Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rama , Rama, Ramachandra

Rama , Rama, Ramachandra
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Khanda
Thalam Jampa
Rama , Rama, Ramachandra sri ,
Rama Rama  Guna  santhra
Hey Rama . hey Rama, Hey Ramachandra,
Hey Rama , Hey Rama  who is full of good qualities,
1.Gallu, gallu  nee karamu  batti  kree-
Gannula   gande  Munnadhi tharamu 
1.Holding your hand  which makeds Gal, Gal sound,
And your seeing it with your eyes is a great event
2,  Naajoopu  nee joopu  sarigaa  jesithe   jeyu ,
Naa sukhamu  evariki  yeruka
2.When my look and your look properly merges,
Who can ever understand my   great pleasure.
3.Idhibudhiyanusu  yanathiyya  vere,
Velpu  letiki  dhanaku   Ramayya
3,When you tell that this is wise decision,
What is the need of other Gods to me, Oh Lord Rama.
4,Chettabattani  naa bheethi Rama,
Bottu  gattani kanyaka  reethi
4.If you do not hold my hand  , Oh Rama,
I get scared  like a girl who has not got married?
5.Evariki Dagune baga Raju  ,
Puvale   Rama  Thyagaraja  Paripala.
5.  To whom will suit   your  look,
From  you the king in this world,
Oh Rama   who looks after  Thyagaraja.

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