Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sri Partha sarathe pahi maam

Sri Partha sarathe  pahi maam

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(This is a well known Malayalam film song .Hear it sung https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi_62xzrPAg  )

Sri Partha sarathe  pahi maam
Sritha jana  palaka pahi maam

Oh Lord  Partha sarathy  , please protect me  ,
Oh protector   of those  who depend on  you , please  protect me

Kaarirul  chirakadicharkkum  ,
Bheekara  ghora   vanangaloode  ,
Vaththiya mizhi  neer chalugalil,
Thee kathum maru bhoomiyuloode,
AApad  bandhavaa  jnan  alayunnu,
jeevithamaam  yee  radham urulaathe(sree Parthasarathe..) 

IN the midst  of fearful and horrible forests,
Where   deep darkness flaps  its wings with speed,
Along  with   the fire  burning desert,
Created  by the  dried  channels of tears,
I am wandering  oh saviour from dangers,
Due to the chariot of life  not  rolling

Mugdha  vikara  sathangal   pidayum,
Hruthu  oru ranganamallo,
Uthavar anbin   uruvakal udayavar,
Chuthum   nirayaai  nilkkukayallo,
ASritha   vathsala, jnan thaLaurunnu,
Aarodu adaraadum  yennu  ariyaathe (SRee Partha sarathe  )

With    hundrerds  of dumb  felings struggling
My  heart   is but only a stage ,
Though those  who have  the springs  of love of relationships,
Are   standing round me  in rows,
OH God who loves   those who depend on you, I am becoming weak,
Not knowing   with whom  I will fight 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nadarudan Meenashi- Laali song

Nadarudan  Meenashi-  Laali song

Translated   by

Nadarudan   meenakshi   nalamudane koodi,
Nayanthu  vilayadirukkum   Naga rathna  oonjal Laali

Meenakshi pleasantly  joined with her lord,
And with equality  is rocking on  the swing of Serpent stone-Laali

Sivanudane parvathiyum  selvamudan koodi,
CHernthu vilayadiyirukkum  selvarathna oonjal laali

Parvathi joined along with shiva with prosperity ,
And together they play  the prosperous gem  swing  laali

Kandharudan valliyammai kaanakathil koodi,
Kalanthu vilayadirukkum  kallizhaitha –oonjal Laali

Goddess Valli  met with Skanda  in the forest,
And together they played in gem  studded swing-Laali

Amruthavalli  narasimhar anbudane koodi,
Asainthu vilayadiyirukkum  annamani-oonjal laali

Amruthavalli   joined with Lord Narasimha    with love ,
And together  they play in moving swan like swing-Laali

Jayalakshmi seenivasan   sirappoudane  kkodi,
Sinthai miga magizhndhirukka sinna mani- oonjal laali

Srimathi  joined with Srinivasa   in a special manner,
And  with a great joyous mind played in a swing of small gems-  Laali

Mayilaada kuyil paada gopurangal asaya,
Gopurathil irandu kili kuthithu –vilayada laali

With peacocks dancing , cuckoos  singing with spires shaking,
Two birds   jumped   and played in the swing-Laali