Sunday, June 30, 2019

Arul neri -The Dharma

Arul  neri  -The Dharma

Durgai  Chithar

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Ragam  Dhanyasi

Maname   unakkoru  upadhesam –intha,
Man meethile  cholla udhesam

Oh mind  , a teaching for you –I intend,
To tell   you  on this earth.


1.Noyuththom  yendru  nee varuthapadathe-yentha,
Nonbume  illai yena  nee ninaikkathe,
Poi varum  vazhi chendru pizhaikkathe-manam,
Pona  pokkellam   nadakkate

Do not feel bad that  you are sick  ,
Do not think there  is no penance,
Do not go by the way you enter and  earn  your living,
Do  not walk   as dictated  by your  mind.

2.Vanchanai  cheyyathe  manathaale  - veen,
Vambukal  pesaathe vaayaale,
Anjidum  yezhayai  athattathe-intha,
Arulaana  neriyai  marakkathe

Do not deceive  by your mind –do not,
Speak  needless  gossip by your mouth,
Do not shout at  the scared poor man,
Do not ever forget  this teaching  of dharma.