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Sri Rama Ramasrithulamu gaamaa

Sri Rama  Ramasrithulamu gaamaa
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Saveri
Thalam Chapu
Sri Rama  Ramasrithulamu gaamaa,
Neramaa brova barama
Oh Rama am I not people who have surrendered  to you,
Is it difficult for you to protect us?
1.Manasaa  naa mata  vini sareku,
Mukthi  ganumi manchidha numi
1,Oh mind, hear my words  and always ,
Search for salvation, that is better
2.Paluvidha  karmambu layandhu marmamu,
Thelisiko  Harini   kalusoko
2.Try to understand   the mystery behind  ,
What you do   and  try to meet Hari.
3.Logulu  thama  throva yekamandhuru ,
Oppu Kokave  .mosa Pogave
3.People tell that their  method is the only one.
Do not believe in it and get cheated.
4.Mati matini no one rotiyeddhulu  thirugu,
Dhatiraa   matha  mepatiraa
4.For that  is like  the  act of   bulls  tied,
To the oil machine  and is only keep on  ,
Doing   the same thing again and again.
5.Aa madamulayandhu nemamu  sathyamu ,
Yemarapogu pamara.
5,Do not get deceived by  not knowing   the truth ,
And rules  of that religion .Oh ignorant  mind.
6.Gathyantharamu ledhu prathyekamuna  joodu,
Nithyuni  , krutha kruthyuni.
6.There is no other option,  see that God in particular ,
Who is for ever  and one who complets his jobs with joy.
7.Tholi bhava nadakamula  jeyu papamu  ,
THolagunu   sukhamu  kalugunu
7,And all the sins that  you have done in previous births,
Would go away  and you would receive pleasures.
8.Naa  dhalapula nundu  sridhuni  manasendhu  ,
Meedhano  evari bodhamo.
8.Where did the mind of him   who is always ,
In my thought go, This is whose   teaching?
9.Jada delusu koni  vedukina   nannu  ,
Joodadu matatadu
9.He does not see  me ot talk with me,
When I see   his signs and make an humble request to him.
10.Krodha lobhamulatho   badinchinayaa-,
Radhano leka   Sodhano
10.Is the worship that  I do to him filled ,
With anger and avarice of is he testing me?
11.SAdhayuni chirunavvu vadanuni  patha Bhakthi  ,
Vadalanu   yendhu  gadhalanu
11.I would never leave  the devotion to the  feet of that lord,
With slight smile and having great mercy and I would never move.
12.Nemamuka   dholi nomuna   dorikina ,
Ramuni   jithakamuni
12. That Rama who was got due to old penance  done,
According to the rules, who has   won over passions
13.  Seeluni   sath guna   salini   joochude ,
SAlunu anyamalenu
13.Who is of good behavior and conduct   as,
Seeing him would be sufficient  and
Where is the need for  any other thing.
14,Valaraja  janakuni valasudhunani   pera,
Goluthunu   yamuni  geludhunu.
14.I would win over God of death  by loving ,
The father of God of love  and chanting his names.
15.Naa jayamunuThyagarajuni  Rajadhi  ,
Rajunaku  goorthu Rajini.
15.And I would even dedicate   the  victory to ,
The Rama who is  the   king of kings    of Thyagaraja.

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