Friday, March 13, 2015

Intha kannanandha memi oh Rama, Rama

Intha kannanandha memi oh Rama,  Rama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Bilahari
Thalam Roopakam
Intha kannanandha memi oh Rama,  Rama
Is there   more joy  than this Oh Rama, Oh Rama
Santha  janulakolla  sammathiyunde gaani
Than the joy when your mind completely gets involved,
With the group   of great saint devotees
1.Aaduchu  nadhamuna  paduchu  yethudaraa-,
Veduchu   manasuna   goodiyundedhi chalu
1.It is sufficient toi dance forgetting oneself , Sing soulful music,
And requesting him to come before you and merging your mind  with Him
2.Sri Hari Keerthanache  dehaadhi   indriya  sa-
Moohamula   marachio sohamai manadhe chalu
2.It is sufficient if we sing about Hari   forgetting our mind,
As well as body  and becoming one with him thinking “I am he”
3.Nee japamula vela  nee Jagamulu  nee vai,
Rajillu naya   Thyagaraja nutha   charithra
3.Oh Lord whose   story is sung by Thyagaraja   when I chant  ,
Your name , to me all the worlds appear   to be only yourself.

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