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Sundara thara deham vandeham Ramam

Sundara thara deham vandeham Ramam
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Panthuvarali
Thalam  Aadhi
Sundara thara deham vandeham Ramam
I salute  Rama who has a very pretty body
Kundha radhana  maptha  kumudha   sasangam,
Kandharppa  satha koti  kanthi  mathi nishkalangam
He has jasmine bud like teeth  m He is the moon that opens lily flowers,
He has luster of hundred crores  God of love  anf he is without any stain.
1,Pathitha jana paanam , paripalitha Bhuvanam,
Sruthi nikara Sadanam  , Shubha kara  vadanam,
Yathiara  jeevavnvavm , ibha raja  palanam,
Didijamadha damanam Dheenajanavanam.
1.He purifies   fallen people,  He takes care  of the universe,
He livesv in the Vedas , He has a face that  is auspicious,
He is the foundation of like of great Yogis, , He was the one who protected king of elephants,
He destroyed the  pride of Rakshasas and one who protects those without help.
2.Nava  Dhoorva dala  neelam nandi thamara  jalam,
Avantha sura palam  adbutha leelam,
Bhava bhaya harana  kalam   bhaktha jana vathsalam,
Shivam advaitham amalam  srimathkankabha chelam
2,He is blue like   young doorva grass, Who  entertains the Devas,
He is one saluted by  Indra and others, He engages himself and wonderful sports,
He is like God of death to the fear of Samsara, He is the  one  who loves his devotees,
He is peace  and one who does not have two, pure one and wears shining golden dress.
3.Aagama Sancharam akhila lokadharam,
Vagadhipa kumaram , vara  veera  veeram,
Ragadhi  samharam  Ragavam udharam,
Thyagaraja hrud  sancharam  , karunya paravaaram.
3.He travels inside Vedas, and the one who carries the entire world,
He has a son called Lord Brahma and a blessed  hero of heroes,
He destroys sensual pleasures, Raghava  and one who is generous,

He travels in the heart of Thyagaraja and an ocean of mercy.

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