Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kalai thooki nindru aadum (Tamil)

Kalai thooki nindru aadum

Marimuthu pillai

Translated by

Ragam   Yadhukula Khamboji
Thalam Aadhi

Kalai thooki nindru aadum deivame  ,
Yennai kai thooki aal deivame

Oh God who dances   lifting  one leg  ,
Oh God  who holds my hand and rules me.

Velai   thookum   pillai thanai  petra  deivame,
Minnum pugazh eesar  thillai ponnamabalathil oru

Oh God who gave birth to a son who lifts   the Vel,
Who is a god   with shining fame,who  in the  ,
Golden temple of Thillai  lifts  one leg

Chenkayyil   maan thooki   , shivandha  mazhuvai   thooki  ,
Angathil   oru pennai  anudhinamum  thooki ,
Gangayai thingalai   kalaitha chadai mel thooki ,
Ingum angumai thedi   Iruvar   kandariyaadha .

Lifting  a deer in his red hands  , Lifting a   red axe  ,
Daily lifting a lady     by his  body  ,
Lifting ganges and the moon  on his  disorderly  matted hair  ,
Is the one who was searched   by two  but could not be found.

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