Friday, March 27, 2015

Jaya jaya Sita Rama , jaya jaya Raghurama

Jaya jaya Sita Rama , jaya jaya Raghurama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam SAveri
Thalam CHapu
Jaya jaya Sita Rama , jaya jaya Raghurama,
Jayajaya  kalyana   sundara  karunyam
Victory , victory  to Sita Rama , Victory , victory to Raghu Rama
Victory victory  To the merciful one who is auspiciously pretty
1.SAranagatha vathsala aagamasara,
Parama Purusha   nammithini manasara
1.Oh Lord who protects those who surrender  , Oh Lord who is the essence of Vedas,
Oh Divine man I believed in you with complete mind.
2.Paripoorna  karunya paaraavaara,
Sura muni janayogi gana parivaara
2.Oh Complete one , ocean of mercy  ,
Who is surrounded by devas , sages  and yogis
3.Nee marma meruga  brahmadhula   vasamaa,
Ramachandra   nija dasa  swavasama
3.Is it possible for even Brahma and others about your secrets\
Oh Ramachandra   are you not in the custody of your own devotees
4.Nisi chara harana daradhiparakaa,
 SAsi mukha , naa pai  neekintha paraakaa
4.Oh Lord who destroys night wanderers, Oh emperor of the earth,
Oh Lord with  moon like face, Why you have so much indifference to me
5.Kavave   nanu   sachidanandha  ganama,
Naavanti   dheenuni   brochuda ganama
5. Oh  divinely joyous one  is it difficult to protect me?
Is protecting a  weak man like   me difficult?
6.Neeve daivamani  nera namminaanu ,
Deva   needhu   namame namminaanu
6.I firmly believed   that   you are the only God,
Oh God I believed    only   in your name
7.Ajamukha   palana  nithya garajath-,
Maja   pathinutha  palitha Thyagaraja
7.Oh Lord who protects Brahma, Oh permanent one ,
Who is saluted  by the consort of daughter of mountain ,
Who protects Thyagaraja

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