Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Na moralanu vini emaravalenaa

Na moralanu vini emaravalenaa
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Aarabhi
Thalam Desadhi
Na moralanu vini emaravalenaa,
Pamara manujulalo, Oh Rama
Oh Rama, even after  hearing my appeals,
Should you neglect me among this ordinary people.
Thomara narasamulai manasuku,
Dosenaa Bhaktha  Papa vimochanaa
Are you perceiving my words like  spears and arrows?
Are  you not the one who removes sins  of  your devotees.
1.Ibha Rajendrudu  yekkuvaina,
Lanchamichanthu  yemiraa,
Sabhalo manamu bosamayambuna,
Sathi yemichenuraa Oh Rama
!.Di d  the king of elephants    bribe you,
Too much ?With what  did he do it?
At the time when she was losing her respect ,
In the court, What did Draupadhi give you, Oh Rama.
2.Bhagavatha gresara  rasikavana,
Jagarookudani  pere,
Raga  swara yudha prema bhaktha jana,
Rakshaka  , Thyagaraja vanditha.
2.Oh Lord who protects  great musical devotees,
And connoisseurs,  is your always being alert,
Is only a play acting?  Are you not  one,
Who protects  devotees  with Raga, Swara  and devotion,
Oh Lord  worshipped   by  Thyagaraja.   

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