Tuesday, March 15, 2016

jaya maruti kauttuvam (Tamil)

jaya maruti kauttuvam
(the flower bouquet to victory of Hanuman)

Madurai Sri Muralidaran

Translated by

Ragam Panthuvarali
THalam Aaadhi

1.Jayam jayam jayam jayam jayame jayame jayame
Jaya maruthi jaya maruti ena odhidum  adiyaar avar vazhvadhu valamura

1.Victory, victory  , victory  , Victory  definitely victory,
Those devotees  who chant “Victory to Hanuman, Victory to  hanuman”,
Would definitely live   with great prosperity.

2.Eriyum kadalum oliyum choozhzhalum,  chuzhalum bhuviyum
Viriyum vanum ,ulavum kathrumum anuman anuman anuman
Hanuman anuman endraal  ,paniyum paniyum

If we chant Hanuman, Hanuman, Hanuman , Hanuman , Hanuman,
Then the raging ocean, The shining environment , the rotating earth ,
The spreading the sky  , the wind that roams would bow before you.

3.Puvi viyakkum pulan adakkam,  pugal aLikkum , varam  alikkum adakkam adakkam
Adakkam adakkam anuman tiru uruvam adu tarume,
Ozhukkam ozhukkam ozhukkam Ongi pugazh endi payanurave.

The  control of the senses   which makes the world wonder, would give refuge ,
Give boons and the divine form of Hanuman, Hanuman, Hanuman  , Hanuman,
Would  give us  humility, humility  , humility  , humility and  good behavior,
Good behavior , good behavior would   increase your fame and make life purposefull.

4.Aram aram aram Anjanai ai -iru matham eendrthor  aram
Varam varam varam anjidel  endru  abhayam tarum arum perum varam 

Dharma, dharma. Dharma is the one given birth by Anjana after  ten months,
Would give  boon, boon, boon  of protection   telling you    not to be scared , is the rare great boon.

5.Dharmatthin uraiviaam uraividam uraividam
Tha endral  nirai kudam nirai kudam nirai kudam
Thodangavum tulangavum adangavum madangavum arindavan anuman
Kalanum anjidum kaliyuga varadan Anandan Anandan Anandan Anjaneyan

He is the  ultimate source, source, source  of Dharma ,
If you ask him “please give”  he  would fill y up your pot, fill up your pot,
He is Hanaman who knows to  start  , to shine  , to subdue others and  to  return back with victory,
He is the protector at Kali age  of whom even god  of death  is scared,
He is Hanuman    who creates  happiness, happiness  and happiness.

6.Veeram veeram veeram virinda kandridum marbinil nal veeram veeram eeram
Dheeram dheeram dheeram thirandu urundidum tholgalil athi dheeram dheeram dheeram dheeram
Kooriya buddhiyum kaarya siddhiyum veeriya shaktiyum tarum
Vedattil vilainda tattuthvan nadatthil siranda vitthagan
Vanavar potridum vayuvin putthiran vanara mamukhan valiyadhor puraanan

Valour, valour , valour  on his broad burnished chest , good  valour, valour, valour.
Courage, courage  , courage, courage   on his  well formed round shoulders , great courage, courage,
He is the great expert  in the principles of Vedas and   great musical notes  ,
Which give sharp  brain, success in   jobs  and great vital power,
He is the son of wind God praised by Devas , great monkey and  ana very great epic personality.

7.Alaippongi purandu tirandhu tavazhndu vazhindadhu vazhindadhu
Malaiyadhu alaiyudan nilaiyodu uyarndhongi ezhundu tigzhndhadu
Tavamai manadurugi amarndanan
Kanalai kozhundalavi ezhundanan Azh kadalai kadandanan mathu avalai panindanan

The  waves rolled  , got unified   leapt  and ebbed and ebbed,
And that  mountain  stood above those waves  very tall   and was  seen,
And he    rested   there with great  penance,
And he rose  from the flames  of fire   , crossed the deep ocean   and went and saluted Lady Sita.

8.Balam balam balam balam balame balame balame
Sukham sukham sukham sukham sukhame sukhame sukhame
Agam kulirndhidum mugam malarndhidum Dheeram valarndhidum gunam sirandidum
ShrI  Rama jayam shrI Rama jayam rama jayam shrI rama jayam
Rama rama jaya ram enum nAmam nalum kuriye nalam perum nayakan

8.Strength, Strength , strength, strength only , strength only,
Happiness, happiness, happiness , happiness , happiess only,
Our mind would  become cool  , our face would shine, courage would grow, character would become great ,
Victory to sri Rama, Victory to sri Rama, Victory to sri Rama, Victory to sri Rama, Victory to sri Rama,
Rama, Rama  , victory Ram   and this name  of that great lord should be chanted every day,

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