Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hariyanuvari sari yevvare

Hariyanuvari sari yevvare
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Thodi
Thalam Aadhi
Hariyanuvari sari yevvare
Who is there , who are equal to those who chant   “ Hari”?
1.Paluvidhamula  thalapula  rosi,
Nilvaramagu  bhakthiyu jesi,
Malayani matha  bedhamu gosi
1.After leaving out  different thoughts,
Adopting  a very stable   devotion,
After hating differences of beliefs
2.Karagusu madhilo  Gaminchi  hari,
Charanamulanu  hrudha yamunichi,
Vara sukamuka   dhanamani  yenchi
2.With a melted heart developing  great desire  of the mind,
Placing the feet of Hari in his   mind,
And thinking that  the words of sage Sukha are the wealth
3.Yi suka merugani  jana chelimi,
Vasugi  visame  marikolimi  nija,
Dasula   sambhashana  balimin
3.Thinking that  the friendship of those  who do not this joy,
Is like the poison of  serpent Vasukhi and also ,
And as fire  raised by bellows  and the conversation ,
Of real devotees   is the real strength
4.Nee japamuna  hrudayamu  vega,
Rajillanu jesina  Thyaga-,
Raja nuthuni  perula baga
4.After tasting well  various  names   from the prayers,
Of Thyagaraja which by chanting  would ,
Speedily open up  the flower of our heart.

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