Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Virunthondru aakuthu paarum

Virunthondru aakuthu paarum

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Raga Gowri manohari
Thalam AAdhi

Virundhu ondru aaguthu paarum-ulle ,
Vena  idam  kidakku vaarum

Arunthavamana suka muni  eenthaan,
Aanandammai  oruvan undu magizhhndaan,
Thirumba  thirumba  kodi kodi per undaar,
Seekiram vaarum  , umakku nalla  yogam thaan.

1.Eeraru vidamana pakam –itharkku,
Eedo inayo nala paakam –ingu,
Varatha perkalellam kaakam,
Vandiruntha perkalakku nalla  yogam

2.Chathira  kuzhambu konjam podavo,
Sandekathukku konjam podavo,
Thaanai mathiram irandirandu podavo-indha,
Panthiyil innum yenna sangosamo

3.Kannan narum kadahye payasam –engum,
Kana  kidaikkathu ithuve  nijam,
Vanna vanna  rasa leelaye  rasam-Kaiyal,
Vangi vangi unnum  umakku ulagengum  kaivasam.

English translation

Please see  that a feast is ready and there is,
Lot of  space   for you inside  the hall.

This was prepared by sage Sukha of great penance,
And was  eaten and enjoyed  by one man,
Agai and again billions and billions ate  it,
Please come quickly , today is greatly lucky to you.

1.There  are twelve  types of dishes and would,
Nala’s  cooking  be similar or equal to it,
All  those who do not come here  are crows,
And it is great luck for  all those who came.

2.Should I serve little of the main dish of sastras,
Should  I put it little more  if you have  any need,
Should I put two by two of the  side dishes,
What is your hesitation in this group of guests who eat.

3.The  pretty story of Krishna  is the porridge(Kheer),
It is true  that you will not be able to find it anywhere,
The coloured  Rasa leela  is the soup(Rasam),
Take it in your hands and eat and then all the world  would be in your hand.

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