Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lalithe , sri pruvruddhe , srimathi

Lalithe , sri pruvruddhe  , srimathi
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Bhairavi
Thalam Aadhi
Lalithe , sri pruvruddhe  , srimathi,
Lavanya  nidhimathi
Oh Goddess Lalitha , Pruvrudha Devi , DSRimathi,
Treasure  of  prettiness
THelivini  vardhillu  sri,
THapastheertha  , nagara  nilaye
Oh Goddess   who lives THapastheerthapura,
Which increases   wisdom.
1.THeliyani  baludagadhaa Amba,
Thelivi  nee sommu gathaa,
Chalamu   seya mariyaadhaa,
Challani  matalu  balkaradha.
1,Am I not  an ignorant  boy,
Is not wisdom your asset,
Is it proper  for you to get angry me?
Can You not  talk to me pleasing words?
2.Brochuvarilanu  leka,
Joochi joodaga  praakaa,
Yi  sujanula  vedagaleka,
Nay Dasuda neeve  gdhigaka
2.Since there is no one  to protect  me,
Your indifference  making you not see me in spite of seeing  me,
And to me  who is your slave  who am not able to make ,
Good people     take pity on me  , You are the only protection.
3.Kanna thalli  Shubha vAdane   mee,
Yanna  Dhayaku  bathrudane,
Thinnaga   saranu  jochithine ,
Thyagaraja   manasa  sadane.
3.Oh my mother   who has an auspecious  face,
I am receiving   the grace from your brother  ,
And so I directly   came and surrendered to you,
Oh Goddess who is in the heart of Thyagaraja

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