Friday, March 13, 2015

Samiki sari jeppajala velpula Rama

Samiki sari jeppajala velpula Rama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Begada
Thalam  Roopakam
Samiki sari jeppajala velpula Rama
There is no other God who can be told as  equal to my God  Rama
Naa manasathanipai   nadiyundaga  norula
When My mind is wanting him , it is not possible ,
1.Yeti yochana   chalu  , evari  ketulo  vralu,
Matalatedhe   melu  madhikidhe padhi velu.
1.Why this  other thoughts? Everything will happen  ,
According to one’s fate and if my God   talks ,
That is sufficient for me  and is ten thousand wealth for me.
2.THanakanti  kethomuddhu  thappadadi  paddhu,
Chanavu cheyu neybroddhu  challani  choopakaddhu.
2.His look is very enchanting  to my eyes and he never ,
Fails in his word and at all times he appears cool to me.
3.Anni  velpulalona   athaniki sarigana,
Thannu brochina   gana  Thyagaraja   sagudaina.
3.I do not    find any other  God who is equal to him,

And he is   the one who protected   Thyagaraja his thick friend.

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