Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chonnathai kel Kanna

Chonnathai kel  Kanna

Oothukadu Venkata  Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Bandhuvarali
Thalam Aadhi

Chonnathai kel , kanna,
Thom kida , thirithaga thanathaiyya  thomena arava padamadum ayya.

Thinnavum  vennayum chelvavum thanirukka,
Chelvavum  cheerum thara  annai  naan irukka,
Punnakayum nannakayum katti pothathena oru kuzhal isai kooti,
Innavena  ariyaa ulam meeti yennakamum niraivai iraiva

Allai  ayalmanai chendru kalavaadum  ,
Thollai  vazhakkukku nee pogathe –avar ,
Cholla  vantha  kol uraigal  illai yendru cholvathum,
Thooyavan  nee  un akkathu  aakathe  ,
Pullai kadaithangi  mella  asai podum,
Ponnana pasumanthai neengathe –kanna,
Yellai vanam thandi pogathe –ponaal,
Irulagum pothu  thangala aagathe  ,
Chonna sollai meerum Kannan  -yendhan pillai yendru cholla ,
Thonum padi  nadavathe , chonna sollai  kadavathe

English translation

Oh Krishna, please  obey what  I say,
Oh sir who is dancing   like   a snake  with,
Thom kida , thirithaga , thanathayya , thom .

When you have butter to eat and also  sufficient wealth,
And when you have me your mother  to give wealth  and other things,
Showing your smile and dance  and thinking it not sufficient also singing  in the flute ,
And also playing music  with my mind which does not  have pains,
Oh God , you  fill up my mind completely.

Do not please , Please  do not unnecessarily,
Continue  the habit and stealing in neighboring houses,
Telling that the complaints that they tell is of no basis,
Is not proper   for you who is   a pure one,
Do not move  a little bit from The crowd of cattle,
That  uproots the grass  and slowly eats  it,
Oh Krishna , please  do not go beyond the our boundary forest,
And even if  you go do not stay there  at night ,
Do not behave in such a fashion that I would be,
Forced to tell others  that  Krishna is a child  ,
Who does  not obey the words that I say,
Please  do not disobey my words.

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