Monday, March 16, 2015

Yi menu galiginandhuku

Yi menu  galiginandhuku
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam varali
THalam AAdhi
Yi menu  galiginandhuku Sitarama  ,
Namame  balkavalenu
For getting this body  , chanting  name,
Of Sitarama  is the only   good way.
Kamadhi durguna sthoma  poorithulaina,
Oamarathwame   gaani nemamu na letti.
This body filled with  crowd of bad characters like  ,
Passion  , which has arisen due   to ignorance  .
1,Samasaramunu  brova  darini  para=
Himsa jenthu kirathudu  ,
Hamsa roopula  gathi  naduga  Ramanama pr-
SAmsa  jesi  yupadesincha   dhanyudu gaadha.
1.When one hunter    for the sake of  looking ,
After   his family was troubling others,
Asked  about his fate    to the great saint Narada,
They advised him to chant name  of Rama,
And did he   not become purified by that?
2.Thapasi  sapamidagaa   jaloraga,
Roopamu goniyundagaa ,
Thapamu  sairinchaka  thalladillaga   chara,
Chapasdaruni  nama  sravanamu   brovaledha.
2.Due to the curse of a great sage  , Having attained,
The form of a leech  and was struggling due to sorrow,
And as soon as he heard the name of the archer “Ram,a”,
 Did he not come out of his curse and live happily?
3. Kari raju theliyaleka  baludainama-
Karichetha  gaasi jendhagaa ,
Araloka   nijamuna  naadhimoola   managa,
Varadhudu   vegame vachi   briovaga ledhaa?
3. When the king of elephants unknowingly  ,
Got caught  by a crocodile and was suffering sorrow,
And when  he without even little doubt,
With all  his mind shouted , “Oh primeval cause “
Did not the God who blesses  came there ,
Speedily  and saved  him?
4.AAgama Vedamulanu Dhanavudu
 Gompovaagaa, chathurananudu,
Thyagaraja nutha   tharaka nama  yani,
Baaguga   nuthimba   bayamu  dheerppagaledhaa.
4.When the Agamasa and Sasthras were   stolen away ,
By an Asura and when the four faced  Brahma,
Called you  “Oh Lord who is saluted by  Thyagaraja,
Who has a name that  gives salvation”,
Did you not  completely destroy his fear?

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