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Oyyaramaga ,

Oyyaramaga ,
With great style

Oothukadu Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam Saranga
Thalam aAdhi

Oyyaramaga  , yamuna nadhiyoramaaga,
Vegu neramaga , vandhaar   aarvaramaga,
Meyyaga  kuzhal kondu oothidum kannaa, Neela,
Meni  vannam kandu manam aadidum  kannaa

With style by   the side  of Yamuna  river,
For   quite some time   he  came with   great  sound
Oh Krishna who plays   the flute really, Oh Krishna,
Who by his blue coloured body moves our mind

Kayyara  malar kondu  thoovinum aagaathe iru,
Kannara  kandu kondu nindraalum   aagaathe,
Meyyana  nilai kandu mevinum AAgaathe  , mean,
Melum Melum  peraasai kolvathum   theeraathe

If we throw  hands full of flowers it is not sufficient,
Even if keep on seeing with eyes  and stand  it  is not sufficient,
Even if we   see the true state and examine  it , it is not sufficient,
Our getting more and more desirous    will not stop.

Madhyama kalam
Yenna cholliyum,  cholliyum, manamithil yeraathe , yiraivaa,nee tharum
Punnagayile   thoyum  nenjam  maru mozhi koorraathe-Maaraathe
Mannavane, maadhavane, malar mukha radhai –makizh  manavalane
Kannalenna   odi  munnilavil  koodi  nannayamodu  oru  punnai nizhalaadi\\

Oh God  whatever  you tell, you   tell   would not enter my mind,
My mind  affected by the smile that you give , will not give you any reply,
Do not change  , oh king, Oh Madhava, Oh lover of radha who makes  her mind full of joy,
Running like lightning, joining  in the early moon, and with honesty gave a smile

Muthara  mani thulli thulli  moyyum vana malayaada,
Mona kurumbu nagai munnuthadu  vanthu  kooda,
Vistharamaaga pannil venumendru isai pada,
Vedangal  yellam theda brindavanam vanthu kooda kooda

With the forest garland along with three row pearl chain jump and jump,
With the mischievous smile  appear before the front lips,
With singing in detail  pure  music , willingly,
With Vedas  all searching him ,He came  to join in Brindavan


Is it not the lord

Oothukadu Venkata  Kavi

Translated  by

Ragam Deva Manohari
Thalam aadhi

Ayyanallavo kalinga nadamaduva,
Thayyanallavo, ulugu uyya   kalinga nadamaduvathu

Is it not lord who is s dancing  on Kalinga,
For world  to win , dancing  on kalinga

Meyyum aanatho, poyyum ponatho,
Medini muzhuvathumkalalavagiyum,
Meethamum yaavayum vaayinulaadiya

Has it become the truth, has lie gone away,
The entire   world   has become  up to leg,
And the rest  been put by him in his mounth

Kallam aagumodi, karunayallavodi,
Ullam vellumodi, uyarvallovodi,
Mella povomadi meyyumavomadi,
Migu murai  munivarum  munayavum , marai murai,
Irai pasu nirayodu yemathula niraibavan

Would it become a lie, is is not  kindness,
Will mind   win, is it not becoming great,
Shall   we go slowly,   will it be   true,
With great  vedic sages  trying, the   full cow,
Filled up with vedas the one  who fills our mind

Yeninge vanthu Vanthirunthu

Yeninge  vanthu  Vanthirunthu
Having  come here  and stayed here

OOthukadu Venkata  Kavi

Translated by

Ragam Thodi
Thalam  Aadhi

Yeninge  vanthu  irunthu,
Yennennenamo  Kannanai   vannanai  padugirai,
Yellam arintha  vili vande

Why did you  come  and stay,
And sing  very many  things  about Lord Krishna,
Oh the all knowing bow bee

Vanodu  maNNai alanthanai yen,
Manamodu uravaadi   kalavaadinaanai,
Vanara  kodiyon thozhan aanaanai  ,
Manai vaasal   yendra yellam thuranthu,
Ariyaathu  nindra adiyongal  munthi

He who measured  the earth along with sky  , he  who,
Played with my mind   and robbed it,
Him who is friend of Arjuna  with monkey flag,
We, who have given up  our home  and properties,
And stood there   without   any thing

Vada ma madhurai   nagar  vazhi yidho  paaru,
Madhukara  vaayisai  nidham  uravvakida  vande  vande,
Paranthodu   ange  paa…..du
Mada nallar    angu aayiram  aayiram,
Madhavanuravenum  kadhaliyar undu  vande  vande,
Paranthodu   ange  paadu

Malaralithenai   vanamalithanai, manamarinthanaivaayaara ppadu  am,
Mangayar   ingithamarinthu unakkanthu cheivar athai  pparu

Please see the way  to Northern Mathura
Oh bee bee  which always moves with the honey like sound of the movement of the mouth,
Fly away from here   and sing,
There  pretty  damsels   are in thousand thousands,
There are  several lovers  who want to have relation  with Krishna, oh bee  , bee
Fly and run  and sing   there

The honey   from the flower, he who gave  the forest, he who knew your mind, sing about him, sing

You will see  he will do what you need by knowing the mind of ladies

Yenthapadi aanalum,

Yenthapadi  aanalum,
In whatever way it is

OOthukadu Venkata Kavi

Translated by

RAGAN  Kalyani
Thalam   Aadhi

Yenthapadi   aanaalum  cholli kolladiu mane,
Yenakkathu  inbam  thaane,
Innisayodu  kuzhal oothi, madu otti, yengum thirintha  ayyanayum,
Yennullam  konda vantha nilayendru yendrum arintha yennayum cherthu

Oh Deer whichever it is   , you please talk about it,
As it is   sweet joy  only  , for me,
The Lord  who played the flute  singing sweet ,music  and wandered  everywhere  herding the cattle,
Along with me mix him  knew that  he is in the state of having   brought  my mind,

Anthamigu malar   choodum  nanda kumaranayum,
Inthapadi  uravaadum  yenthanayum  cherthu kondu

Merging that  son of Nanda who wears  very great  flowers,
And me who is playing  love  with him

AArukkellaam   acha pada  venumo avar kooda,
Adimayum aanarendraal  cholla  thonumo,
Perekkendra  sasthiravum  , perum peyarum , puraanamum,
Ayyan perumayai   kettirunthum,
OOrukkathu  neethiyaanaal unakku yethuvaayo, nee,
Orutharum thunayillayel pithathi   kolvaayo,
Charillatha  pei karumbai sakkarai   yenbaayo,
Swami  manam  therinthaal thamasam  cheivayo

If that  person whom we   should fear,
Has become  our slave  , will we  feel like  telling it
Though I have heard about  him   from the namesake Sasthras  and big , big Puranas,
If that  is justice for the world, would you consider  it  for yourself,
If there  is no other  company   for you  , would you  boast about it,
Oh Lord  if you already know about it  , can you make a delay?

Yenna thaan inbam Kandayo

Yenna thaan inbam  Kandayo
What type of joys did you  see

Oothukadu  Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam Deva Gandhari
Thalam Aadhi

Yenna thaan inbam kandaayo,
INayil   yezhil kaana  vizhayum  yennilum,
Migavum adhikamo, adhisayamo kuzhal isayil

What type of joys did you see,
IN me   who wants to see  beauty in your company,
Is your  singing in flute  more great  and more wonderful

Punnakayaadum  pullendra  kuzhal oothum,
Punithane, yengal  punniyane,
Munnazhakai kandaal mohamigum  yendru cholli,
Pinnazhagai    arulum pommane

Oh holy one  who plays flute along with smile,
Feeling that if I see the beauty  of your front, passion will  increase,
Oh Great  one who shows  the beauty of his back

Alailayai  charinthu kuzhal aadave, kaaththil,
ANi Aniyai paranthu  idai  moodave-
THalayani  kambalam  puyam koodave-Athai kandu,
Darisitha pothu yandhan naanam paranthodave

When my hair moved  in the air like waves,
And  moving in air   when it  broadened  and,hid my hips,
When I saw you  bringing the pillow and blanket  ,
In your hand, my shyness  spread  all   over

Yenni paradi, kannan than padam,

Yenni paradi, kannan than  padam,
Thinkabout it, The feet  of Krishna

Oothukadu Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam Kanada
Thalam Roopakam

Yenni paradi , kannan than padham,
Thannil  cheradi,
Idhayam thanil thavamanathu  udhayam pera,
Yadhu  kula  thilakan  sannidhiyum pera

Think about it, Merge   yourselves,
With the feet  of Krishna,
For penance    to be born in the heart
And do  get  the  presence  of the  great one  of yadhu clan

Pannisayum kazhaloothum , paraman karunayum  antha,
Paraman karunai   cheyyum  pakkuuvam  thanayum  nandraai

Music of poetry, the song of flute, the kindness  of that gof and ,
The maturity  with which that  god   shows  his kindness, properly

Naradar Dumburu, Jnana  Sukhar padum nadha geethangalai  Kettaan-Yippo
Namum  padum  yintha  raga geethangalai, nandraaka  kettu  thalam  pottaan,
Dheeramudan vegu theeya  arakkarkalai thrinamaka  adithu pottan, aanaal,
Chinnachiru  kayithin theNNIlai kaatpattu cheithathai  yendrum  meera maattan

He heard the songs  of Narada , Dumburu and the songs of wise Sukha and as of now,
Hearing  well these  raga krithis that  we sing now, he kept  thala,
He  with courage  beat in to grass the very cruel asuras , but,
Obeying  the    very , very small rules, he will never   go against them

Madhyama Kalam
THava  nirai  munivarukkakida maattan, THaruniyar  thannody nadanangal  yittan,
Avanilai  namakkena  vaangida  maattan, aayar kula nanda  gopanthu veetaan

He would not become property  of sages  doing  great penance, he danced   for  girls,
He would not make bad times   for us, The one  who belongs to the  cowherd  Nandagopa

Vanthu nindraan

Vanthu  nindraan
He came and stood

OOthukadu Venkata  Kavi

Translated by

Ragam simhendra  madhyamam
Thalam aadhi

Vanthu nindraan , manamariyathoru thava palanai kan,
Thanthu nindraan kannan

He came and stood, to  see the result of penance  not known to the mind,
He gave   and stood  That Krishna

Anu pallavi

Vanthu nindraan, mandha punnakai purinthanm
Chinthayai aala vendru  thedi nindraan,
Kunthala  kondai mele, kola mayile peeli vaithu,
Muchukundha mannanathu   chinthanai chuzhala,
Sundara   vadivudan nanda  gopaalan 

He came and  stood  , he  made   a slow   smile,
Wanting to rule our thoughts  , he searched  and stood,
Over the pretty  hair  ball, wearing a  peacock feather  over it,
Making the  mind of king of MUchukunda   rotate,
The Nanda gopala with a very pretty form

Maamaalai ondru tholil kootti konjam,
Makara  kundalam aadaa aadaa kaatti,
Thamaarum inayilla  thanmai  kaatti ,
Thalir karathaal avanukku  maamayakkam  ootti,\
Thanuru  thavamum  ithukaarum  yethum,
Thalayaaya  yenna cheithamo,
Sankaran   ari ayan yaarenum   yenayudan,
Thaduthat kollavum   uinthamo?
Vaanodu  puviyinum  idari  yenithu,
Mangala menum    varum   deivamo  ,
Mathiyum    ariyaathu vizhiyum   pulanaathu,
Manavum   theliyaathu, yenavum   agavaathu.

Tying a huge  mountain on his shoulders,
With his  makara  ear globes waving and waving,
Showing his nature  of no one being equal to him,
Adding   with his soft hands   enchantedness  to him,
What great penance we did till now ,
Is it possible for Vishnu, shiva and brama ,
To stop  me and make  me theirs,
Is he the god who comes as auspiciousness,
Who came  joining   the   earth and heaven,
Brain will not know, eyes   will  not see
Mind will not become clear and so  will never go away

Ithu thaan theriyumo

Ithu thaan  theriyumo
You know only this

OOthukadu Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam  Chakra vaham
Thalam Misra chapu

Ithu thaan theriyumo,
Avarkku  innamum   theriyumo?
Yendru ithai  kettu  vaa podi

Only  this much is known,
Does he know  only this much?
Go and ask about this   and come back.

Madhyama kaalam
Innisai  kuzhal oothi, oar eerezhu  ulakodu,
Yaavayume oarezhenum  isayodu  vilai  pesumavar

Playing   the sweet flute, and who  with the  fourteen worlds,
Haggles with  music of seven notes

Pothuvil  kuzhaloothum  punniyam  thaano,
Poomelum mayiladum punniyan  thaano,
Yethum avarai cholli yenna payan  thaano,
Yeno yen manathukku indha aasayum  thaano
Innisai  kuzhal oothi, oar eerezhu  ulakodu,
Yaavayume oarezhenum  isayodu  vilai  pesumavar

Is it blessing received  by playing  flute in public,
Is he  the blessed one who dances on flower  as well as peacock?
What  is the use  of telling  anything about  him,
Why, why this   desire  to my mind
Playing   the sweet flute, and who  with the  fourteen worlds,
Haggles with  music of seven notes

Kallamaadum china pillai  thanamellam,
Kannanukku  innamum pokaatho,
Kayyanai  vennai thanthaal karuthayum,
Konnaikku  kanakkittar   kurumbena aagatho
Innisai  kuzhal oothi, oar eerezhu  ulakodu,
Yaavayume oarezhenum  isayodu  vilai  pesumavar

This boyishness  of playing all  this mischief,
Has it not gone still to  Krishna,
If you give him  hand full of butter, will it not become,
That he is haggling  our mind as  mischief
Playing   the sweet flute, and who  with the  fourteen worlds,
Haggles with  music of seven notes

Swami umakku Namaskaram

Swami  umakku Namaskaram
Oh God Salutations to you

OOthukadu  Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam  mohanam
Thalam Aadhi

Swami  umakku  namaskaram
Than thiran illatha   adimai  yennudaya,
Indiyangalile   arasu  kondu,
Mun thiran alitha mohana  madhusudana,
Murahari Mukunda Ramaa   ramanaa

Oh God   salutations to you,
I am  a slave  who does not have knowledge,
Ruling   over my   organs,
Oh pretty  killer of Madhu ., you gave great knowledge,
Oh  killer of Mura, Mukunda  , Rama  , Ramana

Anu pallavi
Thaam  eeyum mayaikku  guna mootti,
Athanmayaal, ulagellam   thannai  aatti,
Naam eeya  bedhangal  pala  kaatti,
Nattiyangal   aadugindra nee parametti

After adding  properties  to the illusion   that you give,
And using   that  and shaking   the  entire   world,
When you  give that , showing several  problems in that,
And when you dance  you are the god of all

Naanmukanukku irangi  , nee thanthu arul jnanamilarel, unai kanpathuvumethu,
Nandru  yendru ondru  irunthal, athu un chinthanayumandri , veru porulethu,
Andrriyum unai   kanda pinum , Kamanai  andina perukkum  arivum  irukkathu,
Anja varum maayai. Vanchanai idathu, thanjamenum  perai  konja varum  Krishna

If the wisdom  you gave Brahma  taking pity  on him is not there, when will we be able  to see you,
If there  is spome thing called good, it can be  none  other than your thought,
Apart from that  after  seeing  you, those  who approach Manmatha   will not have wisdom,
The maya which comes scared  will not cheat, Oh Krishna who comes to talk to the people who say , “I surrender  to you”

Uruvaana mei thavame  phalane,
Uthamane, ondri yennuven yen.
Guru nadhar  paadum un gunam kettu, unnilum,
Kooda  kaanuthe  , yenna  cheikuven

Oh  real penance  with a form and its result,
Oh great one , hearing  your qualities   as sung,
My Guru , I will  think, even I  am,
Able to see it in you also, What should I do.

Oru  pothum idayaraa  sath sangam venum,
Ulloora pugazh paadi amudhoora  venam,
Irulaana  bhavamayai munamoda venum, un,
Yezhil konda kazhal  yendr nizhal  aada  venum

I need company of devotees without break at all times
From deep in the mind I should sing praises and nectat  should come,
The dark  illusion of karma should  run away first,
And  it  should move as   your  pretty   form of  your leg

Oraanoruvn kuzhaloothum

Oraanoruvn kuzhaloothum

Oothukadu  Venkata Kavi


Ragam  aarabhi
Thalam aathi

Oraanoruvan kuzhal oothum   thirudaningu neraaka  varkindraan, ungal,
Nenjamellam kollai  pogavo?
EErezhu ulagamellam avanokkoru bhakshanam,
Urakkam vittu  yezhunthirume  intha kshanam

The one thief   who plays the flute is directly   coming here
Will all our   hearts   be stolen by him,
All the fourteen worlds   like   eatable   for him,
At this  moment  please get up from your sleep


Neraaga  thalaimelem, thogayondru katti,
Nethidai   aadukindra neela mani  chootti,
Vaaratha karum koonthal vanthalaya  kaatti, intha,
Vazhi nokki  varukindraan poadam konda mattum   yeti

Tying a peacock feather   directly above his head,
Tying   the blue gem hanging which waves  over his forehead,
Tying his fluffy and cury hair    which is not combed,
He is coming here  looking the way , with broad    steps

Madhyama kalam
Varintha chezhum kanaka  maniyaadai  , anintha  neela  nirathavan,
Padmaraga   gomedhaka marakatha  pavizha  malayaniyum  nirathavan,
Antharangamudan  gopi naan yendraal, avasara  thali kettum   gunathavan,
Adhika mana  thavan yethilum  migunthavan , nadana  padathavan,nalina  mukhathavan

Hhe blue  coloured one  who wears tightly  rich  golden colour dress  with gems,
He who wears garland  of the  colour  of padmaraga , cat’s eye, emerald and corals,
If somelady privately says I am gopi, he   would tie  mangala  suthra  with great speed,
He who is broad minded , exceeding in everything, who walks  like a dancer and has a pretty  face

Veyukkum peyukkum     bedham  theeriyadhapadi,
Vennai tharum    yendru   ketta  payyan-Chnna
Pillai thanam   yendru cholli vennai thanthaal,  thindru vittu,
Pennai  tharum  yendru ketta  payyan,
Maya thanavum pazha valla  vinayum pokki,
Vanthu   kuzhal oothum thirukkayyan,
Vazhnthathu  pongaanum   naane  mayangi  indha,
Vaarthayinai    cholla  vantha   kannayyan

With understanding the difference between ghost   and the river,
He is the boy who asked  “please give me butter, and suppose,
I think he is only a small boy and give him butter, after   eating,
That boy  asks  ‘Give me a girl,
Having mischief   and removing all old big karmas,
He  is the one who comes and plays   the divine flute,
He is lord Krishna    who  made me   confused,
And made me tell “this  life  is sufficient”

Kannai thiranthu

Kannai thiranthu

Oothukadu Venkata Kavi

Translated by

Ragam bilahari
Thalam aadhi

Kannai  thiranthu  paar maname-yentha,
Kalamum thavam   cheithalum kana-
Larithakina Madhavan , vegu neramaka,
Kathirikkindraan undhan munnme-jnana

Oh mind of wisdom,  please open your   eyes and see,
The madhava  who cannot be seen  , even if you,
Do penance for a very long time, is waiting.
For a very long time   in your front

Anu pallavi
Pannum  yiyalum  chertholikka, iru,
Parvai yenum   neela  mani  jolikka,
Pannum  thavvam yellam balikka, undhan,
Parvai  munne  vanthu nindru, sevai  thanthu kalikka

With  tune  and  words   joined together and making us here,
With   your  sight  of two blue gems    shine
With all penance done giving result, enjoying,
By serving you and standing before    your eyes


Neela vanna thogayondru   near  nindru aadi , aadi,
Narthamidum  mudiyinai  kaanaai,
Nenje, unnai alum mandhara malayum,
Nindru asainthaduvathai, kan thiranthu  kaanaai,
Kalai  valaithu nindru, Ghana kuzhal  oothum antha,
Kakshiyinaikan thiranthukaanaai, unnai,
Kana kana cholliyum  , nee kaanathu ponaal,
Kalamellam poguthu veenai

You stand and dance with your blue coloured wings
And you   the end of your dancing in this place,
Oh Heart   the mandhara flower   garland   that   rules you,
Is waving  , please open your eyes and see that,
See that scene   where he  bends his  legs  ,
And plays flute by opening   your eyes, inspite,
Of again and again  saying you to  see, if you do not,
The time  is getting   wasted  needlessly

Madhyama kalam
Kanintha vidha vidhamana  mozhi palavum ,Kannithidai    kuzhintha  kuzhiyum,
Nalamarintha nannakayum piravum, Naan cholla   thagumo,
Ini kana  peruvathu neeyena, naanena  , yelam viduvathu  thagumo,
Yiha para    sukhamo ithanilum mathu  adhikamo, inai  perumo  konjamenum.

Many. Well matured  different  languages, a hole   that goes down on the cheeks,
The pretty smile that  knows our welfare and others , is it proper   for me to tell?
Is it proper to auction that now we   will see  , you,. Me and so on,
Is the pleasure here or in heaven greater than that, would they  get paired  at least slightly

Kannaa , ezhunthirum pillai

Kannaa  , ezhunthirum pillai
Oh Krishna  , please get up , oh boy

OOthukadu  Venkata  Kavi

Translated by

Ragam  Bhoopalam
Thalam   AAdi

Kanna   Yezhundhirum pillaai,
Kalai  kadiravan udayamaakindraan,
Kanai  kadalmuzhu mathi munaya  pogiraan,
Neela  ponnudai  tharitha  munnavan,
Neraaga parikasam pesugiraan

Oh Krishna  , please  get up boy,
The morning   sun is   going to rise up,
The full moon is going   to dip in the sea,
The elder one   who wears  the blue silk,
For some time    has  been teasing you


UNNaramudha  mozhiyaane, ungal,
Ullam kollum   neela   vizhiyaane,
Thannar   churunda  kuzhalaane-padham
Thathikkum thandai  kazhalaane  ,
Thayiridai  kadainthida, vennayumaachu,
Thanthai  unai kaana  vanthidallachu,
Yiru yoru Ammaa yendru  yennennavo pechu,
Yeththethu vara  pidivadhamachu.

Oh lord who  talks like  the  nectar  which we do not eat ,
Oh lord with blue eyes  which attracts you eyes.
Oh Lord with  a natural    curled hair
The curd has been churned, butter has been produced,
Your   father has  arrived  to come   to see  you,
Wai wait, What  is this mumbling of Mother, mother
Hey hey  , why you are being increasingly  adamanyt


1,Thoonginavan kaal yenna  thalam podumaamo,
Thullu vizhi moodinaal punnagai  varalamo
Thengina vennayai  anna  thinna vidalamo
Jenma nakshatram unakku  chethi  theriyumo?

Will the legs  of one who sleeps  keep beat,
With your moving eyes closed  , how  come this smile
Should you allow elder brother  to eat remaining  butter,
It is your   birth star today. Do you know thenews

Thedinaalum   kaanariya garga   muni vantaar,
Yen selvan , yenge, yenge yendu kettu  ingu nindraar,
Koti   thavam cheithalum kandariyaa  naradharum , un,
Kuru  nagai kandu, pada  veenai meetti nindraar

In spite of search, difficult to see sage Garga came here,
Asking , where is , where is my boy , he stood there,
The Narada who cannot be seen inspite of  crore penances,
Seeing    your  soft golden smile, Started playing Veena   and stood there.

Kazhuthile yethadaa putham puthu maalai,
Kaadhil  yaarantha  penninathu  olai,
Vizhikkum mun mai  kanuthe, yarudaya  kai velai
Vesham podhumadaa  , yezhunthiradaa  , vidinthathu kaalai

Hey boy how come   the very new necklace in your neck,
Hey  which  girl’s palm leaf   ear  stud   are you putting,
Even before you wake ,I see kajal, it is done by home
Stop the pretence, please get up , it is already morning

Adbuthanaam balakanaam

Adbuthanaam  balakanaam

Oothukadu Venkata  Kavi

Translated by

Ragam natta kurinchi
Thalam aadhi

Adbuthaanaam, balakanaam ambujekshanaam, Ananthanaam
Ananda  mayavanai vasudevan  kandu kondaan

Vasudeva saw  the wonderful child,.  The lotus eyed one  ,
The  endless   one, the master  of  illusion   and joy.

Vathsamenum marruvum, maalayaum  kausthubhavum, Marbinile  vilanga-moola,
THathuva sangamum , chakaramum  , gadhayum, thamarayum, naalu kaikalil inga,
Metha oli  minnalathu  , naana peethambaramum , meniyathu kar mukhilin neela  nirame  thakavum,
Muthu  nava rathina padakka makuta kadakam, munji puri noolum, aparanji manitha kanamum,\
Kaatti  pasha vinai kalotti, karunai vizhi kootti anandamootti, Bhakthi neri kaatti,
Karakamala maattiya paramettiyavan karunai  kolum

The mole  called  sri vathsa, Garland , Kausthubha shining  on his   chest,
The philosophical conch , chakra, mace, lotus flower shining  in his four hands,
The yellow silk making the  very bright lightning ashamed, the body having the blue  colour of the cloud,
The crown and bangles made of pears  and nine type of gems, the sacred thread of munji grass, the anklet  made of pure gold,
Showing this he drove previous karma, he showed his merciful eyes and gave us joy, showed us the way of devotion,
And the great god with lotus  in his hand, showed mercy


1.Kandaan  , kandu kondaan,
Andarum  kaanaatha  adhisaya  mayavanai

He saw  , he  realized  ,
The wonderful  God  , whom even devas  have not seen

2.Karpakavum, nava nidhiyum,., kama dhenvum ,
Bhuvangalai   oru kudayil katti, kaivalyamum,
Indhira padivoyudu,  sidhikal ettum,
Itho yenavum  parai kotti  muzhakkiyum ,
Avaikalai oru kanam , yeti kasanthathena,
Veruthidum mulam, attiyillatha  aanandamaaa

The karpaga tree, nine type of treasures  , The   divine cow Kama dhenu,
Showed all   the universes under one  umbrella, gave place in god’s world,
Gave   the job of indr and  announced  it by  playing a drum .
If  for a second   we can say they      are  useless  and bitter,
And by hating thus, we  get limitless  joy.

3,Neela thirumeniyanai, nirmalanai, nithiyanai   , nirakaranai,
Nirgunanai, oru kana ninaivaar  koota, nenjam iruppavanai  , thathuvanai
Nayakanai  , tharkanai, chenthamarai yalaka,
Nayakanai, kannara  thanavamai,
Thanavanai thanavanai thanavanai  thaan avanai

The divine one  with a blue body, the pure one,he who is forever, he who is shapeless,
He who does not  have properties,  even those  who think of him for a second, he who has a heart  , he who is  essence of philosophy  ,
The lord   who is like a star who is ruled by the red lotus, that lord see him    till your eyes are  satisfied,
The god , the god , the god as   you yourself.

Avatrhram Sri Krishna Avatharam

Avatrhram Sri Krishna Avatharam
Incarnation, the incarnation of Krishna

Othukadu Venkata  Kavi

Translated by

Ragham kedaram
Thalam aaadhi

Avatharam  , sri  Krishna  avatharam,
Akhila bhuvanam   ananda  kadalada,
Amarar  ulagam athu  pozhuthu  uravada
Nikhila veda  murai pada , mozhi kooda,
Neraka  kanjanin nenjam uravadum

Incarnation, the incarnation of Krishna,
The entire universe  dancing  in sea of joy,
At that time   the world of devas showing  friendliness,
With ll the vEdas  being sing, with  language  merging,
Directly   would  show friendliness to mind of Kamsa


Bhuvi bharam   thanai therkka,
Poomakal   murai  kondarkka,
Thavamellam devaki   cherkka,
Than thvamanathum vasudevan yenni parka,
Thamarai anthana  manathuvoi,
Thadamengilum  kandha
Kamanayaana   characharamananthu,
Kannan uruvayum   yenniyatho yena

For   reducing the  load of the earth,
When goddess  earth went and complaines,
With Devaki adding  all her penance,
With Vasudeva  rethikiing about all his penancl,
Did it become every where  like lotus,
Did  on all sides  god filled up,
Did the world of  all beings,
Think about   for  of lord Krishna

Vada Madurai maa nagar yengum thoonga-Chirai,
Vasalil iruntha nisacharar  thoonga,
Dhidamudaya  kanja rajanum   thoonga,
DEvaki vasudevan  chinthayil onga,
Thikiri  sankha   chenthamarai  gadahyum,
Thikazhu vana  malayoduy, kousthubha mani ,
Makara  kundala keyura haaramodu,
Matha nagai pottiyida madhavabnukhandha thiru

With the big city of northern Mathura   sleeping,
With the nigh watchmen who were  in gate of  prison sleeping,
With the strong  king   kamsa   also sleeping,
With  the lord   becoming active in mind of devaki and vasudeva,
Wearing chakra, conch  , red lotus as well as mace,
Wearing   the forest garland, the kausathubha gem,
The fish like   ear globes along with the crown,
The other ornaments   competing with them , to Madhava  (incarnation..)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Guru padaravindam

Guru  padaravindam

OOthukadu Venkata kavi

Translated by

Ragam sri ranjani
Thalam  Roopakam

Guru padaravinda  komalam yennul.
Konda  pothe kolakolam

When I kept   the  lotus like feet  of Guru  ,
Which is pretty , there was festivity

Parama yoga  yagam Vedam  padithilen,
Padithathu  pol nadithilen,
Parvai  ondrile  vilaintha,
Bhakkiyamidhu , aarkkumithu  arithanathu , parimala sath  (guru..)


I have not studied   divine  yoga  , yaga  as well as Veda,
I have  not acted  as if I have  read it,
This   is the luck  , that was bprn,
In my sight, this is rare for all, the  scented  good Guru

Thumbi piranthathu neerilaayinum,
Thondriya   pira karukidumo, athu pol.
Vambulla mayayil  piranthen Guru,
Vazhangum  karunayil   chiranthen,
Nambinaal  namungal, yennaye  maranthen,
Naan ini   veenaana  vadathil  porunthen

Though the bee was born in the  water,
Would it dry   after it was born, like that,
I was born in the  illusion of confusion,and I,
Became  great in the kindness  born by Guru,
Belief if you want, I forgot myself,
Now on I fill fit in unnecesaary  arguments

Madhyama kaalam
Naavaara tharakamennum    guru namamum undu,
Ramayana  bhagawatham parayanam  undu,
Aavai yen Guru Nadhanin arul  amudham kandu  kondu,
Hari nama kath  goshana  sambashana sadananda

Using the toungue  there is a name for guru  called  THaraka,
There is a reading of Ramayana and Bhgawatha
Seeing the nectar  like blessing  of my Guru you become,
Forever joyful with shouting   and  talking  of name of Hari