Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nayeda vanchana seyakuraa , Oh Raghava

Nayeda vanchana  seyakuraa , Oh Raghava
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Nayeda vanchana  seyakuraa , Oh Raghava,
Nalugurikai nammalethuraa   Sri Ramachandra,
 Do not practice deceit against me, Oh Raghava,
Oh Ramachandra , I did not believe in you   for sake of four people.
Mayapu manavulathu Jeri,
Mathsarudai  thirigi  thinaa,
Dhayadhula  poraina  gaani,
SAudanai  vedukonna
Did I join with cheating men  ,
And develop jealousy against others
And wandered here and  there  ?
Though I fought with my clan members,
I am requesting you   as your slave.
Vadhaduchu Baluru yechadi ,
Vadou niluraa  buddhi,
Ledhayana  thalimi  galavaarai,
THalli dhandrulu joochi,
MOdhamutho  dhanayu  lanusunu,
Muddhu  betti  HGOwgili goorcha,
Ledhaa  yatune gadhaa  brovave,
Thyagaraja sannutha.
Though the  children who were arguing  said,
“Where from you have come. Don’t you have brain?”
Their father and mother   with great patience ,
Look at them and saying  “They are  our children”
Do they not  hug and kiss them?
Am I also not like that   to you,
Oh Lord worshipped by Thyagaraja.

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