Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rama nee vadhukondhuvo

Rama nee vadhukondhuvo
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Kalyani
Thalam Aadhi
Rama nee vadhukondhuvokonavo tho-
Li maa nomu phalametuladho
Oh Rama whether you have made me as yours or not ,
What is the effect of the penances   that I observed.
Naa manasuna  neeyandhu  prema meeraganu,
Nammi naa manasu  chala thirigemu  gaani nija manusu.
Though we roamed   saying that  due to great devotion ,
We believed only in you  and possibly thinking that as true.
1,Bhava sagara muna galugu badhalantaka  yunduta,
Kaviveka  maanavula  chelimi  yabba   kundutaku,
Avani yandhugalugu  vedagama   marmamu delisi,
Nava neeradha nibhadeha nanninadhi  chalunanusu.
1,Deciding that  we are not approaching the sufferings,
In the ocean of Samsara, Due to our not wanting  ,
The friendship of those who do not have wisdom,
And that we hae been believing in you  after knowing Vedas and Agamas
2.Paddhu thappakanu yunde bhakthulagu  nithya sukhamu  ,
Kaddhanusu  balikina  peddala  nammi,
Muddhugaru  nee roopamanu  modhamunadyaninchusune,
Brothu  poagadi namu  gani  Poorna sasai vadana.
2,Believing the elders  that  stable pleasures   would be got by
Those devotees who live without breaking the law,
Always meditating  with joy on your form which is filled with beauty,
We without stop went on praising you ,Oh Lord with full moon face
3,Nee japame  dikku gaani , neerajalochana maaku,
Vaaji kari dhanamulu  varamu Gadhuraa ,
Jaji  sumadhara  pooja manohara  , Sri Thyaga-,
Raja nutha  bahu ravi theja  naa thappu lenchaka.
3. Oh Lotus eyed one , since chanting your names is our chosen fate,
For us  horses, elephants and wealth  are not blessings,
Oh Lord who wears Jathi flowers , who is the stealer of heart of daughter of earth,
Who is worshipped by Thyagarajam, who shines like  several suns,
Without bothering about  my mistakes, Please make me your own

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