Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Arputha sirpityadi ponnamma (tamil)

Arputha sirpityadi ponnamma

K.N.Dandayutha pani pillai

Translated by

Ragam Ragamalika
Thalam   Aadhi Thala

Pallavi (THilang)
Arputha sirpiyadi   ponnamma, ambala vananadi  , oru
Karpanaikke yetthatha seelanadi  , shivakmi  makizhndhidum lolanadi.

Oh golden girl he is a  wonderful dancer  whose stage  is the  temple of sky,
He is having great  characters  which are beyond imagination   and
He is the one who by his sports  makes  Shivakami  joyous.

1.Kannada/Bhaga sree
Mudiyinil   oar gangai   ponnnamma  , vadivinil oar mangai   endrum,
Mudivillaa  ezhil  vannamadi  , avar mukkannum   muthamizh chinnamadi.

Oh Golden girl he has ganges on his head   and  forever a girl in his body ,
He is an endless  pretty form    and  his three eyes   are symbols of three  tamils

Tripuram yerithavan  ponnamma  nirai miga padaithavan , iru,
Karamadi maan mazhu  yendhiyavan   kodum ganamgalodu natam aadubavan.

Oh golden girl , he is the one who burnt tripuram, he is  the one who   created great ones with great morals,
He holds   the deer and axe  in his hands and he dances along with fearsome attendents.

Porpadam thooki   nindraan  ponnamma chor porul  naan endraan , thillai,
Chir sabhayil   aadum  vahan aahi then chenthamizh pothrum   vivekanadi

Oh golden girl he stood lifting  his golden feet   and said that  he is the meaning of words,
He is the one who dances in the divine hall of Chidambaram   ,
And is the wise one who is praised by   the purely pretty Tamil.

Ullam pugundhu   vittan  ponnamma  , unmai pagarndhu vittan,
Andha  kalvanidam   kadal kondenadi  dhinam kattu vazhi parthu nindrenadi.

Oh golden girl, he has entered my mind  and he has shared the truth m
And I have fallen in love  with that charming thief  and daily am watching the forest path for him.

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