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Illai, illai amma

Illai, illai amma

Oothkadu Venkade Subba Iyer
Translated by
(This song is the reply by Lord Krishna to the accusations made by the Gopis in the sing “Thaye Yasoda”)

Raga Mohanam


Illai, illai ,amma
Ithanai per solvadellam athanayum poyye

Thollai ivvargalukku chonnar , innavargal yarum,
Thunivaaga poyyai chaonnar, aanalum kelum,
Allai ninra thozhargalai kettu parum-kettu,
Aana pinnar dandanigal vena vari tharum

1.Naalu pergal ketka cholla naanam aguthendrar, antha,
Nangayar perum kootathil cholli nindrar,
Malayittavan pol vayil mutham itten enrar, antha,
Vazhakkam ariveno Amma, varthyai nambathe chumma

2.Virunthinar vayil poosa vennai kaanuma,
Venni poosum varai avar thoonga venuma,
Marunthukkum pagalil neyyum vadiyuma-intha,
Vaarthayinai kettu neeyum nambalaguma

3.Thannillam marantha antha pennai kelu, , etho,
Dayaval konanthu viiten antha naalum,
Indru ithai maranthu inge vandu chonnalum,
Yen antha pennai kooti vara kanum athai kelum.

4.Pillai killi viten endru chonnar andha paavai,
Venum endral nandrai parum yen kayyai,
Ulla nagam ondru kooda kayil illai,
Unmai endru nambiinaalo ondrum illai Amma

5.Aarum illa neram parthu innarin veetu,
Amme amme endru kathum kural kettu , antha
Kaarilam kandru ootta thavippathai parthu,
Kandrukku koduthenmma , kathayai nambbathe summa

6.Vaayil vennai vaithindal pesa varuma , antha,
Vazhakkam meyyal runthal kovam varuma,
Thaayana unnidam vanthu solla venuma,
Thavam seythum ivarukku pen illai poduma?

7. Aadina panthai olithu allal cheythaar,
Ariyene endru sathiyam cheythaar,
Thedina pandulku sari vennai tharum endren , athaith
Thiruttu thanam endru choilli karuthai maraithare thalli

8.Athai veetu vazhi ketten , athu anaithum mey thaan,
AAthan karai vazhi ketten , athanayum mey thaan , nillaa,
Muthathukku vazhi ketten, Amma aanal ival,
Muthathukku endru sonnal , Chithathukkul enna thano?

English Translation


No, no, Mummy,
All that these people have told is a lie.


They said that there was trouble for them but,
All of them are lying with courage, but any way listen,
Please enquire with my friends, who stood there,
And if found true, give me all punishments that you want


1. They told they felt shy to tell before four people,
But those girls have told it now before a crowd,
They told that I kissed them in the mouth like a husband,
Please tell mother whether I know about this rule,
And Oh mother do not believe them just like that.

2. Would there be butter to apply in the mouth of guests,
Would the guests sleep till butter is applied,
Would the ghee drop from the moth during day time,
Should you believe in these words?

3.Please ask the girl who forgot herself ,
For obscure mercy I brought her here on that day
Today though she tells here forgetting that,
Why she did not bring the girl with her. Ask?

4.They told that I have pinched a baby,
If you want please examine my hands,
None of my fingers have nails,
If you believe it is true, there is nothing there mummy

5.Seeing that nobody is there in that person’s house,
And hearing the sound “Amme, Amme” and seeing,
That little calf was having trouble to feed,
I gave milk to that calf, Please do not believe their story.

6.If we keep the butter in our mouth, would be able to talk?
If that is a practice , would one get angry,
Should this be told to you who is a mother,
And you know , in spite of penance , they do not have a daughter?

7.She hid the ball that I was playing and troubled me,
She hid it and took an oath she does not know,
I ask her equivalent butter for the ball and she,
Told that it is theft and hid its meaning , mother.

8.I did ask way for aunt’s house, that is true,
I asked way to the river bank, that is true,
I asked way to moon light court yard*, But she is,
Telling that is for kissing, Mother I do not know hat is in her mind?
*Court yard in Tamil is mutram and kiss in mutham

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Bhajare Raghu Veeram

Bhajare Raghu Veeram
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Kalyani
Thalam: Mishra Chapu


Bhaje re Raghu veeram, Manasa,
Bhaja re Raghu Dheeram.


Ambudha dimba vidambana gathram,
Ambudha vahana nandana dhathram


1. Kusitha sutharpitha karmuka Vedam,
Vasi hrudayarpitha Bhaskara Padam

2. Kundala mandana manditha Karna,
Kundali manjaka madbutha varnam.

3. Danditha sundha sudhadhika veeram,
Manditha manu kula masrya sowrim.

English Translation


Hey man, sing about the valorous one of Raghu clan,
Sing about the courageous one of Raghu clan.


He whose body is the colour of the cloud,
He who is the boy who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu


1. He who is the rainbow like Veda told about by Sutha,
He who is the rainbow like Vedas born out of the water.

2. He whose ears are decorated by shining ear globes,
He who is the wonderful platform of music.

3. The nectar like valorous one who punished bad ones,
He who is the archer whom the entire race of kings depended.

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Kalyana Nalangu Pattukkal with English translation

Kalyana  Nalangu Pattukkal   with English translation


    After  the marriage ceremonies  , to break the ice between groom and bride,songs are sing  by the bride’s party, Groom’s party, bride  and the groom. They can be  semi devotional songs or songs  teasing each other. I have already  translated 42  wedding songs  , which includes Nalangu songs also  . You can see them in https://translationsofsomesongsofcarnticmusic.blogspot.com/2019/09/wedding-songs.html.
Here I am giving 13  Nalangu  songs  from two books. There is no info   about Raga and Thala  for the first  three songs   from first book   and in the second book, each song has  mentioned   about  Ragam  And Thalam)

Kalyana  Nalangu  Pattukal-Part I  3 songs

1.Venchendurai  Thuthi-Nalangu  Paattu

Translated by

1.Thangame  , indha  nilame Saami,
Sundarapuri   selvame,

Oh God   this  land is Gold,
The wealth of Sundarapuri

2.Madhurapuri veedhiyile   Saami,
Madhichal  odi vaarum

Oh Lord in the streets  of Mathura,
If  we respect you, come running

3.Uriyil  vennai  thirudi Saami,
Mathal    adipatter,

Oh God  by stealing butter  from  rope shelf,
You get  beating by curd  churner

4.Madhurapuri veedhiyile   Saami,
Madhichal  odi vaarum

Oh Lord in the streets  of Mathura,
If  we respect you, come running

5.riyil vennai chinthitho Saami,
Un kamala  mukham vaaditho

Oh God, Did butter spill     from  the rope shelf,
Did  your flower like face fade

6.Chithira puri veethilyile  Saami,
Chirithaal ode vaarum

Oh God   in the streets of Chithra,
Come running  if I laugh

7.Patta  per illaye  saami,
Unnai adikka  Manamillaye

Oh God   you do not have any name of designations,
I do not have mind to beat you

8.Dushta thanam Veruthu saami  ,
Duraye odi vaarum

Oh God, Hating the habit of mischief,
Oh Lord  , come  running

9.Nethi chuthi asaya SAAmi,
Mukham verkka , penkal  nakaikka

Oh God  when you waved and  rotated your forehead,
was sweat in your face and the girls  laughed

10.Mangalam cher  Krishna, Saami,
Mayavare  Odi vaarum

Oh God   who is Krishna  with auspiciousness,
Oh God of illusion , come running.

11.Thangake  intha nalame  Saami,
Sundhirapuri  Chelvame

Oh God    for you   this comfort,
Oh Wealth of  Sundhirapuri

12.Ashtakshara  porule Saami,
Adiyeen Odi Vaaraen

Oh God who is  eight lettered thing,
This slave  v will come running

2.Nalangida Raamma-Nalangu Pattu

Translated by

1..Nalungida raamma  Madhurai  Meenakshikku
Nalugida  Ramma

Come  for keeping Nalangu  to Madurai  Meenaksi
Come for keeping Nalangu

2.Aadhirat naalu  poigai Aparanchipeendilaa,
Kodhai  Nachiyaaramma  Koluvundaakaa (Nalugida)

In the house of Aparanji there was four old ponds,
When The  Kothai Nachiyar  was sitting majestically

3.Malligai mullayudan manamulla  yiruvakshi,
Chenpaka  malarudan   Shiva  Sundarikku

Along with scented  Iruvakshi flower  , jasmine  and Chrysanthymum,
Along with Champaka  flowers    for  Shiva Sundari

3.Nalangida  Varum

Translated by

Nalungida  Vaarum  , Prana Nadhaa  , Naazhiyaachuthe ,
Ammi mithithu  Arundathi parthu  (Nalungida vaarum)

Please come to Keep Nalungi, My soul like lord, It is already late ,
After  stepping on ammi stone  and seeing arundathi

Azhutha   thaali  kattineere,
Pannerum chandanamum  parimalamaka  poosi  (Nalungida vaarum)

Did you tie  the Thali firmly  ,
After   applying Athar  and Sandal  in a  perfumed way, (Nalangida)

Bhoo chakravarthi  Punya  purushaa,
Unakku naan ceiguven (Nalangida  vaarum..)

Oh emperor of the world, Oh  blessed person,
I will do it for you 

4.Sri rama Jaya  Jaya  Sita  Manohara,
Karunya sagara, Karunaa  jaya jaya

Hail hail Sri Rama, The  pretty one of Sita,
Ocean of mercy,Oh merciful one, Hail, hail

Sithayaarum  Raghupathiyuim Singasana  mel iruthi,
Nalungida  vendumendruNagareeka matherellam (Sri Rama..)

After making  Sita  as well  as Raghupathi  , sit on the throne,
All modern ladies came saying that  , they have to put Naangu

Punyamaana  pathirathil , putpamathai   thaaneduthu,
Kannimarkalai kondu, Kana vantha  Raghu pathiyai(Sri rama..)

In the blessed vessel   after  taking   the  flowers,
The maids brought and came  to see Raghupathi

Kalyana  Nalangu  Pattukkal-Part II  10  songs


Ragam  Punaaga varali
THalam Aadi

Translated by

a.AAnandamananda  mayane  , mana,
Ramudu   Pelli kodukkayane, mana,
Janaki Pelli  kootru   aayana   , chaalaa,
Janakku, santhosha mayame-Bahu.
Anandame  , paramananda maaye nedu

We have  become   happy, that  ,
Our Rama  has become   the bride groom,
And our  Janaki    has become  the bride,
Many people   have  become joyous because of it,
Great  joy, Great   dive joy, we got

b.Rathnaala  palakayu vesiree , Sitaa,
Ramaulu   idharu koochundiri, chelu,
Lathivega virul srungarinchiri, saalaa,
Janulunthu stotramu  chesiri,Manchi,
Brahamananda   vadhyamula chata  goshinchiri

Please  put   planlks studded  with Rathnas,
Let Sita   and Rama    sit  on that,
Let them with speed decorate them,
Let large  number  of people  pray them,
Great joy, let all  musical instruments make  great sound

c.Munthuka  purohithulochiri , manthra,
Mulugramamu goshinchiri, sathu,
Lanthu mangalamuka padiri, ramba,
Oorvasi  natyamu ladiri, Manchi  ,
Aparanchi bhashikamu aavela  katteri.  

Let priests   come first, let them ,
Chant in loud voice  manthras, let  all good people,
Sing   auspecious songs, let  Rambha,
And OOrvasi   dance, let  us,
At that time  tie  golden  words at that time

d.Yethudanu parvathi   saraswathi, yell,
Indraani devi arundathi, manch,
Ani  muthyalasesha jalliri, anthu,
Pushpa  varshamukri pinchiri, nathi,
Kausalya nochina nomusaphalamayenedu

Let   them  be received   with  high quality gems,
By  Parvathi  , Saraswathi as well as arundathi,
Let at that time   flowers  may be showered on them,
Like that penance observed  by Kausalya  became fruit ful.

2.Lakshmi  Kalyana  Vaibhogame ,

Translated by

Ragam Navaroju
Thalam AAdhi

Lakshmi  Kalyana  Vaibhogame
Gowri kalyana  Vaibhogame

The festival of wedding  of Lakshmi
The festival of wedding of Gowri

1,Sri Ramachandrundu sivinivilu virisi,
Sitanu chei patte srungaramuka  (Lakshmi)

Sri Rama got down from palanquin,
And held the hand of Sita  in a romantic manner 

2.Machavatharundu, madhu sudanundu,
Jocho chomuni jampi  theche  vedamulu  (Lakshmi)

In the incarnation of Mathsya,.madhusudana,
Went inside water ,  defeated and brought the Vedas

3.Koormatharundai, Kuru kulothamudu,
Amruthambu   chilkinchi asuralanu   gelche  (Lakshmi)

The Great one   of the kuru clan , in incarnation  of tortoise,
By  making   nectar, won  over the asuras

4.AAdhi varahamai  achuthundabudu,
Yaarakshansuni  jampiAvanika che   (Lakshmi0

Achutha  in his  incarnation as  primeval boar  ,
Defeated the Rakshasa   and brought back the earth

5.Bhaktha  Prahaladudow paluni kora
Kuyukthi thodanu nasasimhudai   vacha   (Lakshmi)

Taking pity on the   devotee Prahaladhi,
As Narasimha he   defeated the  conspiracy 

6.Indhruni   vanchimpa nenchi yaagam pu,
Kanchina palikai thavache   Vamanudai  (Lakshmi)

When a yaga       was   started  to deceive  Indra,
He came as  Vamana asking   for  some land

7.Avani rajunellaa hathamu jeyuda, ku,
Bhuvani kanthudu Parasu   ramundai  Vache (Lakshmi  )

He, the  husband of   earth,  came as Parasurama
For killing   the kings of earth

8.Adhi seshanu paini amaruthevundu,
Ayodhya Ramudai  avatharinchenu  (Lakshmi)

He   who was sitting  on Adhi sesha  ,
Took    the incarnation  of Ayodhya Rama

3.Vaarum  nalangida

Translated by

Thalam Chapu

1.Vaarum nalangida  , tharum kayyai,
Vandhanumum   cheikuren,
Vandhanamum  cheikuren,
Varunthi  ummai  azhaikkren

Please come to put Nalangu  , please give your hand,
I am saluting  you ,
I am saluting you,
With great  eagerness, I am calling you.

2.Athar, punugu , jawwathu, Chandanam,
Ambarudane poosuvatharkku,
Sudhamaka media mel vaa,
Sugunane  , unnai  vendukiren

For applying  Athar, Jawaathu  , sandal  ,
 And Ambar  on you,
Please come cleanly  on the stage,
Oh  good charactered  one, I am requesting you.

3. Thuval  kadamba  kasthuri  thilar tham,
Sogusudane, vaippatharkku,
Nava  rathina  media  mel vaa,
Nayakaa  unnai  vendukiren.

Along with mixture  of flakes  of musk and others,
To keep on you   in a  fashionable  manner ,
Come on the top of stage  made of nine costly gems,
Oh Lord  , I am requesting  you

4.Malli, mullai  , maruvu  , roja,
Manmadha  banathudane,
Selvane yen iru karathaal,
SEnnil vaikka vendukiren.

Jasmine , chrysanthymum , Marukozhundhu  , rose  ,
Along with arrow  of Venud,
Oh darling   with my two arms  ,
I want top keep it on your head.

4. Nalgu Pethramma  (Telugu)

Translated by

Thalam AAdhi

1.Nalugu pettaramma nedu  naathee  seethe  lalanaa  kittu,
Viswamithruni ventane nadisina viswa karuni thonu nedu

Oh my  pretty  Sita  , please  keep  Nalangu,
With  the the merciful one  who walked  along  with Viswamithra

2.Janaka Raja yintlo  perigina saraseejaakshi  neevu  nedu,
Thadaki   samharududana , Ramachandranu  thonu kodi

Oh lotus eyed  one who grew up   in the home  of king Janaka, please do it,
Along   with Ramachandra    who killed   THadaga

3.Parasurama muni banga parasina    gauthama  sakhiki saapamu  paapeena,
Kausalya Ramuni thonu sarasijakshi  neevu  nedu

Along  with Kausalya Rama  who   destroyed  pride  of Parasurama  ,
Who removed the curse  of sage Gauthama  , please do it

4.Jaladhi paina vaaradhi ketti Ravana  Kumbha karnanula drunchi,
Vibheeshananuki pattamu  kattina vinuthi kekkina Ramuni thonu

Along with Rama   who built bridge  across ocean and  killed ,Ravana,
And Kumbhakarna and   crowned Vibheeshna and became famous do it


Translated by

Ragam Hari Khambhoji
THalam Thisra gathi


Nalangida  vaarai  saami, Nanda kumara  ,
OO  Navaneetha   chora

Please come to put  Nalangu, Oh Nandakumara,
Oh  stealer  of butter


1.Parimala  chandanathai paar, itho kondu vanthen,
Pakshamudan  yezhnthu arulka, pangaya thaalaa oh,
Mangai  manaalaa  oo

See sweet smelling sandal  paste  brought   by me,
With interest  please come, Oh one with lotus like feet,
Oh Husband of   the lady

2.Alaripoo kondu  vanthu, aaram  katti   vaithirukku,
Iyane nee  mandapathil amara  varuvai,
Yengal kurayai  neekkuvai

With Alari flower    a garland   has been made,
Oh Lord please  come   to sit  in the stage,
Please  remove  our problems

3.Mallikai poo kondu vanthu ,maalai  katti  vaithirukku,
Madhavane  yezhunthiruppai, maalai  vaadukirathe,
Miga  VeLai   aakirathe

With jasmine   flower , a garland  has been made,
Oh Lord Madhava  please get up  , the garland is fading,
It has become too much time

4.Rojapoo kondu vanthen, Rajane unakkendru,
Rajan vara  kaanene, innum roja vadurathe,
Yennaavi   thedurathe

I have brought  rose flower,oh king for you,
I am not able to see the king coming, The rose flower  is fading
My soul  is searching for him

5.Chanpakapoo kondu vanthen, sundaraa  unakkendru,
Soora dheerane, Oyyaaraa  vaarai,yen munne ,
Kali theeraayo   Kanne

I have brought  Champa flowers  Oh handsome for you,
Of Valorous , brave  and very handsome one, please  come before me,
Oh Darling , would you not  remove  my problem

6.Thiru par kadal  thanile, aravu  mel palli  kondu,
Yoga nidrai  cheyyum devaa, Odi vaarayo,
Yenai   thedi vaarayo

Oh Deva   who does  yogic sleep  ,
Lying down on snake  in ocean of milk,
Wont  you come running, Wont you  come searching for me

7.Andru  Kariyai kaatha, sundara  varadhane,
Indru yen muraikku irangi innum vaarathatheno,
Paavan  naan  yenna  cheitheno

Oh pretty Varada  who saved elephant t that time,
Today is my time, still why you have  not taken pity and come,
What    sin I have done

8.Panchavar  sahayane, Anjali cheithene,
Nenjam irangaathathu  yeno, Vanjanayaamo,
Yen Chanjalam pomo?

Oh one who helped  Pandavas,  I did  salute you,
Why did not your heart melt, Is it cheating,
Will my hesitation go?

6.Varai  Nalanguku

Translated by

Ragam Kapi
Chapu THalam

1.Varai  Nalanguku  ,
Valli manalane,
Pulli  mayilin meethu

Please come to Nalangu
Consort  of Valli,
Consort  of Valli,
Riding on a spotted  deer

2.Pachai panthalittu,
Pavizha kal   sthambam nattu,
Rathna  Jamukkalam
Rammiyamai  pottirukka

Seetting up a green pandal,
Setting up  coral studded  pillars,
Spreading   a  carpet  of gems  ,
It was  arranged in a pretty manner

3.Aarangal rthoranangal,
Azhakaana  Rojaaval,
Maara nee amrnthida,
Mandapam   cheithirukka

Garlands  , decorative hangings,
Made of rose   flower,
Oh Cupid   for you to sit,
The stage    was thus made

4.Velli thambala  thattil,
Vidha vidha  panner  chombu,
THelli   neer cherthu,
DEvane   vaithirukka

In big selvar  polate,
Various types of vessels of rose water,
Mixed   with clear  water,
Oh God   when it was kept

5.Thalangal  Melangal,
Thambooru  Vaadhyangal,
Dasikal iru pakkam,
THayaraka  vanthirukka

Metal jingling instruments  , drums,
Stringed   instruments,
Servant ladies on one side ,
Were  waiting readily

7.Nalangu  idugiral

Translated by

Ragam Chenchurutti
Thalam Ropakam

1.Nalangu idugiraal  jnana  bhooshani-nagarikamai  -kondata
Nana vidhangali   ragankalai paada, naradar pin thalam poda

 Shge who is decorated with wisdom, for celebrating in a modern way  is keeping Nalangu
She sings  in various Ragas and Narada   is keeping time   at the back

2.Seerar   Harmonyam Veenai Fiddle kooda, kumari penkal   nindru aada,
Neraana maddalam othu   surangal theda, nerilanekamai   chaada

Youngsters joining  with  Harmonyam,  Veena  and Vioolin, young girls stand dancing,
The straight drum searching for proper  notes and people  jumping straight

3/Athar  punugum kasthuri javvathu ambar  kalavai  vidaathu,
Sudha milangum pada kamala meethu sobhithamai  poosa

Athar  , musk  , Kasthuri  , Javvathu  ambar   are  mixed  continuously,
And lustrously applied to her lotus  like feet.

4.Vistharamakave  meyyinile, thalave maru  maamalar  thoova,
Santhana bakkiyam   meppothum  ulaava, daralamai  nammai  meva

When broadly in hue plates   great  flowers are being showered,
With lucky children always wandering and  without botheration troubling us

5.Suthamana  pannerai   thaniyeduthu sundara  anandar  mel thelithu,
Vettilai churulai  bhakthiyai  koduthu melavar  choozhave   aduthu

Taking  pure rose  water   separately and sprinkling it on  the pretty groom,.
With devotion   give him a thamboola roll, and going near him with elders surrounding them

6.Madhava  mangala vachakae  choodi mamalar  maari,munnadi,
Othunga,  Vyasan kan padathai padi ongum padham thanai thedi

Making them wear  auspecious words  of Kroishna, Raining on them   big flowers,
And they go to one side, singing the verse of Vyasa , searching their extended feet

8.Nalangida  Vaarume

Translated by

Ragam Sankarabharanam  THalam chapu

1.Nalangida vaarume, naazhigai  aachuthe,
Nadha   yezhundhirume, yen prana ,
Nadha yezhundhirume,
Ithanai thamasam cheyyalaammaa

Please come  for putting Nalangu, time is late,
Oh lord  please get up , Oh lord  of my lifew,
Please get up,
Should you  be so much late

2,Malli   mullaikal  aarangal   katti yen,
Nadaaa  naan kathiruka  , yen  prana,
Nadhaa naan Kathirukka,
Aakayinaal aakayinaal,
Ithanai  thamasam cheyyalaamaa

I have made  garlands  of jasmine and Chrysanthymum,
And Oh Lord  , I am waiting  , Oh lord,
Of  my soul  , I am waiting,
And so, and so  ,
Should  you be so much late

3.Atharum pannerum punuku,s anthanam kondu,
Aasayai kaathirukka, yen Naadhaa ,
Aasayai  Kathirukka,
AAkayinaal aakayinaal ,
Ithanai   thamasam cheyyalaama

When I am waiting   with desire  with Athar  , Panner  ,
Punuku   and sandalwood, my lord,
Waiting with desire
And so, and so  ,
Should  you be so much late

4.Auto  Dil bahar   Otto, mohini sentukalellam,
Kootti naan vaithirukka, centukalellam,
Kootti naan vaithirukka
AAkayinaal aakayinaal ,
Ithanai   thamasam cheyyalaama

When I mix the scents  Auto , dil bahar  , Auto mohini
And keeping   all of them with me,
Keeping  all of them mixed,
And so, and so  ,
Should  you be so much late

9.Nalangida  Vaarai

Translated by

.Mohana Ragam-Thalm Chapu

Nalangida vaarai  , Nanda gopaalaa,
Narayanaa, Raghu Nadhaa   susheelaa

Please come for putting Nalangu, Oh Nanda gopala,
Oh Narayana, Oh Lord Raghu  , Oh good natured  one

1.Alankrutha maamudi  thailathaal  aatti,
Anjanam  koottiya  azhakudan   theetti,
Ilangiya  maa maru  mallikai   chootti,
Yiru   cheviyora mutharangal pootti,
Kannaa  , Nalangida  Raja, Nalangida  Krishnaa

After applying  oil  to your decorated hair,
After applying Kajal to the eyes  prettily,
After decorating with   big pretty jasmine flowers,
After  making him wear ear ornaments on both ears,
Oh Darling come for putting  Nalangu  , Oh king come for putting Nalangu  , oh Krishna

2.Pattu pattadaikal  paarkka kan  koosum,
Parimalame   undhan meniyil veesum,
Kattiya muthu  kalavayil     thesum
Kaanu meladai  kadhikkave  pesum,
Kannaa  , Nalangida  Raja, Nalangida  Krishnaa

The silk silken dress  will make the eyes glitter,
Perfumed scent will  come out of your body,
The body will shine  in the pearl ornaments he wears,
The upper cloth that  I see, will   talk to me  ,
Oh Darling come for putting  Nalangu  , Oh king come for putting Nalangu  , oh Krishna

3.Pachai marakatham uchiyil onga,
Padangalil   jeeva  rathinam thenga,
Uchi mikundha vivorayil  naanga,
Ulla padi cheivomkalame neenga
Kannaa  , Nalangida  Raja, Nalangida  Krishnaa


Translated by

Ragam  Chenjurutti
Thalam   roopakam

Somasundaraa –Manoranchithaa,
Maruli  mano jaa

Oh one as pretty  as moon  who entertains the mind.
Oh   person with friendly  mind

Sunariyaam Rugmanikku,
Nalangida Varai

Come to put  Nalangu,
To the pretty   Rugmani


1Kaappu  kolusu  kayyil vaangi,
Valayal  minnave,
Karikayaam  Rugmanikku,
Nalangida  vaarai

Get her anklets  and feet bangles,
And with  bangles   shining,
To the lady Rugmani ,
Please  come  to put Nalangu

2.Seemai kamalam, jambal  jimikai,
Jilu jilu yenave,
Seermai mikka  rugmanikku
Nalangida  vaarai

Foreign lotus , wearing ornaments of  nose and ear,
With grealy shining  ,
For   the very straight forward Rukhmani,
Please   come to put  Nalangu

3.Kasi pudavai  , kanaka padakkam,
Thala thala  venave  ,
Kannikayaam   rugmanikku,
Nalangida   vaaraai

With benares Sari, golden medal  ,
Shining   shining  ,
To Rughmani  who is the maiden,
Please come to put  Nalngu

4.Kanda sarangal  , Kanaka  Odyaanam,
Kankal  minnave,
Karunayulla rugmanikku  ,
Nalangida  Vaarai

With necklaces  on neck and golden  waist belt,
Hurting eyes  with their shine,
To Rugmani  , who Is merciful,
Please come to put  Nalangu