Monday, March 16, 2015

Karuna yelagante nee vidhame

Karuna yelagante nee vidhame
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
 Ragam  Varaali
THalam AAdhi
Karuna yelagante nee vidhame,
Kalyana sundara Rama
Oh Auspecious pretty Rama , how can I ,
Get your mercy, and it is like this.
Paramathmudu , jeevathmudu yokatai  ,
Baraguchundu bhakthaparadheenuni
To the devotees , who believe that  parmathma  ,
And Jeevathma are one with courage .,
He who   can be controlled   by devotees.
1.Anrutham badadu alpula vedadu,
SunrupulaGoluvadu , sooryani  maravadu
1.That devotee will never tell a lie,
He would not beg from silly people,
He would not serve even good kings
2.Mamsamu muttadu  . madhuvunu  thragadu,
Para himsa seyadu , yerukanu maravadu.
2.He would not  even touch meet, He would not drink Alcohol,
He would not trouble others.and would not forget what he learnt
3,Moodishanamula  vadatu , jeevan-,
Mukthudai  thirugu madhamunu joopadu.
3.He would not get affected by  three types of desires(on wife or children or wealth).
He would not wander thinking that  he has got freed from  sins of life,
And he would not exhibit pride.
4.Vanchana cheyadu , varulatho  bongadu,
Chanchala chithudai  Soukhyamu viduvadu.
4,He would not deceive others, He would not lie to elders,
Becoming with unstable mind, he would lose  pleasures.
5.SAkshiyani  delisiyandhu  lakshyamu viduvadu, Kanch-
Jakshuni  Thyagaraja   rakshakudai  navani
5.Knowing that soul is only a witness  he would not leave out his aims,

That Lord with the lotus eyes who   protects Thyagaraja.

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