Monday, January 11, 2016

Two Pathiyams teasing the Sambandhi (lady in law)

Two  Pathiyams   teasing   the  Sambandhi (lady in law)

Pathiyams (songs)  teasing each other   by the groom and  the bride  or    the mother of bride  or bride groom   where  once common in iyer  marriages   and were  sung during  Nalangu-a  play of  bride and groom   after marriage, by rolling coconuts. This system has  almost disappeared  . Here  are  two such Pathiyams  where the in laws   are being teased.

1.Lali, lalayya lali  Sambandhi

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1.Lali Lalayya Lali  Sambandhi,
Arayile   kandha lali  , Oorile  rumba joli,
Sambandhi parengum cheivaar geli.

1.Lali , Laali  ,Lali  , inlaw  mother ,
In the room  She worships Muruga laali  but in town she is very jolly,
And the  in law  father  would tease  her all around  the world.

2.Kandikku poi varuvaal sambandhi  ,
Kattarali  vaangi  varuvaal,
KOndayil chooti kolvaal-SAmbandhi,
Kulunguvaal  lali, lali

2,In law   would visit Kandi  and return,
She would return  buying  forest  flowers   ,
And that In law lady will decorate , her hair bun with thar,
She would  shake and shake  , Lali , Lali

3.Malayalam poi varuvaal  sambandhi  ,
Maru kozhundhu   vangi varuvaal magizhvaka,
Choodi kolvaal Sambandhi  -mayakkuval  ,
3,In Law mother would go to Kerala  and return,
She would return happily buying  Davanam leaves,
She would  decorate her hair  with that,
She would then make us swoon  , swoon , Laali

4.Kuchili pottumittu  …koosamal mayyum ittu  ,
Mechiye thannai thaane  ,
Maykkuuvaal   laali, laali
4, She would put on a thilak with Kuchili   and without shame put on Kajal,
She would  then appreciate  herself,
And  she would then make us swoon , Laali

2.Sappiduvathil  SAmbandhi  Getti Kari

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1.Sappiduvathil  Sambandhi getti kari ,
Miga sambramamagave sappiduvathil  ,

1,Our lady in law   is an expert in eating,
She is an expert  in eating  food  in a grandiose  manner

2.Koopidatha aathil   koosamale   odi,
Kappi, ravai   uppuma  kaanamale thirudi.
Sappiduvathil  gettikkari  Sambandhi

2.She would enter   without bothering   in homes 
Where  she has not been invited,
And steal  coffee  , Upma   without any body knowing  ,
And    she is an expert in eating , our lady  in law.

3.Mookai urinji  kondu  mozhankalai .
Thadavi kondu , nakkai  neeti kondu,
Nachi naalu jamathil   sappiduvathil ,
Gettikari sambandhi.

3.Deeply snorting her nose  ,  massaging ,
Her knees  , extending   her toungue  out ,

In eating   after  mid night , , our lady in law  is an expert.