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PPaal vadiyum Mukham


Paal vadiyum Mukham





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Ragam Natta kurinji

THalam  AAdhi


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Paal vadiyum Mukham

Ninainthu  ninainthen  ullam

Paravasa  miga vaaguthe



Thinking and thinking  about you,

Face   from  which milk sheds,

My mind is becoming ecstatic



Neelakadal pondra  nirathazhakaa-Kannaa

Yendhan nenju   kudi kondu

Andru  mudhal indrum

Yentha  porul kandum

Chinthanai chellathu  ozhiya (paal..)


Oh Darling Krishna  who is pretty with colour like  blue sea

And who always  living within my mind

From that  day  till   today,

Seeing   any  thing  ,

My mind  does not get  attracted by it



1,Vaana  mugattil  chathru

Manam  vanthu  nokkinum

Un mona  mukham  vanthu thondruthe


If I see  for a little  time  ,

The top of the sku,

Your pretty face comes in to my mind


2.THelivaana  thaneer  thadathil,

Chinthanai  maarinum

Un Chiritha mukham vanthu kaanuthe


If my thought   gets atteacted,

By  a store  of very clear water,

Your smiling face  comes and appears there


3.Ghana  kuyil  kuralil,

Karuthu   amaithidinu(angu)

Un Ghana kuzhalosai  mayakkuthe


When I   concentrate   my thoughts

In the voice  of a  singing nightingale

The sound of the music of your flute  enchants me


4.Karutha kuzhalodu nirutha  mayil iragu

Irakki amaintha thirathile

Ghana  mayil aadum , mona kuyil paadum

Neela  nadhiyodum vanathile


In your  great   capacity  of decorating

Your dark black hairs with standing peacock wing

The musical peacock dances, the pretty  nightingale sings

And  the blue  river  passes  through the forest


5,Kuzhal muthal   yezhil  isai   kuzhaya  varum isayil

Kuzhalodu milir  ilam karathile

Kadhirum  mathiyum   yena  mayana  vizhikal  iru

Nlinamaana  chalanathile


In the  music  which comes as pretty music  out of the flute,

IN the  young hands which  shines  along with the flute

In the  pretty   soft movement,

In the two eyes   which   are the sun and moon


6.Kaalingan chirathile,Kaditha  padathile

Yen manathai  iruthi,

Kanavu ninaivinodu,

Piravi piravi  thorum

Kanithuruga varam   tharuga param karunai


After  placing  my mind

On the feet   which danced  on the  head of Kalinga

From birth to birth,

With this  memory   and dream

Oh greatly merciful one   please  grant me the boon



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Krithis composed by Smt.Kalyani Varadarajan

 Krithis composed by  Smt.Kalyani  Varadarajan


Translated by



(Kalyani Varadarajan (4 October 1926 – 28 October 2003), commonly known as Kalyani, is one of Carnatic music's famous twentieth-century composers. She has created carnatic compositions in all 72 melakarta ragas, besides scores of janya  ragas.


1.      Abheeshta Dhayini

Aparna Parvathi

Bhajamyaham Bhuvaneshwarimvv 

Chandikeswarim Asrayamyaham

Chinthayeham Sindhujaam 


6.      Hari pada Mahimanu


7.      Ishta  DEvatha  Indrambha


8.      Karunamrutha  Varshni


9.      Mahaa Balawantha


10.   Mahakali NInnu


11.   Mari mari  Hari namamrutha


12.   Namarasa Mannave

Narasimham Sirasa Namamyaham


14.   Nava graham Daivamula


15.   Neerajaksha ninu kori


16.   Pahimaam payorasi

Payorasi Bale


18.   Sadhaa Sardambaam


19.   Sagara  Sutham


20.   SAmpath pradhe


21.   SAnathani  Suravani



23.   Sangeetha SArangya

Santha Durga Devi


25.   Saramathi  Saraswathi


26.   Sri thulasi  Neethimathi

27.   Sri Yuvathi  Priyam

Swethambharim Vaanim Asraye

Vainatheya Vaahanam Bhajeham

Vandeham Gandhavaha Sutham


Thamarasa  Dhama

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Pahimaam Payorasi



Pahimaam  Payorasi



Kalyani  Varadarajan


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Ragam: Subhapantuvarali (Taana Varnam) Taalam Adi



Paahimaam Payoraasi Putri Jagadaatri

Paapa haarini Paavani Promoda daayini


Protect me  , Oh daughter  of the ocean , mother  of universe,

Destroyer of sins, The very pure one, the giver of joy



Mahaa Bhagya Saalini Mandagamanee

Navaamboja Paani Kalyaani


She who  grants great luck , she  who walks slowly.

She who has new lotus  flowers in her hand, She who grants auspiciousness



Sree Hari Manavollaasini Sruthollasini 


She who makes the mind of Hari  happy, she who is happy with Vedas

SAnathani Suravani



SAnathani  Suravani



Kalyani  Varadarajan


Translated by




Ragam- Sunaadavinodini 

   Talam –Rupakam


P. Sanaathanee  Suraavanee

      Sunaadavinodini  Amba 


She who has been forever,She to whom devas  bow down

She who is entertained by  good music, She who is the mother



Ghanaaghamochani Paavani 

Ghatikaachala nivaasini


She who releases people from vexation, she who  purifies

She who lives   In ghatikachala(sholingur)



 Thulasi sanka chakra manitheerthaadi Vaibhave

Thulasidhara Kalyaani Sulabhaasrithe  Chinthamani. (Sana)


She  who is glorified by  THulasi, conch, Chakra , gem and sacred   waters

The Kalyani  who wears thulasi, She who can be easily  depended upon, She who is the wish giving gem

Ishta devathaa Indramba


Ishta devathaa  Indramba



Kalyani  Varadarajan


Translated by




Ragam : Bhupaalam


Ishta Devatha  Indiraamba ne

Ila lona ninne Nammiyunnaane


Oh  Goddess  whom we like, the mother  Lakshmi,

I am only banking on you, in spite of your not being here



Ashtasampathella Nandaseyu thalli

Sishtapaalini Siddhi lakshmi Sri 


Oh Mother   grant us   the eight types   of wealth

Oh Goddess  who observes  discipline, Oh  Lakshmi  who fulfills desires



Vanditha aparna Vaariraasi Kanya

Vandana Satamu Lacharinthune

Enthune Velanin Ninchi Poojinchene

Gandharpa janani Kalyaani Naa.


To the daughter  of the ocean, who is saluted by Pavathi

I am offering  hundreds  of salutations

And have been worshipping  from the beginning

The Kalyani   who is the mother  of  Manmtha 

Mari mari Hari Namamrutha


Mari mari  Hari Namamrutha



Kalyani  Varadarajan


Translated by




Hamir Kalyaani


Mari Mari Hari Naamamrutha mani

Kari varaduni smarimpave manasa


By again and again chanting the  nectar  like names of hari

Oh mind, think about God who blessed  the elephant



Dharaghati kaadri dhaamudai varayoga

Niradudow nrukesarini marvage


Do not  forget  The narasimha  who has home in  Ghatikachala,

And who is  of the  colour  of the cloud



Sri Rama Hrudayaa raama vihaarude

Karunaalayude Kalyaani Nuthude

Neeraja Naabunee Nithyu Niranjanu

Vaaramu Sukha Vaaridi neethu chukori.


That rama   who lives  in the heart

In whom mercy  stays, to whom kalyani is the devotee

Who is the colour  of water rich clouds, who is forever without stains

  Please make him  your own always  , that  ocean of pleasure


This blog has more than 2 million visitors

This blog   has  more than 2  million visitors

Translations of songs of carnatic music songs   was started   about 15 years back by me  .I have so far   tranalated more then 2000 krithis from Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi   and Marathi  . Possibly my greatest   achievement was   the translation of all  krithis of Tyagaraja and the music Drama  Nandanar. You can see an index to all  my translations  in

Pazhamo Pazhamo Pazham

 பழமோ பழமோ பழம்

Pazhamo  Pazhamo  Pazham




 TRanslated by


ராகம் : கௌரிமனோஹரி



பழமோ பழமோ பழம் பாகவத பழமோ பழமோபழம்


Pazhamo  , Pazhamo  Pazham

Bhagwatha  Pazhamo  Pazhamo  Pazham


It is fruit, fruit   and the fruit

The fruit called  Bhagwatha, the fruit  , the fruit



பவபயம் எனும் ஒரு இருளைக் கெடுத்த

ஸுக முனியெனும் கிளி கொத்திக் கொடுத்த || (பழமோ)


BHava  bhayam   yenum  oru  irulai  kedutha

Sukha muni    yenum  kili  kothi  kodutha (Pazhamo)


That which  removed   the darkness of the   fear of birth cycle,

The one   pecked  by the  parrot   called   sage  Shuka (fruit)




1.அழகான மா மறைத் தருமேலே அது

ஆருக்கும் அரிதான தன்மையாலே

முழு மோனப் பொருளுக்கு இவை போலே

முன் செய்த தீவினை எனும் நாரில்லாது

மூண்டிடும் பாவமெனும் வண்டு துளைக்காத || பழமோ |


Azhakaana  Ma marai  tharu mele  Athu,

AArukkum  arithaana   thanmayaale

Muzhu  mona   porulukku  ivai poala

Mun cheitha theevinai yenum  naarillathu

Moondidum paavamenum vandu  thulaikkatha(Pazhamo)


It is on the top of   the pretty huge tree of  Vedas

Due to its difficulty  to get   for every one

Like  it being   the   property completely silent  God

It is fruit without fibre of the past  Karma

And one not  burrowed by the bee of sins that   we earned (Fruit)


2.தேடித் திரிந்தாலும் காணக் கிடைக்காது

தெய்வ அருளைப் போலே கடையில் கிடைக்காது

ஆடிக் காற்றில் விழவோ எளிதாய் இருக்காது

அதற்கென்ன மற்றொரு காலம் ஆகட்டும்

அப்போது பார்ப்போம் என்றால் எப்போதும் கிடைக்காத || பழமோ ||


THedi  thirinthaalum  kana  kidaikkathu,

DEiva arulai poale  kadayil kidaikkathu

AAdi  kaathil vizhavo  yelithaai  irukkathu

Atharkenna mathoru kalam  aagattum

Appothu paarppom  yendraal yeppothum  kidaikkatha  (pazham)


It cannot be found  , even if you search for it

It is not available in shop like  blessing of gOd,

It will not   easily fall in torrential wind of AAdi mnth

If we think “So what  , let another   time come for it”

It will be  not available at   any time(fruit )