Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ivan thaane, Ivan thane (Tamil)

Ivan thaane, Ivan thane

Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam –Vasantha
Thalam  Aadhi

Ivan thaane , Ivan thaane, vidaathe, vittal,
Ethanai kalamamo   theriyathu

Is it not him ,is is it not him,  -do not leave him,
If we leave we do not know   how much time it will take.,

Ivan thaane, Ivan thaan iyamillaye,
Yethanai naal kolali kondaan  , kanakkillaye,
BHuvanam muzhuthum ivanukku eedillaye-ivanai,
Poga vittu  theduvathu elithallave  .

Is he not the one, Is there any doubt that  he is the one,
For how  many days he has  stolen, the number is beyond count  ,
The entire  universe is not equal to him , if we leave him,
It is not easy again to search for him.

1.Aayarpaadi   theruvinil yaarai kettalum   iyam illaye,
Aalukondru  cholluvaar  athanayum maayam,
Maayan ivan   cheitha thellam   yentha   yentha naanum,
Maranthu  pogaathu adiye  , yenakku  oru kaalum.

1.If you enquire in the street of cow herds  m
Each  of them will tell some thing and all of them are lies,
Never , never   the  lying acts   of his  cannot,
Be forgotten at  any  time   to me.

2.Aadum thogai ivanukku azhagaana  kireedam,
Athan keezhe   chutti ondru  nindru , nindru   aadum,
Padum  kuzhal   kayil yeri   pan surathai paadum,
Parthu nindra   pazha  vinaigal  pakkam paarathu odum.

2.The shaking  peacock feathers  look like his crown,
Below that   his  little  hairs would stop, stop and   wave  ,
His singing  flute   would be held by his hand  and sing the swaras of music,
And the old Karma   which stand seeing it run away  without seeing the sides.

3.Veesi nadai nadanthaalo  Vedam pinne  odum,
Vei kuzhalain   ganathirkku  vena sruthi podum,
Masilatha   kuzhalisaikku   maddalamum podum,
Mannavan azhagai kandu  vari variyai  paadum

3.If he waves his hand and walks , Vedas   would run behind him,
And it would keep Sruthi    to  the music of his   flute,
It would also play  drum for his  stainless  music,
And seeing the beauty of the king  , they would sing row by row.

4.,Ninaithaal  pakal yellam   iravaaka  maarum,
Nenjam vanthaal   kadhir madhiyam   ondraaga   cherum,
Munianthaal  malai kooda    kudayendru aagum  , chinna,
Muthalavu   vennai   anda  mugadendru   aagum.

4.If he wants   even the day would all turn in to night,
If his heart destermines the rays of sun in noon would all join together,
And if he  tries   even the mountain will become an umbrella  ,
And small like butter  equal to a pearl would become top of the  skies.

5.AAra  amarnthu   yeNNa avakasam   yethu,
AAgayinaal nee ezhunthu   avan pinne  odu,
Theeravillayaanaal   ithai   thelinthu  nee padu –avan,
Thirumabvillayaanaal   yenthan perai   maaththi poadu.

5.Where   is the time    to deeply   think about  it,
And so   get up and run after  him ,
If you are  not able catch,  clearly   you clearly sing this ,
If he does not return, you can change  my name.

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