Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dasaratha Nandana, Dhanava Mardana

Dasaratha  Nandana, Dhanava Mardana
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Asaveri
Thalam AAdhi
Dasaratha  Nandana, Dhanava Mardana,
Dhayaya maam pahi
Oh son of Dasaratha , Oh killer of Asuras ,
With kindness  protect me.
1.Chalunu  maya jalamu  cheya ,
Jalanu   thoya jalayaa  Raya.
1,Oh  Lord who lives on the lotus of my heart , enough of this ,
Magical tricks  , I would not be able to bear your delay.
2.Manasuna naree manulanu  gori,
Janulatho   jeri  jeppa nee dhari
2.Due to having desire   for ladies in my mind
Joining with others, I was not able to speak out about  your path.
3.Dhanikuni nenji  thanuvunu   benji,
Vani thala kanji  vadharudhu  bonji.
3.After joining with rich people, and nurturing   this body,
I developed love towards ladies and wandered  babbling.
4,Nay  Paradesi  nerppuna  gaasi,
Bapave   tasi   pavanu jesi
4.Please understanding that  I am an outsider(beggar),
And knowing my sorrow , come near me and  make me  pure.
5. SArvamu  neevu  sareku   ravu,
Garvamulu   levu  garakkuna  brovu
5.Though you are everything , wouldn’t  ,
You show mercy to me  , I  am not proud,
Please protect me  now itself.
6.Valasithi Neela varna  susheela ,
Chala mika   nela   swami  nay  thala.
6.Oh blue coloured one, Oh good natured one,
Why this anger at me, I cannot bear  it.
7.SAgara sayana  , sarasa nayana,
THyagraja  vana  tharaka suguna.
7.Oh Lord who sleeps on ocean , Oh lotus eyed one,
Oh Good natured one   who  would make Thyagaraja cross   the Samsara.

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