Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Na moraala kimpavemi Sri Rama

Na moraala  kimpavemi  Sri Rama
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Deva Gandhari
Thalam  Roopakam
Na moraala  kimpavemi  Sri Rama
Oh Rama  , would not you bother  to hear my requests
Nee mahimalu  vini vini  Ne,
Nentho  nera  nammithi
Hearing and hearing about your greatness,
I believed in you very greatly.
1.Oka vasanaruda landaus-,
Hodharu  badhalu  tha-,
Laka   molalidabrochithivi,
THanaku  Sugreevamu  gaadhaa.
1.When persons roaming  in the forest  ,
Was not able to bear    the problems  ,
Caused  by his brother  and appealed to you  ,
Did you not protect him ? Did it not  ,
Become  ornaments to your neck?
2.Oka nisicharudanna mata,
Lorvaka   charananaa,
Sukha vachanamulo  naadhu,
Palukulanni  Vibheeshanamaa.
2.When a  Rakshasa who was  roaming at night ,
Unable to bear the  words spoken by his brother  ,
Appealed to you saying  “You are  my only protection”,
Did his voice appear   sweet to you like the voice of the parrot,
Does only my appeals to you   appear  to  be   fearsome.
3.Poosalu goorchina tatuvale,
Pooni bajinchaka ,
Aasalu gala Thyagaraju,
Dasaudanuchu  delisi
3.Even after  knowing that   this Thyagaraja ,
Wishes  to pray you permanently  ,
Just like  golden beads are arranged ,
On a thread and that he is your devotee.

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