Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yenna thaan chonnen

Yenna thaan chonnen

OOthukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Thalam   Aadhi

Yenna thaan cvhonnen  -ival,
Ippadi mayangi   vizha thappondrum illai-kannan,
Vanthaan   yendru than chonnen , illai illai,
Varuvan yendru thaan chonnen.

Thannalamariyatha  Kannan peril-ival,
Yenna sukham kandalo , ariyene  ,
Punnagai madhavarukkum innavalukkum   thoothu cholli,
Pothum pothum yendru  aachuthe yenakku.

Thedi thedi oru chethi chonnal   , muzhu,
Chethiyum ketkka vendaamo,
Odi odi  kandrukalai   othai mandayaka thekki,
Oor varavu,  neramakla vendamo  ,
Indirarkkum  nanmukarkkum ullapadi arul cheythu,
Nallapadi oor  thirumba vendamo.
Kodi kodi ullangalai kollai kollayaga thekkum,
Kothavan  vandhan yendru chonnathai thavirthu.

English translation

What did I tell her-so that,
She has   fainted and fallen,
I did not tell anything wrong,
I only told that Krishna has come-no, no,
I did tell her   that Krishna will come.

I do not know what please she found,
In Lord Krishna  who is completely selfless,
For me   it has become  sufficient and sufficient,
By  becoming the emissary of the laughing Krishna   and her.

When I search and search her and tell the news,
Should she not hear   it completely,
After running and running and making the calves in to a single herd,
To come back  to the village , would it not take time,
After telling    the correct blessings to Indra and Brahma,
Should he not return home    safely,
Except telling her   that the king  who attracts,
Billions   of hearts has come, What else did I Tell.

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