Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Uinthathu, Uinthathathen maname(Tamil)

Uinthathu, Uinthathathen maname

OOthukadu Venkata  Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Deva  Manohari
Thalam  Aadhi

Uinthathu uinthathen maname  ini,
Uvamai  ilathana guru malar adiyinai ,
Unarnthu   thelinthu  kalantha  maru kaname

RElaized  , my mind realized , immediately   after ,
Understanding  , becoming   clear  and merging  with
The lotus feet of Guru   who does not have  any comparison.

Iym perum bhoothangal   agandre  odavum,
Aganda  peryu viliyil    yen manam nadavum,
Anbenum aaru karai   purandodavum,
Adiyavar koodavum  , kali nadam   aadavum,
Anantha  muraikalum   ninainthu    para  sukamaga

Making the  five   great  Bhoothas  leave and run away,
With my mind seeking in the very broad  expanse  ,
With the river  called love   flooding and ebbing out  ,
With  devotees joining together   and   starting to dance  ,
Thinking of all  ways   and with  divine joy.

Naan oru gopiyaai aanene  , Brunda-,
Nandanathidai poanene,
Then yenum   rasathil   chernthene, yengal,
Deva  devanodu  thilainthu  para sukham alainthu , oru manmakavum,
Bhava Ragamodu  nadham aadu kuzhal  pada aadum thiramagavum,
Radhai akaladha   kannanodu miga  vannamaga nadamadavum,
Naan yenum aanavam odavum , Jnana  veliyil manam   uinthathu,
Nadavum aananda  koothadvum.

I became a Gopi   and went in to the  Brindavan,
I merged myself in the taste  of Honey ,
I god drowned   along with my God of gods  ,got slushed in divine oy
 And   with a concentrated mind   along with flute  playing music ,
With  great ability in dance , I roamed with Krishna whose  company Radha  never left ,
With  the pride called  “myself”  running away , with mind merging in the expanse of wisdom,
And dancing in ecstasy   with joy,

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