandakishor, main hum dheena

Oh son  of Nanda , I do not understand   how to live without you  . as I am  suffering

Nachtha  mor ankh  bathayee  , 
mor  mukut ka yaad  dhilayi
nadhi kinare  gopiyaan deki na tha
Thum  hi  meri aanken doondi,
kokila  thotha goonj uta dhey dhil bhi virah se,
Lage tadapthe prem cum banaa  amritha  , mushkil  ab jeena

The dancing peacock showed its  limbs  ,
And  it brought the  peacock   crown of his,
And  the gopis on the  banks  of the   river  did not see
But you yourselves searched    gfor their eyes,
And even  the koel and parrot  rose  up due to love sickness
It looked as if the necatr  has  become less  ,
And now it would be    difficult   to live.

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